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  1. Win A HI Media H8 Plus Free Draw

    I'm hoping to be there again in January so what the hell, count me in.
  2. The D Hotel does have a pool, it's on the top floor.
  3. Was 1000 baht a night the walk in price? Online prices seem to be between 1300 and 1400 baht per night, with the usual sites. Quick edit, just found a deal on which brings it down to 1033 baht for 7 days. Possible 10% off too.
  4. April suites seems to fulfill the ops needs.
  5. D Hotel Pattaya

    Actually it could be you booked the place behind D Hotel, which would be D apartments? This does have 2 blocks, one being considerably cheaper on Agoda. The D apartments has a D1 and D2 building. With D1 being a bit worn looking, but is considerably cheaper. A link below shows the D Hotel webpage, it also has links to their other locations at D apartments, D Express and P.S Apartments:
  6. Revolut has gone downhill, Making the Baht illiquid, only £200 fee free per month ATM withdrawals, etc I'm currently using a Loot card and a Monzo card as backups.
  7. D Hotel Pattaya

    There are a good few recent reviews for this place, including from myself, It's clean, good price, decent pool, great central location as in easy to get to walking street, going south on nearby baht bus or beach road or soi 7, etc, friendly helpful staff, comfy beds, decent little restaurant, etc. good choice for a hotel overall.
  8. The Revolut card used to be a decent deal, then in January they changed the terms. They had already listed the Baht as illiquid , they then made it a £200 fee free per month limit (used to be £500) at ATM's before adding charges. At that point I looked elsewhere and went for Monzo, which has a £1000 per month fee free ATM limit, max £250 a day withdrawal. Now I bring the Monzo, plus cash and TC's.
  9. Best 1,000THB hotel in town

    If anyone is after a condo around the 1000 baht price, I just turned down one at the Centric Sea, on 2nd road. For only the following 2 reasons: 1 no in room safe and 2. the cleaning service is 600 baht a time (room does have a washing machine tho) Here's the link, 14 nights £293 inc all fees and utilities: Pattaya%2C Chang Wat Chon Buri%2C Thailand&s=kJRYQQ4F&check_in=2017-05-29&check_out=2017-06-12
  10. Review - D Hotel Soi Buakhao

    Having stayed at both, definitely preferred D Hotel. My reasoning: Staff were better, friendlier and more efficient, they have a decent priced little restaurant on premises, they sell cheap (by hotel standards) cold drinks, I asked if they had a bottle opener when I bought a couple of beers there and was given an opener to take to my room. Air conditioning is also not as noisy as Lk's. You get a sink in the room and a clothes horse on the balcony for drying. No microwave in room but you can use the one next to the lift on the ground floor and you get free tea and coffee when on the computers at reception.
  11. LK Royal suite.

    I would book online. Last I looked Expedia had a cheaper deal on those 3 hotels than Agoda, There are codes for 10% off as well, if you join Expedia and possibly even codes for downloading and booking through the app as well on selected hotels, see link below:
  12. LK Royal suite.

    April, March or August hotels maybe, not too far from your usual location, March is pretty cheap at the moment, although the other 2 are slightly better located.
  13. The D hotel:
  14. Bay Breeze-Soi Honey

    Not my video, but watched it myself before booking, I had what looked like the exact same room in the video. I'm due back in Patts shortly but there were no rooms left for my dates. I hear the D apartments whilst a bit older in the soi behind the D hotel are good too.
  15. Bay Breeze-Soi Honey

    I thought the place was spot on when I stayed there in October, good size fridge, comfortable bed, 2 seater leather chair, sink in room and clothes maiden on the balcony. good lighting in the bathroom, decent TV and channels, good and quiet aircon and fan too. safe in room, hot water pot and free coffee. (No shampoo or soap in bathroom but that is a minor thing as i prefer to bring my own, maybe buy a nice shower gel for the ladies is my advice) The lobby has a decent if modest (in menu) place to eat, room srvice (but only till about 10ish if i recall) beers and juices in the fridge in the lobby at reasonable prices too. microwave next to the lift if you want to heat up some takeout as well. get a good yet cheap massage over the road from patty, lovely hard working lady. Also cheap to get washing done opposite the entrance. If you want to get to central road it is a 100 yards on the right from the soi entrance, want 2nd road? Just walk forward from the soi up past the white picket cafe that does British food.