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  1. Thanks I'll check it out.
  2. I usually stay around Buakhow, but I want something a little quieter this trip. I'm looking for a room (preferably with a monthly option) in Nakula. I plan on spending some time travelling around Bkk ect so won't be their that much. If everything goes to plan might only be spending a few nights their, but want a base in Patts for my luggage. I just want a place in walking distance (5-10 mins is ok) to the baht bus. Nothing fancy AC is a must but apart from that just somewhere clean & cheap. Any info appreciated.
  3. I've stayed at chaba hut a few times. I've only stayed in the newer rooms in the large building which are very good. Sitting around the pools a bit of a hassle though as they've got a problem with Mosquitos. I stayed at other places in the area & the mozzies are no where near as bad. Staff were friendly & the cleaner was excellent. I'm a late riser especially when I've got an LT, & when I eventually did rise & go for a bite to eat the room was always cleaned by the time I'd got back.
  4. Looks like a good place, It looks like my regular place might be fully booked for feb or March (not decided yet) so I could well be pm'ing you. I thought you would have at least 1 room decked out in the claret & blue with an en suite bubble blowing machine.
  5. I'm staying in 500 & something, not travelling until july, I've no info as I've only stayed in oasis rooms before although on my last trip I was staying in the old e-block rooms & Meow told me the private condo rooms were just as good if not better. I think Meows website has got pics of the rooms. I wasn't bothered about services as I rarely eat breakfast but I'm gona need a cleaner a couple if times a week. Hopefully wont be too expensive as Meow's probably the most trustworthy thai I've ever met.
  6. I always stay in a Diana oasis room but this next trip they were full so I've booked a private rental with Meow. I've just noticed that no service provided which means no cleaning, does anyone know if its possible to book a cleaner & how much it costs?
  7. Didn't know there was a deluxe c-block but I've stayed in the c-block rooms a couple of times & there great, get it booked you won't regret it.
  8. Are they all ground floor? I'm guessing there located just to the right as you walk past the restaurant. All facilities offered so you still get a room safe, tv DVD?
  9. I've stayed in the c block rooms several times but this coming trip I'm having to save cash where I can. Does anyone have any info on the E block rooms these rooms are only 16500 PCM, I've tried there website but not a lot of info.
  10. just spoke with meow, booked solid for the next 3 months unless they get a cancellation they've got nothing.
  11. Sorry 4 the triple post don't know what happened there
  12. Was wondering if you guys could help me out, just booked the flights for the end of feb. my usual place diana oasis is fully booked so I'm looking for a room for about 20000 baht for the month. I like buakhow but wouldn't mind naklua or jontiem, just want to be near a baht bus route so that rules out pratumnak hill. Must be guest friendly for when I fancy 2 girls. In room safe & decent security wouldn't mind a fan & DVD too. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  13. Agree about thank & tip, but also & this might sound cheap but every time u go to 7/11 they give u stamps. I had loads on the table, cleaner asked if she could have them got a much bigger smile than when I tipped cash. An ex tgf of mine was also crazy about these stamps, don't get it myself but whatever makes them happy.
  14. they cleaned the room everyday but I think the linen was only changed twice a week, this was fine for me though. The cleaner was a nice lady & very helpful, I'm sure If you needed your linen changed more often you could work something out.
  15. Stayed here twice c block 21000 a month, + elec & water. Excellent place to stay, never had a problem here. & meow is great, will be back for sure but you really do have to book in advance.