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  1. Tickets all booked now. Fly in early Dec, fly back to BKK 6 months later. And fly to Bali for a week in the middle. @simon46: no need for Airbnd as I own a city apartment in Perth. Oz day will be on my apartment balcony knocking down coldies and watching the fireworks. No need hire a car. Have a good friend who is a dealer. He'll organize a good 2nd hand car for me and will deliver it to me the day I arrive. And we'll be looking forward to some desert drives...
  2. I not really 100% sure mate. As I posted above I've read that you need to show a ticket out - or sufficient funds to buy a ticket. I've also heard the airlines won't let people board the plane without a return ticket. So as I've also posted above I don't want any hassles from any officials at any time, I'll just book the return tickets and be on the safe side.
  3. Good news guys. The visa arrived in post today. Issued in just under 2 weeks and they granted the multiple entries that we requested. So we're looking forward to spending the whole summer down in Perth and doing some touring around WA.
  4. I've looked at lots of websites. Many say the tourist must have a return ticket or show sufficient funds to purchase a return ticket when it's time to leave. But as I said above I don't want to expose her to any hassles. We just want to go to Oz for a few months and have a pleasant holiday. I'll book all our airfares to & from in advance.
  5. They usually whack the 8503 on the 3 month visa for TGs, so ext is not an option.
  6. Cheers mate. It's not really a big issue for me. Sort of 6 of 1 and half doz the other. If she does get the multi-entry visa I'll just book a 3 night return for us to S'pore or KL. As I outlined in my OP the preference would be to shop around a bit in Perth and see what deals agents are offering, but 3 nights in S'pore or KL will be OK and with AA or Scoot there are some cheap fares. But last thing I'd want is for teerak to get some hassles from officials, so I'll take no chances at all and book all flights in 1 go.
  7. I saw this advertisement a couple weeks ago.
  8. Thanks for all the tips everybody. Now my question has been answered. Just have to wait another couple weeks to see what visa has been issued and I can book the airfares.
  9. Thanks mate. Good to get an answer. OK, so if multi-entry visa granted I'll book a flight out within the 3 months. Scoot have some cheap fares to S'Pore & back.
  10. We've just applied for visitor visa for my TGF to go to Oz later this year. We asked for the multi-entry visa. If granted she can stay in Oz for 3 months then has to depart and re-enter. Immigration says must be more than 24-hour turn-around. Our travel plan is to fly BKK - Perth first week in Dec and return to BKK 6 months later, around end May 2018. So I want to book AirAsia flights for both of us for early Dec 2017 and return flights back to BKK end May 2018. So she'll be holding a return ticket back to her country. But I'll need to book another air ticket for us to depart and re-enter Oz after 3-months, so she can exit the country for a few days and fly back in for a further 3-months stay. And I'd prefer not to buy that air ticket right now. I'd rather wait until we're in Perth and I can shop around with the travel agents. Maybe we can go Bali for a week, maybe go S'pore for a few nights, maybe elsewhere, I'd like to see the options before buying. So I understand that my TGF must have a return ticket to board the plane to Oz and she needs a return ticket to get past immigration at Perth airport. So will that AA return ticket for end May 2018 be sufficient or will she have to show another ticket out within 3 months after date of entry?
  11. Thanks for all your replies good people. It was really only the transit in KL that I was a bit concerned about as we'll more than likely fly AA and be changing planes in KL. In all likelihood we'll be making this Aussie trip and returning to BKK while she still has 6 or more months left on her passport. Then we'll get her a new one. There's just a slight chance that we'll be flying back to BKK via KL when she has only 5 months left. But obviously that won't be an issue.
  12. Obviously that option has occurred to me, but it seems a bit weird to have to renew her passport now when it still has 15 months validity.
  13. My TGF's Thai passport expires on 21 Nov 2018. We'll we going to Australia next year and Australia doesn't have this minimum 6 months left on passport rule. So when we depart Australia TGF may well have 4 or 5 months left on her passport, and after returning to LOS we'll get her a new one. My question is. We'll likely be passing through KL airport on the way back, not officially entering Malaysia but just transit for a couple hours while waiting for next flight to BKK. So if she only had 5 months left would that be a problem for her?
  14. I bought myself a new laptop today so I have no further use for my old one. There's nothing wrong with it. Works fine, I just decided to treat myself to a new faster model. Here's the details of my old laptop which I'm now selling. It's about 4 years old: Toshiba Satellite Pro C640 Intel core i3 2 gig ram 500 gig HDD 14" screen English/Thai keyboard DVD/CD drive Comes with Windows 7 installed (32 bit) plus a whole bunch of installed software. Everything is set up and running well and up to date drivers. Plenty of HDD space. Comes with Toshiba bag, mouse, extension speakers, and several installation discs. I'm asking for 5000 Baht for the lot, or the nearest best offer. PM me here if you're interested or have any questions.
  15. Ain't that the truth.