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  1. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    Typically how long does it take for a response for an order placed on [email protected]? I sent an email about 24 hrs ago and no response yet so just curious.
  2. Opinions on VT 6 Condo

    This is western thinking. Here in Thailand sound business decision is often trumped by Thai logic. I know of many units that are sitting empty (some for well over a year) and yet owners are unwilling to rent at a fair price, fair price being what similar units in the building are rented or have rented in the past. I asked about the rationale behind the unrealistic rent expectation and the explanation I was given is that if the owner rents at a discounted amount, they will lose out in case someone rents at the full asking price in the future. So they keep waiting and waiting for that clueless renter to show up.
  3. There is no building wide wifi at the Base (other than lobby and lounge). It is up to the owner of each unit whether to provide internet or not. I am currently doing a monthly rental at the Base and my unit does have internet at a cost of 650 baht per month. Some units I looked at did not have internet and owner was unwilling to have it installed so I passed. Not sure but I think there is a minimum service length contract that must be signed in order to have internet installed and some owners are not willing to do that since many of the units sit vacant most of the time.

    I will be buying one shortly, though not sure which model I will get. I just need to get settled on where I am going to rent long term and get proper internet set up first. Hopefully well before Oct 5.
  5. Diamond Tower condo

    The Base was built to be residential condo but it is being used as a commercial hotel. Even if it was built to a high quality (commercial) standard, the additional wear and tear due to the building being used as a hotel would require much higher maintenance standard, which I doubt is happening at the Base. At the current rate of wear and tear due to commercial use, in a few years the Base is going to look all worn and beaten up. Even now the heavy use areas like the pool, elevators, gym etc are showing visible signs of wear and tear which should not be the case for a brand new building.
  6. Some vital information missing from your post. What is the asking rent? What floor is the unit on? What direction is it facing?
  7. In terms of having a great sea view from the balcony, I would say that The Base rates 3rd after Markland (1st) and Centric Sea (2nd). Markland being on Beach rd and Soi 1 you get a full view of Pattaya bay which is just awesome. Centric Sea has better view than The Base as it is a much taller building (pool on 44th floor) and also you get a more sweeping view of Pattaya bay as the condo is further up north. I would image view from Northshore would be great as well but I have not visited personally.
  8. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    Is there a description of what the differences are between the boxes? Just on Hi Media 3 different boxes with 3 different prices. What is the benefit of getting H8 at 5800 baht vs Q3 at 3999 baht for example? I would like to order one but confused about which one to order.