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Evil Penevil

Guest Friendly Sukhumvit Hotels

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Evil Penevil

The list below is intended as source of information about guest-friendly hotels in the Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area. Its purpose isn’t to review any of the hotels, but to note what’s available in various price classes. If you want further information about a particular hotel, click on the link to go its Web site or search the board for comments, reviews, etc.



I've listed the hotels in price order - from cheapest to most expensive - and divided them into two geographical areas - Closer to Nana Plaza and Closer to Soi Cowboy - with Sukhumvit Soi 13 as the line of demarcation. This list is by no means exhaustive. There many other hotels in the vicinity and quite a few are guest friendly.


Whenever possible, I've hot-linked to the hotel's official Web site. If the hotel doesn't have its own site, I've linked to a web page that has information, pictures, etc. on the hotel.


All are guest friendly, meaning that an unregistered guest can stay overnight in your room without extra charge. However, some will charge you a joiner fee if you want to bring back two or more ladies at the same time. There's no reason to get hysterical about a joiner fee. It's a hotel policy, not a crime against humanity. Use a common sense approach. If your style of mongering involves heavy partying in your room with three or four ladies at once, then be sure to stay in a monger friendly hotel. But if you usually take back just one lady per night, then guest friendly is OK. Should you decide one night to indulge in a threesome and the hotel asks for a joiner's fee of 300 baht for the extra lady - pay it. It's no big thing.


There are dozens of hotel booking agencies, all roughly the same in terms of prices offered and service. I've listed three "specialist" agencies below. If you don’t need the services of a specialist, you’re just as well off booking your room through the hotel-booking function affiliated with this board.



Thai Hotel Discounts is great if you need personal service, especially for last-minute reservations or if you have very specific requests. Tim (the owner) knows exactly which hotels are good for mongers and which aren't. He can usually find something to suit every budget. So if you are looking for a monger-friendly hotel in the Nana area at 2,500 a night with a swimming pool that gets a lot of sun, has WiFi, a gym and a breakfast buffet, call up Tim and ask him what he recommends. He'll always steer you right. and are good online options for last-minute reservations. Both offer big discounts and CheckInToday gives you an answer in real time on the same day as you need the room. It's been extremely useful when I've had to extend my stay one more day or I've check out of a hotel sudden;y because it was unsatisfactory.


DISCLAIMER: The prices listed are indicative as of November, 2008 and include taxes and service charges. They represent prices that are widely available, but lower prices can sometimes be found because of special promotions. Keep in mind that many online agencies don't include taxes and service charges, which makes their rates appear 17% lower than they really are. Always read the fine print about what is included in the price given.





thumbs_up_.jpg----Indicates the hotel is particularly good for mongers


new.jpg----Indicates the hotel has opened recently (as of November, 2008)



Closer to Nana Plaza Area

----Price --------------------Hotel --------------------- Comment

Closer to Soi Cowboy Area

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