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  1. Very good price should sell quickly.
  2. You cut your clothe to fit,Not everybody is as wealthy as you and can afford to spend millions of Baht on a condo.
  3. If you have never stayed in Jomtien best to just book a guesthouse or hotel for the first 2-3 nights of your trip and see how you get on instead of booking a condo for 1-2 months and find you are spending a lot of time and Baht traveling to central Patts for the bars and GOGO bars.
  4. I know 3 expats who have lived in Nirun condo for a few years and are very happy living there.Nirun has been greatly improved over the last few years.
  5. Most accountants normally charge a one off fee to become secretary of your company.An accountant who has been in business for many years can be the secretary of hundreds of different companies at the same time.It makes the job of doing the end of year accounts for the business a lot easier and time efficient for the accountant as all correspondence ( business not private)for the business is sent directly to the accountant.
  6. You are better off staying in the Nature View just around the corner on Soi Buakou similar price.But much nicer rooms as the hotel is only 6 years old.The Opey needs millions of Baht spent to refurbish the hotel back to a decent standard.
  7. So if this is even possible your advise is to use a Thai broker who the OP has never had any contact with to transfer millions of Baht into the U.K.?.when you can just jump on a plane for £400 and be in and out in 36 hours.
  8. Pretty sure you are bullshitting now.i will go in Kasikorn bank tomorrow and ask customer services.No way would Kasikorn bank let you transfer millions of Baht without personally going into a branch first in Thailand.
  9. Not with a Kasikorn account the internet banking is Sim he would have to come back to Thailand.
  10. Well he is fucked as he needs to go back to Thailand to release the funds
  11. Proves the bank transfer he originally sent to Thailand he earned the money legally and paid due tax.He would need the SA302 forms for the tax years before he sent the transfer maybe going back 2-3 years depends on his income.A few years back I brought £45,000 back into the UK from Thailand from a property sale I declared the cash at customs produced the SA302 paperwork no issues from UK customs.
  12. Going back 10 years used to be a cracking hotel but the rooms are in dire need of a refurbishment .but if you can put up with old worn out rooms the location is spot on and the swimming pool is a really nice touch.
  13. Pretty simple really withdraw the Baht turn into GBP via money exchange/ black market.Declare at Heathrow making sure you brought with you proof of income/ tax paid easiest way of doing this get from HMRC or your accountant document SA302 which shows income earned and tax paid.You will save shitloads on the spread the UK receiving bank would make on the transfer .
  14. As long as you have bank statements from the UK bank you sent the funds from to Thailand and the money was earned legally and due tax paid. And You declare coming back in the U.K. You will have no problems with Customs who can easily check with HMRC about your status and even if the cash is confiscated you will get the cash back.but on the other hand if the cash is dodgy not worth taking the risk
  15. You can make your accountant your company secretary and use his office address as your company address.