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  1. For Rent Mitsubishi Attrage (new car)

    Hi guys, just to say that I rented this car and it is good to drive. The customer service was first class. Everything went smoothly, I can unhesitatingly recommend hiring a car through BM Pattaya Golf.
  2. LoL, you are the one with the issue about Indian people. Get over it.
  3. I remember who I reply to. I don't like the breakfasts in the avenue, but the ones in the Azure are nice. I don't care whether there is an Indian flag anywhere...why would that bother me? You live in the Azure, if Indian people staying at the hotel next door to you (who I have never seen), cause you such discomfort, why keep going to their gym. Lots of gyms in Patts, the one at the nearby Avenue shopping complex is fantastic, complete with Muay Thai ring.
  4. As it happens, I've just popped into centra avenue, my mate is staying there. I asked him if he had seen any Indians....he hadn't. The hotel is full of European, Aussie and US single dudes + some Korean couples. Beginning to think you have a hang-up about Indians. Maybe if it's causing you so much grief you should avoid centra ave...easy since you don't stay there
  5. Never seen any Indian tour groups on my visits. Only Euro/Aussie/US/Israelli single dudes + Korean couples.
  6. No no noise from inside or outside at all. Quietest centrally located hotel I have ever stayed in.
  7. Don't think anyone is 'hating', just observing the drawbacks of purchasing off-plan.
  8. The Cliff Condo

    Only visited The Ciff and I liked it. Pratumnak is a top place IMHO.
  9. Buyer not closing on firm deal

    Sorry if I have missed the crucial info...what country are we talking about?
  10. At 900THB that is a fantastic that's cheaper than some guesthouses. Do they have a sign up advertising this rate?
  11. As you say, I must have been extremely lucky on the 3 occasions I have stayed there. Hey maybe those tour buses are actually unloading for Centara Azure...if so, avert your eyes when passing the pool. ps another plus for the Centra Avenue is that it has a gym..unlike its neighbor
  12. Shocked by a few Indians swimming? You must have led a sheltered life
  13. Soi 15 has no access whatsoever to Centra no idea how the Chinese/Indian tour groups you say frequent the hotel would get from the bus to their hotel. Incidentally, the latest TripAdviser review specifically mentions the lack of tour groups. Never seen a single Indian, in the hotel or pool never mind a tour group.
  14. Go on....don't keep us in suspense - how much?
  15. Thanks for the heads-up, but I know this hotel very well. This will be my fourth visit. The hotel does focus on Israeli tourists and yes, does have a synagogue, no big deal for me. I have met groups of lads from the Israeli military doing a spot of R&R...nice respectful and fun young guys. I have never seen any Chinese/Indian tour groups on my visits (as you know there is no room for tour buses up either of the entrance alleyways). Other guests have been fellow Euro/Aussie single guys and some Korean couples. Yes, the rooms are small and if I were booking for more than 1 week, I would look for an apart-hotel (eg Amari Nova Suites), but for a single dude for a short period, the rooms are great. The hotel has a brilliant location (off Buhakow/Diana), the rooms are ultra-modern and sparkling clean. Given its location, right in the heart of the action, I just can't believe how quiet it is. I have also stayed several times at the hotel part of your apartments, and this is also a fine hotel. While I enjoy the Avenues fine roof-top pool, I will also use the Azures pool - nice place to sit and enjoy the 5 beers in a bucket. I will do another hotel review after my trip, but as I stayed here as late as 6 months ago, I have no worries. At 1,000thb it's a steal