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  1. Classic Car Wanted

    Get the Escort.
  2. Classic Car Wanted

    The blue A looks English would love
  3. Classic Car Wanted
  4. Classic Car Wanted

    When you find something,let me know. I can at least get you to look out for things I would want to see. Better yet,I’m there January if you want to climb all over it for ya,be happy to.
  5. You would land this up to the second floor room no?
  6. scam

    Oh fuck,we got to have a beer....shit.Forgot,sorry.
  7. So did I. That lot would feed 20. Pups are like a Chateubriande for two.
  8. Pugs fit better on the rotisserie.Just saying.
  9. It seems like a pretty good deal. Buddy of mine paid 8m for a one bedroom Off Pratamnak Soi 1,had it built though,in a beauty building. Sounds good to me for sure. 5m is fuck all to be right in the tenderloin.Be tough for me getting in and out after golf though.Might have to park the Fortuner near Suki and motto it out and back.South Pattaya road in high season is a fucking nightmare.
  10. Henna from Bali. how much is this thing again?5 mill?What are the monthly like?
  11. Of course not......but who gives a fuck about the purchaser? I am one and I know that going in.
  12. Usually when you can't afford something,it's only good one side. When you can buy good for you.When can't.....cannot be good. you can go bank,get money,pay me. Bank cannot give,you want me be bank,fuck you,my deal or you can suck cock,get money pay me. you want negotiate with me?Fuck you,fuck ass get money. You want sharky or me? up to you.I have you want,pay me or fuck You.