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Savannakhet non-O multiple entry report

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I originally posted this on Thiavisa, but since I know a lot of you won't go there, I'm putting it here too so it may help someone else...


I have had many non-O multiple entry visas issued by the Portland OR consulate, but this was my first visit to Savannakhet.  I have read many reports so I was ready.  On Thursday Feb. 9, I cleared Thai exit formalities and was on the first bus over the bridge from Mukdahan.  As expected, the visa on arrival booth was not yet open and all the Thai and Laotian passengers had already cleared Laos immigration and reloaded on the bus (with the bus long gone) by the time the booth opened.


There were four of us waiting for the VOA immigration rep, and my Laos visa was the third of the four finished.  The fee was either THB1500 or USD $35. After getting the visa and stamped into Laos I got a tuk tuk to the consulate.  It was still early, not even 830AM when I arrived.  I had heard about the copy places across the road from the consulate and I went over and used their services.  They filled out my application for me, made some additional copies of my passport that were needed and put everything into order for just 80 baht (I already had photos with me, but they offer those as well at a slight extra cost).


By the time I was finished a line had already formed and I joined the line.  At exactly 900AM the gates opened and we went into a covered courtyard.  One note here - for some reason I expected to be inside a building, instead it was like getting tickets to a baseball game.  The line formed at an open window and the first people in all had problems of some sort and were sent away to sort out their issues.  I had everything in order, the only thing I was asked for was the B5000 fee, and my passport was taken and I was issued a receipt to bring back the next afternoon after 200PM.


I did a bit of sightseeing including a very interesting old Laotian Stupa (wat) named That Ing Hang.  Other than the casino and gibbons, there is not a whole lot else for visitors to see in Savannakhet. The next day I returned to the consulate at 155PM and there was a much longer line than the previous day.  But picking up the passports is very quick.  Again the gates opened at 200PM, and even though I started at the back of a long line, I had my passport back in hand with correct visa at 205PM.


I walked to the bus station which took about 10 minutes, and got the bus headed back to Mukdahan..  Going back through Lao exit immigration, I noticed Lao citizens had to pay between B100 and B200 to get stamped out.  They didn't ask me for any money as I got stamped out, but then I was directed to a customs booth where I was asked for B50.  Back on the bus with everyone else this time and taken across the bridge to the Thai side.  It was quick and painless being stamped back in with the appropriate 90 day stamp. 


For me this was a relatively smooth process all things considered.  But for those going for tourist visas, I highly recommend you have all of your paperwork in order.  For SETVs they were asking everybody for proof of travel out of Thailand and a printed bank statement.


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What paperwork was required?

Filled out visa application

Copy of marriage certificate for them to keep plus original for them to view and hand back

Copy of wife's ID card

Copy of wife's Tabian Baan (house registration)

Copy of photo page of passport

5 1000 baht notes (originals only) that they will keep. :WinkGrin1:

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