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  1. Laptop, Ipad and Smartphone Wanted

    Thanks mate.
  2. Laptop, Ipad and Smartphone Wanted

    JDM - I might be interested in one of your Ipads mate. I already have an Ipad 2...but stupidly bought the cheap 16gb memory duhhh! Are the Ipads in pristine condition? Does it come with a genuine apple charger? I might also be interested in your S4, how old is it, is it pristine, do you have the original charger? Thanks LW
  3. Laptop, Ipad and Smartphone Wanted

    How old is the lap top mate?
  4. Guys I am going to be in Patts from late August through to the third week in October. During that period I am interested in buying a good condition/nearly new Laptop (not fussy about make) Ipad (wifi only OK, 32GB+) Smartphone (not fussy about make) If anyone has any of the above that they want to sell then let me know. Cheers LW
  5. Camera Wanted

    I have had a result. Just purchased from a guy in Udon, a 3 year old (and still in the box) camera - Sony EOS M10 (retailed around 20,000THB). I picked this little beaut up for 4,500THB.
  6. Camera Wanted

    My missus wants to take up photography as a hobby. She is looking to buy a Canon EOS M10 (or something similar)....anyone got a camera they want to sell?
  7. OP - Great review - many thanks. Did you have a drink in Korandos, just a few doors up the soi?
  8. Electricity consumption

    Anybody remember a thread a few months back? It was asking for advice about how to by-pass the auto-electric cut-off when exiting the room (ie what can I stick in the card holder slot). When quizzed why he wanted to do this, the BM stated that he likes the room to be cool the instant he returns from 4-6 hours evening action on WS. This is sort of cavalier attitude is selfish on two grounds - bad for the environment ment and costly to the hotel and guesthouse owner.
  9. Soi Buakhao with car parking

    OP - Low season you could check Centra Avenue 1200-1400 (underground parking) or hoe about Boomerang Guesthouse (plenty of on street parking) 500-1000THB.
  10. Boomerang Guesthouse - a Lottellee Winna Review

    Yes mate I can confirm no probs parking in the soi. Boomerang is in a great little spot - a little oasis of calm, just a stones-throw from the madness of LK .
  11. English Rose Apartments and Bar

    English Rose has a deservedly good reputation - a mate stayed a few months ago and told me he rated it for friendliness, good location, decent room and value for money.
  12. Really classy condo there Mr Moovah - priced realistically too. This will make a very nice home for some lucky individual.
  13. Opinion needed

    If I were a first time visitor to Pattaya, I wouldn't stay too far out of town. Regarding the condo v hotel debate, a good compromise is an apartotel like KTK residences or @Mind.
  14. JDM - Very nice looking studio - large and well kitted out in a modern style. Tremendous value at 9,000THB - a lovely home and a bargain for somebody.
  15. At Mind Premier Suites Central Pattaya (Soi AR)

    I agree @Mind is a better location (2 minutes walk 2nd rd/soi 6), whereas @Mind Premier Suites would be 15+ minutes. However, I think you can walk Pattaya Klang and top soi Buhakow in 5-7 minutes. Obviously a taxi bike can whisk you anywhere pronto. The OP mentioned 1,100THB for the Premier Suites, which I think is a good price, I personally haven't seen @Mind at that sort of price (happy to be proved wrong though). Thanks to the OP for posting his review.