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  1. Mates, look no further, rent here. I could just say "+1", but let me elaborate a bit. Best price you will find anywhere. I have rented from several, all were higher priced. Insurance! No one else offers this that I know of. For a few pennies more you are covered for the 'worst case scenario' Use the some of the money saved by getting this low price to cover yourself. Drop off-Pickup to your door. It does not get any easier. An English speaking person that picks up phone/replies to texts for any questions, reservations, etc and very promptly. Bikes are in super condition and upkeep. Comes with 2 helmets and additional wheel lock. My plans changed last minute. A quick text and all was handled, time and drop-off rescheduled all in 2 minutes. Other trips, I rented from the people that I also rented condo from-and it worked fine and convenient, bike ready on spot, always available to call, etc, the same stuff mentioned above, but it cost me 1000+ per month. So I repeat opening line, Look no further, rent here. Thanks Roger, stay well.
  2. I do not doubt this, but think it is extremely unlikely. If it does happen, being loaded with information is your best bet. Tell them you plan on a short excursion to Cambodia which will by default provide a new visas anyway, a trip that one does not generally plan ahead and have tickets for-very unlikely they will challenge you on that as they have no way of knowing your plans (I do NOT recommend , nor ever plan to go back to Cambodia again, but that's another topic) Or you can tell them about the place in Jomtien and you plan on getting a 7 day extension at this exact location for this price (have location, price, and info on you). If you look like you know the system and have it planned out, the result will be better. My opinions only. If I were encountering it again at 30-33 day mark, would do the same as before and pay on way out. #7 day mark would be an extension at Jomtien immigration office. Any longer than that, I simply do not know all those details and will not comment until I gain that knowledge, but as someone with no access to an embassy, would certainly do research and be ready before departing. Best of luck
  3. Some good info posted here, probably best to follow the official path joeaf put out. I just encountered the exact situation, was leaving on my 31st full day in country. (Note, I do not live anywhere near an embassy to preset and obtain 60 day or other visa). Spoke to a few well informed guys, they said I can go to Jomtien and get an additional 1 week visa for 35oo baht, or just take my chances paying fee at airport. They could not guarantee, but strongly hinted that the Gov't is looking for major abusers and offenders on multiple occasion. 1 trip at 31 days and all others in prior passport pages not in violation of year/visit laws, should not have a problem. I took my chances, the worst that could happen would be to pay 500 baht at the counter right behind migration. That did not even happen, it was not called to attention and I went on my way as normal. I too want to keep my record clean and not get banned from future visitation and IMO 1-2 day is simply a 500-1000 baht fine on way out-be polite, pay it, move on. If you plan on doing it more often, or violate other ends of the visits per year/total time spent on tourist visa-that I advise against.
  4. You answered a few of your own questions/statements in your OP accurately. Yes, longer commute time, more quiet, less traffic, much nicer pool for sure! Baht bus bothered me the most as one had to wait until it fills up at second road intersection (noted on map above) with more than half of them Russians. If on the 6, it totals 2 busses (sure, only 20 baht) and about an hour it seemed. Poor and insufficient massage in VT2, have to walk about 2 blocks toward beach road to get to decent shops. Walking distance to La Bocca (outstanding Italian restaurant) and several other nice places I don't regret my stay at VT2, and in the right situation, girl, time-frame, would certainly do it again.
  5. For the past 10 years I had never even considered this as an option. Most recent rip in May 2017 though, due to situational visitations in different cities and uncertainty of length made me look at the option. A fellow member posted in another thread about it and that in 'low season' May-October, we hold all the cards. so I did it...or did not do it, so to say (the booking). Walked into VT6 about 9am, viewed 7 condos from multiple agencies located on ground floor, made my pick and came back an hour later with my bags. Decided to take a monthly rate even though I only needed it for 28 days because the ease, price, and flexibility it offered me. Will I do it like that again next trip?...Not likely, but at least now I know the options and possibilities. A few pros and cons.. Pros -Actually looking at and smelling a room before renting it gives an impression of the cleanliness and upkeep -Can select the unit with layout (TV-bed-couch-etc) that I prefer best. -Possible negotiating power since an agent wants it booked rather than empty Cons -Uncertainty and what it can do to my worrisome mind (ended up being rightfully easy though) -Possible lack of options if it is high season or many short-timers made small bookings that agents accepted not knowing a 1 month guy was coming. -Logistics...bring my luggage and me to a place, storing it in their office even if I don't book with them, possible having to get a taxi and repeat the process to another building/hotel, then it can get later on in the day and options become less. Sure, there are many more, just put a few out there. I eliminated some by having the number of a guesthouse in a convenient location (Buakhow), called and got a room on the spot for 500 baht a night just for a day or 2 until I found a bigger place for the rest of my month. It happened to be mentioned in a thread here-The Boomerang Guesthouse-so I called Michael, got a room, its a nice clean place, great location, easy quick on the spot booking. If it were the bigger room on the 3rd floor, I would have taken it there for the month, but that one was booked. Also, do remember that there is a difference in bookings at hotels versus condo type places. I had sufficient cash-in-hand to pay 1 month forward. Perhaps for many, the best way would be to have a decent hotel booked for the first 2 days allowing you to look at other options yet have the security of not being left out on the street. Sorry if I rambled a bit, if more details wanted, let me know, or PM. Stay well, Friends
  6. Hey George

    You mentioned you're down for Soi 6 walks.

    Having a lunchtime walk to TQ then on to Soi 6 on 11th.  Let me know if you'd like to join.  Will be in Kiss Food and Drink from 12:30 - 1:30 then head down to TQ by 2:00.  Bit of Soi 6 before dinner with Deano and the pre-13th crawl planning.

    Few lads meeting us later but want to get a start on the day ;)  Could do with a wingman. 

    No phone - will be wearing completely black short sleeved shirt.  Tall white fella, mid 40s. Maybe with 1-2 others.

    If not I'll see you on 13th crawl.

    1. George810


      Very likely I'll meet up with yous at some point. Which is TQ? Tahitian Queen?.  And should I know this place/location?  

      American, mid 40s, kinda stocky. 

      George Peter

    2. bluewave1


      Hi George

      Tahitian Queen.  Yeah.  Some of the best mid-day talent in town, or has been.  It's on Beach road between soi 12 and 13.  I'll be there around 2:00.  Kiss Food and Drink (restaurant) is on 2nd road between sois 11 and 12 land side not beach side.  It's on the corner of the soi that leads to LK Metro and Areca hotel if that helps.  I'll be there from 12:30. Just walk into either and keep your eyes open.  I'll be looking for eye contact in both places as everyone will be new.

      Hope to see you.


    3. George810


      I'll skip the kiss and go to TQ 2:00ish. Also will let a few more that were here looking for WMen know about it also. 

  7. 5,000-10,000 a day!?!?!?!?!?Is this a mansion? Is that a typo?!?!? And that was in 2010? I'll be sure to remember this name as a company Not to rent from.
  8. Just saw this thread-did not realize these were a hot commodity. I just checked the prices here-they are not so good from what I can tell, but if it is that important to one's hygienic routine PM or write here. Mach III turbo 5pk is 17USD Fusion 4pk is 18 USD Knock-off Mach III turbo is 8 USD. By knockoff I mean select exchange (military Bx knock offs are usually equal to original IMO) These are the prices I would pay-and I'm not looking for a profit, just helping a Bro out, or you can buy me a cold beer if it makes you feel better.
  9. Proper, Nice post. Maybe a long shot, but if you are there in May and still have them, I'm in. Playing/learning an instrument is certainly one of those 'things to do other than monger while on vaca' for me. Since other musical people will probably read this, if any of you know of a Bouzouki for sale I am searching for one. Tried Surya in Patts, no luck, am going to spend a couple days in Bkk this May before Patts and will look there. Any info appreciated.
  10. +1 for condo, for many of the reasons Dave mentioned. If that 27.5k price is all inclusive, it seems decent. There is better and worse, but time is money, and headaches are expensive in my opinion. If you like Jomtien beach area, View Talay 2A is fairly reasonable and comfortable in my opinion. I rented thru dancewatchers.com, but there are others. It is not the cheapest, but again, I refer back to time and headaches and their cost. It is on the baht bus route. Many of the better prices are for 6 or more months of rental. Hotel prices can vary from 600 baht to 300 a night, so that is a huge topic and too many comparisons to make. I should also add that I am a coffee snob and must make my own, and do enjoy cooking breakfast or other small items, but do eat out most dinners and lunches. One more big thing to consider, the kitchenette and having a dinning table that you do not get in most hotels has 2 great advantages: 1. Prep area for cutting fresh fruits and other things, as well as having a table/eating area for order-in nights. 2. The right Thai girl in a kitchen with even the basics can be a terrific thing, my friend! Will not bore everyone with all the other details of VT2/jomtien beach, PM me if you want more info.
  11. Bullseye, I do that too, but moreso for a central item and organization while in transit, and also doubles up for the purpose of being inside the safe as well. It would seem one is more likely to take only part of a cash stash as it can easily be mistaken, but to take the entire tamper proof bag presents more difficulty..at least I hope it does.
  12. Use the many threads and info on this site to pick the right place for you for this trip. Just 1 place, you will not want to pack and move a couple blocks down the Soi. Prices do not vary that much for booking early or late, more important is that you do not end up homeless!..book before you go. Payment options vary depending on their website, policies, etc. I usually pay (or at least deposit) in advance. Yours is a valid question-I do remember a time many years ago when I did not have the knowledge I do now and booked what seemed like a nice hotel for only my first few days and planned to book additional days or find another place. Luckily I only paid the first 3 because there were cats pissing in the halls, chasing rats, a total shithole. Oddly enough, I found a nice LT on my first day and by her standards it was trash and she did not want to stay there...she offered me to crash with her a couple of days, was a gracious host/LT GFE, I just left the hotel without checking out and never looked back and didn't even want to go back to fight for 2 days worth of stay refund. That lovely lady washed my troubles away. Yeah, coming in at 230am seems rough, it may put you in Patts more like 6am (pending time thru Visa and baggage claim and taxi line). Most decent hotels there is always someone there, or at least napping in the corner, to check you in.
  13. I like to get the miles/points, so, credit card. If only a couple days in transition, will do cash though.
  14. Making sure they have a meter is only half the battle. Making sure they use it is the other half. Many have refused to use the meter (uhh-meteh bloken) until I threatened to get out and report them, and actually did get out of one. They are one of the many reasons I am a fan of bellbus, but if hitting Bangkok first, it is always a hassle it seems.
  15. YES, notify your bank. +1 make sure to get rid of all Cambodian currency received for change before coming back into Thailand, it is worthless. I went to Cambodia once and will never go back. Good luck, watch your back.