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  1. Even happier with mine bought at 71 bht/pound. Have now broken even, living rent free. Renting is a mugs game.
  2. Art on the Hill condo debacle in Pattaya

    Is that second hand condos. How can the sale complete at the Land Office without a change of name on the chanote. Do people just had over the money and are told they "own" the condo ha ha.
  3. Art on the Hill condo debacle in Pattaya

    How can they be for sale if no one has their chanotes. The sale won't complete without the chanote.
  4. Diamond Tower condo

    The under 30 day rule for AirBnB is enforced at my condo but some like VT6 and the Base don't seem to care. I think there is a big difference between the short stay and long stay behaviour. Many people (not you obviously) on short stay don't consider the other long term residents and treat the place like a hotel. Not somewhere i would want to live or invest in.
  5. Diamond Tower condo

    I would never touch a place that allowed AirBnB or Chinese tours as guests, especially at 90,000 baht/sqm. Just asking for trouble.
  6. GF hotels in Vientiene? 

    I thought the hotels in Laos wouldn't let you take back a girl. Aren't they fairly strict on that sort of thing.
  7. Diamond Tower condo

    110k per sqm is a crazy price. You can get some very nice condos for 40k. DO NOT buy off plan.
  8. Can i ask if you have an Aerox for rent. Want to try one out before buying.
  9. Until he gets the chanute it's not "his".
  10. I mentioned before that if the OP can't afford to buy a decent condo he should rent one. Condos in View Talay 1&2 are quite cheap to rent. Better than sinking 1m baht into some crap condo off the beaten track.
  11. Yes 50 is a lot, double my condo and 10x that in View Talay 1&2.
  12. Yes scooters are great for during the day but do you want to be driving back at 1 am after 10 beers? If so your stay will be a short one.
  13. I would suggest that if you can't afford a decent place (2-3 million) then it's better to rent. Stuck in a shit hole like Nirun is not much fun.
  14. The movies from the tv boxes are terrible quality. I found it useful to buy decent blu-rays from TTT but hey no more.
  15. If it's getting popular with the Chinese it's one best avoided i think. As for realtors i enquired at one recommended in Jomtien. I sent them all my details, even photos of my condo i wanted to sell but they couldn't be arsed to even reply or check out my condo. For this great service they wanted 5%.