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  1. The Pannarai Udon Thani is centrally located across the street from the central mall. The girly and bar action is located on the same street. There should be no problem finding ladies as they are all out on the same street or around the corner. Nice hotel and Udon Thani is a great place to relax, nothing like Pattaya or Bangkok, but enough to make a few enjoyable nights.
  2. Bangkok Marriott Sukumvit Soi 57

    Guest friendly? I would say yes, but did not try. Always book a room for 2 guests and if asked where your other guest is at check in just say you are not sure if she will join you. Make sure you smile when you say it. The JW Marriott on Soi 4 is very guest friendly but you would not think so since it is a 5 star hotel. Just be discreet and be careful not to offend any other guests such as families with kids or a group of women in a conference. The staff will maintain a professional image. That means probably not a good idea to bring a mini-skirted young lady with high heels in through the lobby. I've never had a problem bringing lady guests to my room in any place in Thailand.
  3. This hotel is close walking distance to Soi Cowboy and the Asok BTS. Soi 22 has a few beer bars close by and there is some takeout available. Nothing special about the room, but the location is not bad if using IHG points. Very comfortable for a night or two. If I were staying more than a few days, would opt for a small serviced apartment. If you are paying out of pocket and not working on hotel points, there are better choices out there. No joiner fees, staff is pretty open to guests. They will ask for ID from the girls, but that is for your own protection, so not a problem.
  4. This hotel is near the Thonglor BTS station, a bit distant from Nana and Soi Cowboy, but not really far time wise on the BTS. It was on my bucket list to have a drink on one of those rooftop bars. It is a nice place if you have a date or with friends, but not really a place to hang out alone or try and find a girl or freelancer. Great views though. But nonetheless very comfortable if not pricey. This was a points reward night so no real loss, but would only stay here if in town on business. If the JW Marriott on Soi 4 was not available for the points reward, but that would have been my preference for hanging out at the gogo bars and naughty action. Enjoy the pictures.
  5. Earlier this year had an opportunity to use the annual free night for the IHG Rewards program at the Intercontinental Hotel Pattaya. Frankly a bit too far removed from the action on Walking Street or LK Metro, which is part of the Pattaya experience, But it is close to the gentlemen clubs like Kinneree near Jomtien. Since I was alone, and only one night, did not bring a girl to this room. Not really sure it would have looked to classy bringing a beach road or gogo girl through the lobby. It is a nice room, attention is in line with a 5 star resort. and the grounds are awesome. Anyways, enjoy the pictures. It is a nice hotel.
  6. No joiner fee, girl friendly. Great hotel, but very pricy considering the other options. Stay there every year since I have not found a better mongering venue to use my points. I travel a LOT on business. If I had to pay out of pocket there are much better deals, but if you have IHG points to use, this is worth considering. Review with pictures from last visit. Sent from my GT-N8013 using Tapatalk
  7. Holiday Inn Pattaya - King Suite

    In this case I was not given the executive lounge access but did get breakfast because I was using my points for the room. That is why I was surprised I even got this type of upgrade. All on points. But for the last 4 years I have been a paying customer using about half point and half payment. Still not a bad hotel value. Another thing that happened was the first night I was not in this room. I was cashing in my annual free room you get with the IHG Credit Card and had asked not to be put in the executive tower. The executive tower is further back from the cost line so the views are not as nice. Well they messed the request up and I think they may have been trying to compensate for not meeting my request the first night. Another possibility is this room was empty since it was a busy Songkran weekend and all the other rooms were solidly booked. So I get the expensive unused room since I was not a paying customer anyway, and they could not give me a simple room that was already sold out. Sometime these things happen. There is no bad room in this hotel though. Some are just better than others and the older building actually has the nicer views. Having lounge access in Pattaya though kind of what for since there are so many low cost drink and dine options in town. But you are right, you usually get executive status and an annual free room with the card and well worth the annual fee. Supplement that with stays at the IHG hotels when on business travel and the perks add up. Using the perks at this property has been really a good deal.
  8. Holiday Inn Pattaya - King Suite

    The real pretty girls could care less. Yes there was a Wow factor, but in the end these girls are money machines and just want to get paid and go. The one girl that stayed was one of those beer bar conquests. There is always a night or two I just hang out late, drink, play pool and inevitably some girl latches on (I go wit u). The next morning she took forever to wake up and when she did took forever to leave. But yeah, I enjoyed the room!
  9. Been visiting Pattaya using the IHG points for about 4 years now. This year I was pleasantly surprised to been provided an upgrade like I never imagined. I am a Platinum Member, travel on business quite a bit. Anyway sorry to bore you with lots of pictures, and frankly the girls may like it but they really don't care. But for those who may wonder what the room look like. Here you go. Kudos to the IHG Group, the Holiday Inn Pattaya has treated me very very well for many years. I could cash in my Hilton Points but prefer not to from what I have heard and the point cost is very high at the Hilton. Stayed at the Marriott a few time and no comparison, though the location is great. The Holiday Inn is a baht bus or motor bike ride away from just about anything.
  10. If you get the Marriot Visa or Mastercard you get a free night a year, which can be used at Pattaya. The card has an $85 usd annual fee but entitles the user to accumulate point as a rewards member. All good if you spend a lot time on international travel and use the chain. <br />The IHG has a similar arrangement and the free nights can be used at the Holiday Inn. The card annual fee is $35.<br />Hilton Pattaya probably has similar offers, but the Hilton card I have did not give free nights.<br />Last time I cashed in a few free nights at the Holiday<br />Inn and was able to upgrade to one of the most amazing views of the coast. The cost for the upgrade was relatively half of what the room would cost and you get all the bennies of platnimum. <br /><br />I guess the point I'm trying to make is that these big chain hotel may be great for the punter that has a few membership benefits and especially has reached platinum, diamond, or executive status with the chain. Then the value to amenities starts to even out. But at face value there are really competitive locations to choose, but one cant go wrong in these big chain locations. The girls actually don't give a crap. It is more for personal satisfaction.
  11. Absolutly a must. All the good hotels do it and never a problem.<br /><br />How can you really trust a bargirl no matter how innocent she appears. And the nice girls understand so it does no harm for the added security.