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  1. Jay, what is your budget?....always a good starting point. At, 1,000THB pn, I would recommend Nova Gold 3/4 star. Near soi6, but in a nice chilled neighborhood
  2. Yes mate, this (as you correctly identify) is the 1,000THB hotel thread. Never seen August Suites at that price - now April Suites and March hotel, well they are certainly worth a mention in the good hotel 1,000THB category.
  3. You my friend have bagged a corner deluxe room - fantastic!!!!!
  4. Amari Nova Suites gives you the best of both worlds. Studio apartments, but inside a hotel. It is upmarket too and is a lot cheaper than Siam at Siam - under 2,000THB in low season. I don't bring back under 21 girls, but I have never heard that being an issue.
  5. Not 100% sure that your point fits in with the thread, but I am happy to address it. Honey Inn is in a great location for those who enjoy LK/Bhuakow, you pay a slight premium for the front facing rooms (deluxe - whatever?) + I always ask for a high floor. For 1,000THB it is pretty good. Relatively modern rooms and bathrooms - spotlessly clean too.
  6. I think it is a great deal - I will be in Patts in 3 weeks time, I will probably book it too.
  7. Mate, Nova Gold is a good location in many ways (particularly for soi 6), however, if the LK area is the hub of your activities, then it doesn't score so highly. The deal I posted at the Centra gives 4 star luxury at 3 star prices - it's location too, can't be beaten (tiny soi next to Areca Lodge) 1 minute stroll to Buhakow/LK/Diana. I don't really want to comment on D Hotel as I haven't stayed there. From the pics it looks like a clean and functional hotel. Another option for guys looking to score a room under 1,000THB pn, is a guest house. The best I have stayed in is The Haven on soi Lenkee (the old La Cerise), very nice indeed; another one guys rave about is Boomerang guest house (great write ups and top location). Further down the cost scale is the English Rose (great location for LK) - lot's of very complimentary write-ups from BMs and the room pics look good too (I think start at 600THB).
  8. Nailed it mate. Let me add, where in the world can you get a 3/4 star hotel, in a prime location for (the equivalent) of 20-25GBP?
  9. Cheers mate - I'm Scottish too. Which bar do you play golf out of?
  10. Anything under 1.200THB (inc tax etc) is great value. I can't fault it at all - I stopped using it as the price is usually double the current offer. I think the hotel is Israeli owned, so it has it's own synagogue (not joking) and Jewish artworks. Perhaps because of this security is much tighter than in other hotels. The only possible negatives are (1) Rooms smallish, not claustrophobic either; (2) Reception will ask you for 1,000THB pn deposit - tell them 'no', just say 'I will give you 4,000THB total' - you will get it back OK; (3) Pool OK for splash and cool off, but not big - limited number of beds (though rarely seen anyone on pool; (4) No balcony or view (except the higher priced corner rooms); (5) Breakfast rubbish....avoid. Now in terms of being guest friendly, I nor anyone I know has had any problems (I last stayed Centra Avenue in October), although I think i remember some BM saying he had an issue. OK mate - up to you.
  11. Joe, I am a big fan of Nova Gold, but given your requirements (playing golf 3 times a week out of LK), I agree with the other BMs Nova Gold might not be the best choice. Regarding D Hotel, had a look at pics of the rooms, they look OK, but not a patch on Nova Gold. Have you thought about Centra (deal on Hotel Quickly via Trivago - see below). It's next to Areca and I might book it as it's handy for the golf bars - it's also on at a knock-down price. Here's a review I posted a while back: : Centra by Centara Avenue Hotel Pattaya Double superior room only Check-in from 3pm and check-out until 12pm. 1 room / 2 guests 13-May-2017 to 18-May-2017 Number of nights: 5 Special Note Check-in hour 15:00 – 00:00 ฿ 5,737.87 Total Price: Hotel Taxes and Fees: ฿ 318.11 Rate (1 room x 5 nights): ฿ 5,419.76 We are both going to Deanos GG crawl I look forward to seeing you there (when is Perthie's do?).
  12. 14k PM 6months / 12k PM 12 months. Bottom para.
  13. Can't believe this unit is still up for grabs.
  14. Was a top hotel in it's day. I spent 3 very happy months there a few years back. Like you, I would like to know what's next for the PBR.
  15. Well, your not really comparing like with like. In the price range per night of 2,000THB, I have had some great stays at Amari Nova Suites, however on other trips (on a reduced budget), at under 1,000THB, I have found Nova Gold outstanding value (+ you get to use all the wonderful Amari Nova suites facilities for free ).