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  1. Have been working in Thailand 14 years, and opened a Thai Limited Company 5 years ago. I am retiring end of the month and will switch to retirement visa. My work permit was issued in Sri Racha and have been informed I have to turn in the work permit there. I live in Pattaya and want to have the extension of stay in Jomtien. Current extension and work permit expire end of March. My problem is that once I turn in the work permit, I have been told I have to do the retirement application the same day. Is there any way I can switch visa earlier, and then turn in the work permit a few days later? Or will Jomtien immigration say the extension of stay I now have has to be canceled first?? Help!
  2. I just got the himedia and happy with ease of use and good support. Love the TV Guide which you can use to connect directly to a channel. I previously purchased a minix 8 plus for 6,500 from another dealer but many functions not easy to figure out. I offered to pay the seller to come and give a tutorial. He said he was out of the country until end of April. I am still waiting!
  3. Is there anyone else selling these. This guy doesn't seem to be interested in selling.
  4. I am looking for the X8H plus/air mouse installed and fully loaded (6,500) I live in South Pattaya and have 3BB 15 meg. Most of the time I get 9-13 download. Have left messages but no reply.
  5. I am looking for the X8H plus/air mouse installed and fully loaded (6,500) I live in South Pattaya and have 3BB 15 meg. Most of the time I get 9-13 download. Have left messages but no reply.
  6. Thanks so much. So it's on Thepprasit past Tesco heading towards the beach?
  7. Anyone know a shop other than Mityon? My 5 year old seat is cracking from heat and I want to see if there are different styles I can buy that might be more comfortable. I went to Mityon and they offered one choice: same style, and same brown color. I at least want to change to black.
  8. LK Villa is not opposite Healthland. It is on Soi Bongkot near Pattaya Tai.
  9. Will offer 6,000 if it checks out
  10. They are nice (I live very near) but I need two-story as my creaking legs don't enjoy the constant up and down over three storys. If anyone knows any two-story places similar in appearance please let me know.
  11. Will he consider renting?
  12. So what is your point? 18,990 at Tukcom. I bought the one he had for sale for 13,500 so I saved more than 5,00 baht. It is five months old, perfect condition, included warantee etc.