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  1. Web sites such as Baht Sold has Many used appliances
  2. Baht Sold did have one for sale..Also Lazada has cameras Like Go Pros for sale
  3. Tuk Com can be tricky at times..Often a few sellers are selling Copys at a Good Price but claim there the real deal...Better stick to the Large Stores Tesco Lotus--Big C or use a solid outlet like Amazon
  4. E bay will ship them here in most cases and there Not Copys
  5. Did I miss something? Your asking Price for Both or single item?
  6. Good Deal--Many Used ones are asking 20,000 Baht
  7. I get a call Each time especially if COD...They do Not want to bring the Package not knowing your Home to Pay
  8. Cheaper Option and just as effective are the Strong Sling Shots will ball bearings
  9. Many of these Newer Condos have maybe 2 to 4 Lights on at night time with Hundreds of Dark rooms unsold