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  1. JDM - Very nice looking studio - large and well kitted out in a modern style. Tremendous value at 9,000THB - a lovely home and a bargain for somebody.
  2. I agree @Mind is a better location (2 minutes walk 2nd rd/soi 6), whereas @Mind Premier Suites would be 15+ minutes. However, I think you can walk Pattaya Klang and top soi Buhakow in 5-7 minutes. Obviously a taxi bike can whisk you anywhere pronto. The OP mentioned 1,100THB for the Premier Suites, which I think is a good price, I personally haven't seen @Mind at that sort of price (happy to be proved wrong though). Thanks to the OP for posting his review.
  3. Have done walk-ins a couple of times...no discount.
  4. OP - There are almost certainly plenty of rooms available, just that Agoda's allocation is finished. As others have said, book with the hotel direct and join the ACE club for a discount. If Areca is full you might consider Centra Avenue and Centara Azure (next door to Areca). I have stayed in them both and they are pretty good.
  5. There are no villas that I know of near Beach Road. If this is your first trip, I would recommend a hotel over a Villa - also note that some Airbnb hosts specifically do not allow unauthorized guests or parties. Hotels are cheap in Pattaya - maybe you might consider LK Empress, ocean facing/pool view room - right on Beach Rd. A nice hotel that I have stayed in a couple of times.
  6. As you pass soi Lenkee on your left, carry on for about 400 meters and you will see soi 15 on your right, well it's a mini soi just before then. Asia Backpackers which has very visible signs is on your right and marks the entrance to the little soi where Boomerang is located.
  7. Outstanding condo. Very classy, beautifully fitted out and top location.
  8. The excellent Boomerang guesthouse has a separate entrance - electronic key operated after 8pm.
  9. I saw them advertised a few weeks back at 800THB. Does anyone know, do they have a safe in the room?
  10. A very classy looking place indeed.
  11. Nice apartment....superb value.
  12. Mate - You say you have 'sent in a request'...was this by email? If your staying there and haven't spoken to the front desk face-to-face, then try that, better than email. Betters still, ask to speak to the hotel manager. Tell him you love the hotel, but want to change your room and extend your stay - also tell him you want to email his boss to tell him how great the Empress is...they might even comp you an upgrade.
  13. Maybe I have just been lucky, but in the almost 40 Pattaya hotels and guesthouses I have stayed in, I have never had any sort of 'joiner' problems. Am I the only one not to experience any issues? Surely it would make more sense to make a list of the minority of places that are not guest-friendly.
  14. If you fancy hooking up for a beer I'm your man. My mate from the UK is over in October so I will be in town most of the month.
  15. As I recall, monthly rate low season is 14,000 - 19,000 THB pm, depending on room.