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  1. Hi Super consultant, with all due respect maybe we are applying for more children than yourself to go overseas and a simple witnessed letter from the local amphur has never been sufficient, as the legal father wether he takes care of the child or not has no problems in shouting kidnap if a child is taken overseas without his permission, Most Embassy's require an official sole custody document from the Thai courts to cover there own behind, to get a piece of paper from the Amphur stating the child is taken care of by the mother is a very easy thing to do and is not a legal and binding document without both parents signatures, so any child unless the parents have been through divorce proceedings and it states on the divorce that the father has given sole custody has to get a sole custody paper, I am just going through an appeal case at the moment to the UK and you may have his number is you wish to check. If you was an Embassy clearing officer would you put your neck on the block and have the father later saying who has given permission for my child to live overseas. Anyway we have not yet ascertained why Bob needs this document, but in all cases if the father of the child will play ball then go through the Thai courts and get the Sole custody document it gets the ex out of your face. Ooh I remember you now Super consultant, you left the expats club years ago if I remember rightly, I am still there 8 years later, This is why I have never opted to post on forums even though I advertise on some because fighting in the dark is so difficult and I feel sorry for the forum members receiving info that is sending you on maybe the course you don't want to. As we say in Thai Na Song San
  2. unfortunately Richard you are not correct, If the fathers name is on the birth certificate and he is Thai, the only time they do not need a sole custody document is if they were originally married Thai and then divorced and it states on the divorce that the mother has sole custody. They were not married so the father still has rights no matter who the baby lives with, So Thai courts for sole custody is the answer and hopefully the full co operation from the ex partner. I Have also got sole custody of my two Thai children but I am a farang not Thai to Thai. When doing a visa application i.e. settlement or trying for adoption , if you try without the sole custody paper from the Embassy you are going to hit a brick wall. Darren
  3. Hi Bob My name is Darren from Key Visa Thailand, before this question can be answered you need to know the following, 1, Who is the child living with currently 2, Has your partner access to the child or is the ex partner difficult 3, is her ex partner willing to go to the Thai courts to sign sole custody papers "normally for a price" Bob most people think that by going to the local town or city Amphur is enough, because the paper says the mother takes care of the child, but for most Embassy's this is not enough, the proper way to do it is with the help of a lawyer and the ex partner giving his permission going to the Thai family court and signing the sole custody paper for Thais it is a very simple process. Just keep the ex partner sweet until it is finished If there is no fighting it can normally be completed in 1-3 weeks. Darren
  4. Hi Guys These replies are pretty much correct and it is great to see the knowledge attained when it is not the way you make a living. Let me make it short and sweet with tourist visas to the UK the main key point to all applications is proving the relationship with a large amount of documentation to back up the length of time you have been together. The clearing officer is mainly looking at the strength and weakness of the applicant and the sponsor as a relationship if you get this correct everything else will fit in, how can you prove a Thai National is going to return to Thailand? you cant? I know you will say well she has a house and land etc, but these are classed as movable assets and will still be there even if she or he overstays 10 years so thats collateral out of the way, it does help but does not always sway an application. They firstly are looking for something that will give them the gut feeling you are a responsable relationship and you are genuinly seeking entrance to the UK, if there is plenty of evidence to prove a big Mills and Boon love story they know deep down that you are sensible, genuine and you as the sponsor would never allow her to overstay the visa. Get the relationship correct on paper and the visa 9 times out of 10 will be awarded, you need to obviously put the rest of the standard documents with the application but concentrate on showing the relationship no matter how sloppy it may soundand we know now with modern technology like skype, facebook etc you can obtain reams of paperwork. Hope this helps, Darren www.keyvisathailand.com