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By looking at the opening credits I conclude that the movie is a project, or maybe even the final thesis, made by students of SAE Institute in Germany. Fairly good acting, with no looking into the camera, which is a hard thing to do if you're just a beginner. Only small errors on the set, for example, girl comes back with booze and leaves door open, door already closed in the following take. Overall, fun to watch.


When they first came to his hotel, they went straight into his room and here comes my question. How about that ID checking and retention at the front desk? Should it be hotel's policy or should the client insist on it?

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Damm that's one long last video. How did he get to film all that. Was that a studio in Hollywood. Or was it and episode of entourage. Lol

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A bit far fetched the video but it got it's point across. Having a second drink with the same girl that drugged you like nothing happened.

Going to the gangsters hood and taking out the whole group is far-fetched, to say the least, but entertaining. in reality, you would not be in a good place probably dead.


Entertaining piece though. Thanks

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i think the more amusing part is it talks up the 3 things you don't do ...

you don't not lock up your valuables

you don't touch drugs there

you don't take a girl from the beach back just on a whim.

Of course there are exceptions but it's better to be safe than stupid

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