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Visa for a 5 month stay

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I am looking for some information for a friend. Today I went to Liverpool city centre to the Thai embassy with a friend (over 65 and retired) to get his visa for his upcoming 5 month trip that he has done every year for the last 6 years.

He usually get a 12 month multi entry visa that allows him a 90 day stay before he must do a visa run to get another 90 days to cover the rest of his stay.

He was informed that this visa is no longer available and the most he can have is a 90 Day visa which he can apparently extend in the visa place in Jomtien. If he can extend this for another 30 days then it will still leave him a month short and will have to leave by air to get another 30 days to make this up to the 5 months he needs for his trip.

I would be very greatful if any board members know any information that will help him regarding his visa situation as the Thai embassy are unsure if you can even extend this 90 day visa.

Why do they make it so hard for us legitimate visitors to have an extended stay in the kingdom?

Any replies greatly appreciated.



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