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.. RETIREMENT VISA - 1-Year Extension UPDATE

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Current process, as at 2016-09.


Nothing significant appears to have changed to the basic requirements since I last extended in 2015-09, except a few items noted below.


But, since procedures for extending by one year a retirement visa sometimes vary from one Immigration office to the next, this might be helpful for those applying at the Chaeng Wattana office.


Last Friday, I extended my retirement visa (with a Multiple Entry Endorsement) at the Royal Thai Immigration's Chaeng Wattana office.  I am an American retired here for some years, with a valid Non-Immigrant "O-A" Visa (colloquially known as a "retirement visa").


The procedure for extending it by another year does not require renewing the Non-Immigrant "O-A" Visa .. you are merely requesting to extend it by 1-year.  This application can be made up to 30-days prior to the expiration of your last extension.


Intentionally fashionably late, I arrived at Immigration at 2.30p on Friday (more on that below).



For the 1-year extension, I submitted the following:


1.  Form TM-7 - "Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in the Kingdom"

2.  One photograph


3.  Verification of income:

  • Brits - Similar affidavits are issued by the British Embassy, but I am unsure of their requirements.  As I understand, they require copies of documents evidencing income, unlike the US Embassy.

  • Others - The standard procedure is still to submit evidence of a: (i) minimum THB 800,000 balance for 90-days in a Thai bank account; (ii) monthly income of at least THB 65,000; or, (iii) combination of the two (bank account balance + income x 12 = THB 800,000).

4.  Verification of current address

  • Copy of lease agreement

5.  Copies of passport pages (each page signed):

  • Passport holder's information page (including passport expiration date)
  • Current Non-Immigrant "O-A" Visa stamp
  • Current Multiple Entry Endorsement stamp
  • Latest arrival stamp

6.  Form TM-47 - "Receipt of Notification" for latest 90-day notification of stay submission (typically stapled into your passport)


7.  Form TM-6 - "Departure Card" (typically stapled into your passport)


8.  Fee - THB 1,900



  • With my Verification of Income Affidavit, no request was made for copies of financial statements, bank books etc.
  • No request was made for me to submit the notorious "Foreign National Information Form".  This is I understand being inconsistently required, and might be a function of the location the application is submitted, or the applicant's profile. 
  • However, a new requirement is to sign a statement acknowledging the penalties for violating the terms of the visa .. probably useful as evidence to undermine any legal defense and expedite deportation when a visa over-stay violator is arrested and brought before the court. 


THIS IS IMPORTANT:  The above extension does not include a Multiple Entry Endorsement to your Non-Immigrant "O-A" Visa.  This is very important if you plan to depart and return at any time during the validity of your retirement visa.  If you do not have the Multiple Entry Endorsement, your Non-Immigrant "O-A" Visa cancels the moment you depart.


For the Multiple Entry Endorsement, I submitted the following:


1.  TM-8 - "Application for Re-entry Permit into the Kingdom"


2.  One photograph


3.  Fee - THB 3,800



The reason I chose to arrive at Immigration late on a Friday is that I discovered through trial and error that processing is far faster during this period.  While bureaucracy is seldom fast, in the rush to get out of there, officials work notably quickly in the last hours of the week.


In the hour after I arrived, they were slogging through the queue at one applicant every 4-1/2 minutes.  I was the 3rd to the last applicant they processed that day .. in the hour before I was called, they burned through the queue at one applicant every 1-1/2 minutes.


Roughly anticipating their burn rate, I was able to go downstairs, have a relaxing coffee at Rabika, and do some Internet work at my leisure.  Not entirely unpleasant.  The counter-commute traffic back to the Mor Chit BTS Station was not bad at all.


Late appointments are similarly fast when doing my 90-day report at Chaeng Wattana.


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