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  1. Would u stay here again? I was considering this place for my visit in two weeks. Reviews were mehish but location is good. It was only 20ish a night for the small room. Think i got my place picked anyways but it was under consideration anyways.
  2. China garden booking issues

    Is the special price going to be available on the new rooms from march 8th-13th? I'll book one right now if so! =-)
  3. As long as your not leaving a bunch of cash or jewelry in the bag i wouldnt worry about it. In most cases they just leave the luggage behind the desk IME. Think most front desk are trustworthy enough but still no reason to risk anything to valuable.
  4. Lk Mansion Junior Deluxe

    Funnily enough i look at the hotels for my exact same dates on agoda later in the day and now mansion is back to the 14usd pretax. Very strange system they got going.
  5. Lk Mansion Junior Deluxe

    They add a 17% tax and service charge on Agoda. Kind of like eating out at alot of Thai restaurants lol. It went up since last night as well. Now its 16usd pre tax.
  6. Lk Mansion Junior Deluxe

    Currently looking at hotels for my next trip. Seen lk mansion for 14bucks a night on agoda but think ill pass not a fan of roaches thanks for the heads up. I'll most likely go closer to the 30.00 price range like usual. I always look at the cheap ones but always find a flaw of some kind.
  7. Page 10

    I dont give any Thai hotels my credit card. I book through agoda which you can pay with paypal. Page 10 actually asked for my CC when i got there and i told them i didnt use booked through agoda. They then asked for a 500 deposit which i happily gave them and was returned to me when i left. Some hotels wont even ask about the credit card that ive stayed.
  8. I just leave some money in the safe,some in a folded jeans hidden pocket mixed in suit case, some somewhere else in hidden clothes pocket. I always figure if someone is going to steal my cash they won't hit every spot being in a rush. I also make sure to be friendly with the cleaner and tip them well when they clean my room. They don't make shit and appreciate a guest who tips them which in turn makes them more prone to want to not steal my shit. I haven't had any thefts yet with my strategys. Knock on wood.
  9. shooters guesthouse

    Yeah i read it gets pretty loud but i stay out late anyways so that shouldnt be a problem. I emailed them and they said 18+up and no joiner fees for more then one girl which are both +'s obv. Not sure if ill pull the trigger or not. 20 bucks on Agoda but i can get a three star hotel for 10 bucks a night more. I'd stay at this place before i stay at Sunshine hotel on soi 7 again for 30.00 a night though. I always go diff hotels each time i come. Thanks for the hotel suggestions on my last trip by the way. Cool service your offering for people around here!
  10. shooters guesthouse

    Anyone have anything else to add about this place? Was considering it in March for a short 5 day trip. Havent stayed on Soi 7 in years i like to switch up my locations. Rooms are pretty cheap, looks decent in pictures.
  11. The reason I think he should get a room refund is the CCTV not working to make it clear. Not because op money wasn't there. If they refunded someone for saying they lost money that would open up the hotel to being scammed. As the place is set up anyone could of been in his room. The front desk could of waltzed in for all we know.The desk for sure know it doesn't work and I guarantee don't warn u on check in.It should be on the hotel for that reason. Being a feature of the hotel that you think is working when u check in and see cameras.
  12. I understand he's not going to get it. I'm just saying he SHOULD. If the hotel was smart they would take the small loss on his week long stay to protect their image. They'd be earning more long term doing that. Instead they'll lose out from everyone who reads this thread and ops travel site reviews. I know I've personally not stayed at places on walking Street because of a review with theft.
  13. I think you should at least get a refund on your stay on the grounds you lost money AND the camera being broken. This means the hotel isnt secure when it should be. I'd bet the camera hasnt been working alot longer then a week and they just say it just broke to cover their asses. Them not calling you or talking to you is unacceptable. Make sure to leave bad reviews anywhere you can since they wont do anything to help you. A smaller hotel like this will lose alot of business just from getting a bad rep here and on a site like trip advisor.
  14. I can highly suggest Walking street guesthouse if you want to be right on walking street. The guy who owns it is a member here. I've stayed there 3 times in the past and its been completely safe and comfortable. Only problem with the place is it has alot of stairs but its literally right in the middle of walking street.
  15. Found the dude who has a signature for heavens above and galaxy suites on here. Not sure if hes the manager or what. "nutosf" is the guys pattaya name maybe pm him and he can help you out with advice. Says he hasnt been active since the 22nd but ive seen him posting in a thread suggesting that hotel in recent weeks for sure.