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  1. 18 Coins Hotel/Guesthouse

    5 nights at a hostel? That's like 1 round of drinks. The CCs salute you
  2. Not sure how it works there but you cannot legally work anywhere other than the company that sponsored your visa here in China. Is this an English teaching gig? They might let it slide but a proper job would not be able to do that. Working there with a visa from another company is the same as not having a working visa here.
  3. pattaya first time accomodation

    Remember to go house not lodge. Best part is the late breakfasts
  4. Bring a laptop and do online English classes from a cafe near the beach. Can get 10 - 20 USD an hour.
  5. First time and have a few questions

    First time? Do Flipper House or Pattaya Blue Sky, nice starter hotels. If it's out of your budget then go for the Queen Vic
  6. The Moon Club

    Had a friend get ripped for like 10 - 20 drinks in 20 minutes. I do not see it possible he agreed to that many considering there were only two girls near him the whole 20 minutes we were there. Clip Joint
  7. Stayed here for two nights just before Christmas. Bed was comfortable albeit high. Surprisingly quiet given that there is a bar downstairs and being on Soi 6. 900 is reasonable for high season. Didn't use the TV but it is bigger than those at Flipper House.
  8. pattaya first time accomodation

    Flipper House Hotel. Best place for first time travellers. Central location, good prices, nice hotel and pools. Girl friendly
  9. Airport Agogo

    Been bill padded there before. Bought a round of drinks for all the ladies and so did my friend. Ended up with 3 rounds. Will never go back.
  10. China sets yuan currency level near five-year low

  11. A-One? Barfine friendly ?

    Just google it FFS A-One Pattaya Beach Resort JOINER FEE: 1000 THB Price Range: $$$/$$$$ Amenities: Guest Friendly policy reply by A-One Pattaya Beach Resort: “We’d like to inform you that we have 3 properties at Pattaya. There are A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel, A-One Pattaya Beach Resort and A-One Star Hotel.We charge 1,000 THB per person per night for A-One Pattaya Beach Resort and A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel. About A-One Star Hotel, an unregistered guest is free. Best Regards, Thanyaphat Inrord (Mai) Online Marketing A-ONE Hotel, Bangkok-Pattaya”
  12. Depending on what action you like. Flipper House is about that in low season (soi 7) Eastiny seven at a push but it's shit. LK Metro is either higher than your budget or guesthouses/no elevators. There is also the Grand Hotel on walking street which is within your budget
  13. Help! Spoilt for choice

    Doing the same thing this trip. Doing Sea me Spring for the first portion to get WS out of my system then Soi 5 to do the 6 and explore a bit of soi 3, Drinking Street and beyond.
  14. Retox Sports Bar and Hotel on Soi Lengkee

    Huh, we do WCB in Beijing as well. Sure you can find videos of me kicking ass on youtube. Awesome night out
  15. Few Bali gems

    Stayed at the Bounty Hotel in Kuta around October 2013. Never again. Saw more Aussi cocks by 11am than the sum total of genitalia i have seen in my life.