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  1. looking for a 3 bedroom en suite furnished home to lease on a very long term basis..American, able to fix everything, 3 adults. been in current home 6 years.. South Pattaya, Central Pattaya, and Pratamnak all good.
  2. i was a tenant caught between a buyer and a seller, they needed me to agree to renew lease to make the deal.. he just paid me.. well after this posting he did come and drive over and pay me.. yeah i have tried many as well, the women are better..but not like what we are used ot in the western world it is definitely you are on your own..
  3. i had a bad experience with a realtor named Mike barricelli..from big mango properties.. my home was changing landlords and there was a discussion going on about flood damaged furniture..WE were talking about who would pay 3000 baht on on 6 million BAHT sale!! He offered to pay it if the deal closed which it did. Now of course he refuses to even correspond, just took his huge commission and split. Michael Barricelli <michael@bigmangoproperties.com
  4. convenient central pattaya location, soi buakhao area. walk to Club 4 or bliss. quiet residential neighborhood, off street parking, secure, patios outside sitting areas as well. wifi, and electric included in price. Pete 0912418640
  5. Nice furnished studio, soi bongkoct area, walk to bliss bar. Close to LK metro. Includes, TV, Refrigerator, microwave, DVD player, private patio, part of a home compound.. off street parking.. 6 month lease.. 12,000 Baht. no pets. includes electric, wifi, cable tv, water..... phone 0912418640
  6. Walk to Bliss on third road. Soi Bongkoct area. Nice studio, refrigerator, TV, DVD player, and microwave. Price includes Electric water, wifi, cable TV. Private patio, ok to put patio set, good for sun or exercise, but no big weights...min 6 month lease. Part of a large home compound. 12,000 baht deposit, no pets Phone 0912418640 Take 18-1 off third road 2nd left after family mart on your left by Suppamitr villa.
  7. $7 billion to take the uS press off the oBAMACARE disaster.
  8. Anybody know a local manufacturer that could make me a small batch of leather pressure cooker purses.? Maybe bigger quantities later..
  9. I simply deposited 800,000 baht in the bank and immediately applied. They gave me a 90 day visa until the money was in the bank for 90 days. I returned and got my retirement visa. I saw a huge German get in a pissing contest about his proof of income and the officer flipped out! It just seems so easy to simply deposit the 800,000 baht. Kbank has a 14 month promotion at 3.2 % one of the visa companies on soi bukhao (cambodia visa?) will let you use their account, and get you a retirement visa for 19000 baht! no money needed of your own
  10. and house prices are bubbling again..
  11. There is a visa guy on soi buakhao I think it is called cambodia visa. He can get the visa WITHOUT the 800k from you! It is his account, but the total cost is 19,000 baht! Remember the funds have to be on deposit for 90 days. So if it is new money they will issue you a 90 day visa first, but also easy.. The office is at Soi 5 in Jomtien. I just did one yesterday, got it back same day! Need 2 copies of everything!
  12. if you will take 1500 baht and can get it delivered to Soi bongkoct near third road right by Supamitr villa. I am interested..