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  1. I wonder what really happened ?? Another frequent flier bites the dust: In a tragic turn of events, the 51-year-old managing director of India’s largest automaker Tata Motors, Karl Slym, has died in Bangkok in a freak accident at his hotel. Slym, who had been leading a business restructuring and modernisation exercise at Tata Motors, was in Bangkok to attend a Board meeting of the company’s Thai subsidiary. Another source said that Slym had fallen from a higher floor at his hotel in the Thai capital, though not many details are available yet. His wife, Sally, had accompanied Slym for his business trip to Thailand.
  2. I have mobility & health issues so for me it was a no brainer not having to go in person, the pain & stress of applying vs 900 Baht to have it all done for me !! Back when I still had the capacity, I applied for several tourist Visas for my then Fiance. It was a lot of time and work & in the end we didn't get the Student Visa we needed, the resulting stress was the start of the end of our relationship. On reflection in would have been prudent had we hired someone to help. Even further back I wasted several years of my life trying to process my own Immigrant paperwork without using a lawyer, mostly as a point of principal as i thought them unnecessary and expensive. In the end I was faced with deportation & hired a lawyer & within 3 months I had my Residency. Moral of the story. I am glad we have folks like Darren who can help us deal with immigration & Visa issues. Yes, in a perfect world we wouldn't need them, but I for one am glad they exist. The pittance I paid Key Visa to help process my visa extension really wasn't worth his time, but the goodwill generated means I would certainly use him in future for other Visa issues I may have.
  3. Rules ?? No offence but this is Thailand !! Perhaps they have an arrangement with immigration which is mutually beneficial. Perhaps there are unwritten rules. I have found many countries allow similar things & I always take advantage when i can as I hate bureaucracy. Not my place to question. Just very happy I don't have to deal with it myself.
  4. So to avoid the reported hassles of filing my 30 day extension for my 60 day tourist visa I used Darren's Services this week. Dropped off my passport at his office late Wednesday & he sent me a text my on Friday to say it was ready. Someone had mentioned 300 Baht for the service which I thought seemed too cheap. So the actual amount I paid him was 2,800 Baht which was including the 1,900 fee for immigration so really cost me just 900 Baht. Would thoroughly recommend it for those who don't want to mess around.
  5. Well after getting over the shock of 42K a month rent I still decided to move to VT6 & am pretty happy so far. On the 25th Floor Facing Walking street, has a great view: & the street noise level isn't too bad. Mild construction during the day but nothing close by. Dedicated Internet is plenty speedy 15MB/s Download. Every apartment is different though so best to double check the one you are getting. Only downside is the pool is much colder than VT5 for some reason. For those staying long term I would still recommend VT5 over on Jomtien Beach which is a pretty much identical building but my apt there was only 16k a month & the place has a better vibe.
  6. Darren, Do you normally file 30 day extensions or was this just a one off to help a fellow BM?? As I am staying across the street from your office & have mobility issues, I would prefer to use your services if possible rather than suffer standing in various lines. Assuming you do: How much do you charge ? Do you have copies of the 30 day Extension form ? How far in advance of my 60 day Tourist Visa expiring should I bring it to you for filing.
  7. Checked out all the rental places on the 3rd floor today & it looks like slim pickings for March. Dancewatchers & Honeys, victims of their own success are fully booked as are most others. The few apts that were offered where on lower floors priced between 42k & 60k a month, too rich for my blood. The place that rents through Agoda offered me one of their daily rental units on the 11th floor for 45k a month but as some have mentioned the noise that goes with one of those rentals makes it less desirable. VT6 clearly has no problem taking short term hotel style bookings regardless of Thia law & this seems to have driven up prices & reduced availability for those of looking for monthy deals. Progress I guess.
  8. Stayed at the Jasmine for 5 days while looking for an Apartment. Friendly reception & a great location for taking girls directly off walking street. Cannot really recommend it for long term stay though. Reminds me of a cheap Blackpool boarding house circa 1970. Bedding is very basic (think Cigarette burned second world war army blankets) & lot of Techno Bass from Walking street till 7am some days.
  9. Looking to move to View Tallay 6 next week for a month if I can find a suitable apartment on a high floor. Enjoyed my past month at View Tallay 5, especially the fact that it is nice & quiet. Never had a problem sleeping here & wondering how noisy View Tallay 6 is in comparison? Can you hear disco's etc.. till late at VT6 and are they worse on one side of the building or the other?
  10. Faro, Do you have a name/direction of the place near Central Festival ?? Am looking for a place right now but as its my 1st time here & jet lagged any pointers would help.
  11. Here's the ones : have tried so far: Dancewatchers: full Diana Oasis: full till middle of March KTK Royal Residence: Full till April Mooks pattaya No reply Nova Park: No reply Bluevision Agency: No reply I am checking an Apt today but you are right its in the middle of nowhere Slim pickings during high season obviously. Any other suggestions would be appreciated !!
  12. Survived my first night in the LOS, staying at the Jasmine as everything decent was booked for the weekend. Need to find better quality accommodation ASAP. Mosquitoes here are eating me in the night Budget around 30K Baht month. Tried Tik at dancwatchers but they are full. Any recommendations please ?? Requirements are in order of priority: 1, non smoking (or absolutely no smell of smoke I am allergic) 2, firm bed (no soft american style) 3, Reasonably Quiet but near to public transport 4, preferably on a high floor to avoid the mosquitos 5, has a Swimming pool/ jacuzzi in the complex Thanks