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  1. D Hotel Pattaya

    I'm staying at D Hotel soon too. I don't expect to be using the restaurant, there is plenty of good food nearby. The Take Away restaturant is just across the road and always a good fallback if you can't find anything else.
  2. 3 Guests

    Seems odd, rooms in Asia are usually sold per room. In the West its usually assumed that two will be in the room. Best option is to drop and use, agoda or book direct with hotel.
  3. Guess nobody knows so I can now answer my own question!.... I emailed them and they got back to me with daily rates so one can still stay at D Apartments short-term. However, in the meantime I saw a real good price for D Hotel on Agoda so booked that instead. Why they removed the daily rates from the website will remain a mystery I guess.
  4. I usually stay in D Apartments off Soi Buakhow but notice their website has changed to show monthly rates only, they used to show daily. Does this mean they are targeting long stay tenants and want daily guests to use D Hotel instead? Anyone know what they are doing? Looks like I'll have to switch to the hotel which is slightly more expensive I think.
  5. D Hotel Pattaya

    Didn't even have to go beyond page 1....
  6. Review - D Hotel Soi Buakhao

    Nice overview of D Hotel and surrounding area by Bangkok112....
  7. The Areca Lodge

    No need to sneak a girl in, they won't bat an eyelid about your barfine so don't worry about it. In fact you probably risk getting kicked out if they discover you are bypassing security. Also, be aware Areca charges 500B if you take a 2nd guest to room but don't let that put you off it's a good, well-managed hotel.
  8. Laos Visa Run

    Yes, I used to do it regularly.
  9. Site to avoid fees?

    use which shows you the full price up front (and often you don't have to pay in advance either). Agoda will lure you in with amazing prices then add on a load of bullshit charges on the final click of the booking process and hope you dont notice. Avoid them!!!
  10. Apex review- I love it

    Did you see any ghosts?
  11. First time I stayed at Areca Lodge they tried to charge me 2000B more than the price quoted by I showed them a copy of the receipt from (I come prepared!) and they corrected the "error". Genuine mistake? Who knows. Didn't happen second time I did same booking procedure.
  12. Areca Lodge

    AC faults seem to be common at Areca Lodge, I had to change rooms first time I stayed due to AC failure, think they need a refurb.
  13. The booking sites like Agoda will lie to you, check directly with the hotels. told me Areca Lodge was sold out for my next dates, but checking on the hotel website there was plenty of rooms. Before I get flamed for calling them liars.... its marketing tricks to panic you into buying.... trick statements like "only 1 room left at this price" means plenty more rooms at other prices or "our rooms almost sold out" means the booking site did a deal to sell 10 rooms, the other 90 in the hotel are still free! Only time to be careful is Christmas when hotels do fill up early.
  14. English Rose discount

    Can you post a link to the website please?
  15. I haven't stayed in the soi 10 hotels but my opinion of Areca Lodge is that it is pretty average, great location, but overpriced for the quality of rooms (and shitty showers!). I stayed there twice but have now gone back to using D Apartments which I think is much better value for money and has nice, walk in cubicle showers.