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  1. No offence (especially as Richard has perfectly summed up my understanding of the new Visa) but a post from somebody on Social media is hardly something to build you retirement plans on. Again, the guy has verbatim listed my understanding/belief of what the new Visa is, but would you trust me when doing your retirement planning?
  2. They recently introduced 4 new options which included a 10 year (no "frills") option for 800k & a 20 year (again no airport limo, spa, Golf etc...) for 1Million
  3. It wouldn't be too difficult for immigration to start asking to see proof of deposits alongside self-declared income declarations.
  4. Approx 3 years ago, I looked all the way along the EW/Green line from Queenstown - Eunos & didn't see any decent Condos so ended up getting one that was on a bus route. There are some nice places West of Queenstown but you're starting to get a bit far away from Town there (plus I had a couple of days a week in Changi Business Park) & around the Keppel Bay area (if you don't mind changing at Outram Park). If you do want to be on the EW line & central to town, Tiong Bahru is a nice area, but when I looked there was only a handful of Condos & they were asking a premium to be in town & close to the MRT. Again, my advice would be to check out the bus routes to/from the office, you'll get a much nicer place cheaper than ones close to the MRT.
  5. I find the Buses are better than the MRT, get the Singapore Maps app for your mobile & you can see which buses stop at your office & work from there. Good Luck [emoji106]
  6. When comparing the salary, be sure to compare it after tax/deductions, plug your numbers into this and you'll see how little tax you pay here. Biggest expense is accommodation, this is the best site for finding a place Do you know which part of Singapore you'd be working in? Edit: Happy 51st Birthday Singapore (it's National day here today )
  7. I can't speak for Germany but in the UK we have a Double Taxation Agreement with Singapore so the fact that I pay Income tax here means I don't have to pay any there. Agree with most of what Nongprue says apart from how long it takes to find somewhere to stay, Singapore is so small & there are so many places to rent here you can find somewhere in days (took me 3 days to find, sign & move into my 1st Condo) but expect to pay out 3 months rent up front (4 if you use an agent but no need). As far as Salary, when I 1st came here my company tax equalised mine which meant approx 25% drop (managed to negotiate a better exchange rate so this was more like 12% & if I was moving now I'd negotiate even harder as the GBP/EUR is seriously weak against the SGD at the moment). I'd say the days of expat benefits such as housing, schooling etc... are long gone unless you get an "Assignment" posting rather than moving here so you could try asking your company if they'll "post" you here for 3-12 months on their $$$ before making the move permanently.. Edit: I'm also in Banking (albeit I'm an IT Consultant) & VP is a couple of steps down from Director but probably what you would term as "middle management" here.
  8. Apart from taking a year out to travel last year, I've been here since 2008 & love the place. Everybody says Singapore is expensive but outside of rent (which is lower now than it was a couple of years back) & owning a car (I don't as there's no need to unless you have a family that you need to run around) everything else can be reasonably priced if you know what you're doing & the tax here is a so low I end up saving more than I did in the UK. My typical spend is around s$8,000 per month - Rent $3,300 - Utilities s$150 - Mobile & Internet s$150 - Groceries s$1,000 - Transport s$150 - Laundry $100 ... Rest is spent enjoying myself (don't bother with P4P in Singapore as my gf lives with me for most of the year but when she's not here I have a few regulars that I take out on "Dates" & plenty more fish on Badoo) Holidays is usually 20-24(VP) days plus 9 or 10 public holidays & the official (minimum) redundancy (retrenchment) policy is 4 weeks salary but it depends on the company you're working for (I got 1 month for every (6) years worked plus 3 months paid gardening leave). Pensions are interesting here, the company is not obligated to give you anything unless your a citizen or PR, however if they do give you something as part of your package, this is your money & returned to you when you leave the company (even if it's to move to another employer within Singapore). P.s. I love living here (or would have moved with the company instead of taking redundancy), but it has changed a lot in recent years & if it carries on the way it's going, I won't be staying longer than a year or 2. But I think everybody feels that way about anyplace they spend a longtime living in so if you come over here, I think you'll love it & having Singapore on your cv is usually a good thing [emoji106]
  9. Might be worth highlighting that whilst you don't (cannot) renew a retirement visa, you can get a1 year extension of stay against it so do have the option of extending in country.
  10. Yep, can definitely vouch for that... No problems at all [emoji106]
  11. You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave [emoji12]
  12. Easier to get a double (or triple) entry Tourist Visa in your own country & you should have no problems leaving/Re-Entering Thailand by air, currently a clamp down on the Cambodian Land borders but even this is not supposed to impact people with Tourist Visas. - 60 days on 1st Entry - Go to immigration & get a 30 day extension - Exit Thailand & re-enter (either a "Border Run" or a short visit to a neighboring country) - "Activate" 2nd Entry (make sure you do this before the Visa Expires, some Double Entry visas only have a 3 month validity) - Get another 60 days on Entry - Extend for a further 30 Days - Rinse & Repeat if you get a Triple Entry giving you almost 9 months. Can still study Thai if you like... Up To You
  13. Hi Al, Love the photos of the rooms, what's your availability like from 20th April for approximately 3 weeks? I'm in Pattaya (Basaya beach hotel) from 16th-20th April but just found out that there's no great hurry for me to leave before the middle of May so figured I might as well use the opportunity to extend my stay [emoji4] Looking for a room (room 3 looks perfect) 20th April to 14th May if you can accommodate me (happy to take part of that & work around it if needed) Thanks JB
  14. Stayed at the Basaya Beach hotel (central Pattaya road, opposite a street that takes you to the middle of Soi 7) over New Year, rooms were smoking & hotel is guest friendly