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  1. Well, it's a reasonable thing to point out - how much time you have spend together is something the embassy will focus on, when she apply for the visa. I think you will be fine though, it seems that they just want to be sure that you actually know each other, and she isn't being brought to Norway to work. The second thing is if there's anything for her to go back to? Does she have a steady job, house and other commitments? Basically they want to be sure that she leaves the country again. That one might be tricky for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My girlfriend has been to Denmark a few times - I guess the process is pretty similar. She didn't go to any interviews, nobody asked her anything when submitting the papers. The invitation letter is pretty standard - you just answer a bunch of questions, and agree to support her. The first time my girlfriend went, she didn't have a job. We just wrote in the application that she helped out at the family farm, which was true. Your biggest worry should be that you haven't spend more time together. That seems to be the main criteria in Denmark - that you have an actual relationship, and not just a holiday fling. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. "Rubbished" like they scrapped the idea again? I was at the immigration in Udon a few days ago, and the "new" rule is posted at the desk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Scumbag - I have seen the text before, which is why I told my friend it is very unlikely that he will get the visa. He will be invited by the guy and his wife to stay with them, but he does not have a solid job to return back to. Anyway, everything has been submitted and I have tried to prepare him as much as possible for the interview - I was simply curious for any first-hand experiences. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I of course did some research before we submitted the application and scheduled the interview. He is well aware that the fee is non-refundable, and I told him before we started that his chance of getting a visa is very small. I have gone through the visa process myself before, but I'm well aware that it will be a lot more difficult for a thai, than a European. For a B2 visa, a invitation letter is not required, but they suggest that you bring one to the interview, or that you can show sufficient funds, so I asked his American friend to write him an invitation letter, and send him a sample. I just have my doubts on whether they actually issue a tourist visa for thai people on the basis of a invitation letter - so I thought maybe some here had gone through the trouble of bringing over a girl/guy for a holiday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi, I have a gay friendthat is trying to get a tourist visa to the US, so he can go meet his farang semi-boyfriend. I have been helping him fill out the application and so on - he's already scheduled for an interview at the embassy. Has anyone been through the process and received the visa, or is it near impossible for common thai people to obtain a tourist visa to the US? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The Thai logic behind their Visa's are difficult to figure out - but it's still a lot easier for me to get a visa to Thailand, than it is for a Thai to get a visa for my country. I think the METV was meant for "local" ASEAN tourists - weekend hoppers from neighboring countries. In that case a 60 day limit shouldn't be a problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Official Thread:

    I lived there for almost two years, moved out 1,5 years ago or so. When I left the place, they were getting started on the much needed renovation of the building. Anyway, that doesn't really matter as you will only stay there for a month! The best thing about the place, is the location - no doubt about that! The location is ideal whatever you want to do, and it's perfect if you don't know your way around Pattaya. All the units are individual - some are very nice equipped, while others look outdated... no big surprise there, as it isn't a hotel. I can give you the contact details of the guy I rented from, but I'm not sure he will be interested in a short time contract - there's only one way to find out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. If you can't get a definitive answer, I would take a 1-2 day side trip by flight. Actually I would do that under any circumstances, to avoid a mini-van drive to Cambodia...
  10. Sounds plausible - the fee is approx. 6000 bath in Denmark. I don't mind paying that for not being questioned and asked to buy breakfast for the immigration officers - it's not like entry to my own country is easier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I agree, but there has been some speculation on whether you will be seen as a "real" tourist or not, if you repeatedly enter Thailand a number of times over an extended period of time. I have previously had some problems a few times entering on the visa waiver programme, which is why I switched to the METV. You have to show that you have a bit of money to get the visa, maybe that's all they care about. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. There has been some discussion in other threads on whether obtaining back to back METV is possible. I had my first METV a month after they introduced the METV back in November 2015. The next one I got July last year, and I just received a third one a few days ago... so back to back (to back) METV doesn't seem to be a problem. The only hitch I had, was that I had to send a new picture, as I had used the same picture as last application ;) I'm a danish citizen, so all of them have been issued by the Thai embassy in Denmark... no problems at all, and always willing to assist if you have any questions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I also think they will honor all the current members, but I can easily see them scrap it. I can get my employer to pay part of the 5 year Elite visa, but I simply thinks it's way too overpriced, compared to other types of visa, without any relevant benefits. As long as the METV works for me, I will use that. I would advise OP to do the same, especially as he is not sure he will commit to Thailand.
  14. No, nothing is sure when it comes to visa for Thailand - that's kind of why many people have second thoughts about splashing 500K for the Elite visa. I can tell you though, that I have gotten two back-to-back METV visa from the embassy in my home country, Denmark. Of course the visa is not intended for people who live in Thailand, it's a tourist visa. Since OP will leave the country regularly, he will be a tourist. I have approx 20-30 entries to Thailand a year, and according to the Thai embassy in Denmark, I am regarded as a tourist as I don't just leave Thailand every two months, to renew my entry. Which non-shitty European country are you from?
  15. Save the money and just get the METV. If you have sufficient funds for the Elite visa, you can easily get the METV as well. It's perfectly suited for you, as you will be going in and out of Thailand (multiple entry). Since you are planning to go back to your home country 2-3 times a year, it's perfect timing for a renewal of the METV - it's valid for 6 months.