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  1. Looks like a really nice place but I'd personally be put off by the windows into the bedroom as to me they turn the place into a big studio apartment. Great location so I'm sure you'll have no problem selling it & good luck [emoji106] Edit: I've just realized there are Windows to the 2nd "Bedroom" from the living area & the master "Bedroom", how does that work when you have guests staying with you (e.g, let's say a mate visits & brings a girl back while my gf is there or worse, my parents are visiting & im staying in the 2nd bedroom)?
  2. Never bother with the Wifi in Hotels or Condos, just use the 4G hotspot on my phone (unlimited data when roaming for s$10 per day, maximum s$40 per month after that is free), I'll be using it when I'm out & about anyway so save nothing by using it when in the room and it's usually faster than the public wifi offered. If you don't mind me asking, the room in the Avenue looks really nice, where did you book it and how much per night?
  3. Best advice

    Living in AC is like living in London in the U.K., i.e. Much more expensive than the rest of the country. I rent a very nice studio condo for my Filipina for 10k per month including bills (it includes wifi but it's so poor I pay another 1,000 for a decent service) & I'm overpaying at that but her safety is my #1 concern (it's in an all ladies apartment complex), if I was living there we'd probably get something around the 8k mark.
  4. Best advice

    Mate, if your biggest fear is loneliness, why wouldn't you want to stay in the Philippines where you'll find hundreds of girls who genuinely want to be with you. Am guessing you're in AC at the moment, pack your sh1t up and get to Davao, 1 month there & you'll be looking at Thailand as the holiday destination it is.
  5. Best advice

    Good luck mate, seems your heart/mind is set on a move to Pattaya/Thailand so wish you all the best with that [emoji106] Do please keep us up-to-date on your progress, I'm making the shift next year so for 1 am interested in following your experiences
  6. Best advice

    I don't know your personal circumstances but you can find a nice "Pension House" room for very little money (hotels are ridiculously over priced & Utility bills are stupid), but I do believe (& have done the maths) that you can have a better life there on a smaller budget than you can in Thailand.
  7. Best advice

    I don't know your personal circumstances but you can find a nice "Pension House" room for very little money (hotels are ridiculously over priced & Utility bills are stupid), but I do believe (& have done the maths) that you can have a better life there on a smaller budget than you can in Thailand.
  8. Best advice

    Mate, I'd stay in the Philippines (ok, I'm biased, have a Fillipina gf of 7 years & a house in Kapalong, couple of hours north of Davao) Sorry to say but the days of Thailand being a cheap place to retire are long gone unless you move out to the sticks.
  9. Best advice

    Look in the mirror... Get a Job & move to Thailand when you can afford it... I'm not being harsh, just being honest & I follow my own advice as I'm still working despite having more than double the $s you're talking about (my target is 150,000 THB per month which I will hit by the end of the year)... I'll assume you meant £1,300 per month (If it was $s then you're really screwed) which is less than 55,000 THB & (IMHO) way to little to be thinking of retiring on... Good Luck with whatever you decide
  10. When I bought my house I built up a 6 figure £'s sum in an offset mortgage which earned me no interest but saved me approx 8% in interest payments, you would have had to achieved (as a 40% Tax Payer) approx 13% yield pre-tax to achieve the same. At today's rates of (say 4%) you'd need to achieve approx 6.5%, achievable but with higher risks). Nowadays I believe it makes sense to keep at least 6 months cash in the Bank in case you lose your job or some unexpected expense comes up (severe case of the Post Pattaya Blues perhaps). Also for people who are nearing retirement, & planning on moving OS, it might be worth building up a couple of years spends in the local currency to help edge against any nasty surprises nearing the time you retire (Having said that I think the Thai Baht is overvalued at the moment, but I have been stocking up on Philippine Peso as I plan on spending 3 months of the year there).
  11. In the UK you're looking at 1-2% interest (before tax so can take of 40% of that if you have other income that pushes you into the Higher Rate Tax Bracket) so effectively are losing money with Inflation. OP is reasonably young & can afford to take some risks so I'd recommend he drip feeds the 1500 Euros each month into a reasonable balance of Blue Chip stocks (Ideally ones where you can re-invest the Dividends by way of Scrip) Trackers & Funds & ensures the interest/dividend bearing ones are in an ISA (should be maxing out the allowance every year).... Cycle round the Asset Classes each month to minimize dealing costs.
  13. Done it lots of times with my Filipina & it shouldn't be a problem, assuming she's never had a problem with SG immigration. By far the best Thai food I've had is at the Arok Dee on Middle Road (Opposite Sunshine Plaza where I used to Live) but if she gets homesick for Thai food (or is just missing Thailand in general) take her to the Golden Mile shopping center on Beach Road... we call it Little Thailand [emoji4]
  14. As things stand today there doesn't seem to be much benefit in it over the current Non O "Retirement" save only having to renew the visa once in 10 years, but how long will the current option remain the same? My money would be on them changing the current one to be more like this (especially the criminal checks & health insurance) but "Grandfather" people who already are on it.