Applying for 90 day retirement visa in Australia.

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I want to get a one year retirement visa and stay in Bangkok. I'm told that the procedure is to obtain a 90 day non-0 multi entry retirement visa first in Australia and then convert it to a one year retirement visa in Thailand.


It's not clear to me exactly what documents I need to submit to get the 90 day visa in the first instance. Reading the Thai embassy website it looks like they want the same documents to get the 90day retirement visa as the one year but a friend told me that I need only pay for the 90 day visa in Australia, no documents other than my passport and then submit all docs in Thailand.


I'm confused. Can somebody explain the exact process please?

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As far as I know the '90 day non-0 multi entry retirement visa' is not a retirement visa and unless you have family in Thailand you will not get one.


What you want is Non-Immigrant type 0-A visa that is good for 12 months. Here are the document requirements according the the application form from the consulate in Sydney (LINK):


RETIRED (O-A VISA)for 50 years old or above (on date of submitting) and having the NATIONALITY of / PERMANENT RESIDENCE of Australia

Documents required are 3 sets [ONE ORIGINAL SET and 2 PHOTOCOPY SETS]

All set must be binded and all photocopies documents must certified byJP -Justice of Peace

Required documents EACH SET to be combined with: (APPLICATION FORM A must be the first page of each set)
1 A completed "VISA APPLICATION FORM A"(atteched each FORM with ONE recent Australian passport size photo (3.5cmx4.5cm) taken within 6 month)
2 A photocopy of PERSONAL INFORMATION PAGE(S) of PASSPORT Passport valid for at least 18 months from expected date of travel)
3 A completed "PERSONAL DATA FORM" (can download a FORM from our website)
4 A completed and certified "MEDICAL CERTICATE FORM" by Medical Doctor (can download a FORM from our website)
5 An Original Criminal Record"(NAME CHECK ONLY)issued by the country of residence (verification shall not be older than 3 months)
6 A CERTIFIED BANK STATEMENT showing a deposit account for last 3 months
7 A BANK'S CERTIFICATE OF BALANCE showing a balance of the amount equal to not less than 800,000 Baht


Some consulates (eg Perth) state that the retirement visa is only obtainable from the embassy in Canberra.

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