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.. DRAUGHT BEER - Coming Soon to a 7-11 Near You

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Reminds me of New Orleans, back in the day when you could buy a mixed cocktail in a convenience store and drink it out on the street corner .. 


7-Eleven can keep draught beer pumps, says DDC

6 Oct 2017


The Public Health Ministry's department in charge confirms it's perfectly legal for the 7-Eleven clerk to pour you a draught brew - so long as she blurs the brand name.


American-Japanese convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, which is fast replacing small family-owned stores nationwide, is not breaking the law by offering beer on tap as long as it is poured by cashiers rather than customers, DDC deputy director Asadang Ruayajin said this week.

DDC is the acronym used to identify the Department of Disease Control, which operates under the umbrella of the Public Health Ministry.

Mr Asadang made the remark as debate rages in Thailand about whether draught beer should go on sale in convenience stores after 7-Eleven introduced it at a number of its outlets on Yaowarat Road (Chinatown), the city's top tourist attraction for street food.

He said legal action could not be brought against the company because while an automatic vending machine would represent a breach of Section 30 (1) of the Alcohol Control Act, a beer dispenser operated by store staff is fully within the law.

Moreover, a recent inspection of the stores in question showed the dispensing machines had labels attached to obscure beer brands' logos, in line with Section 32 of the act, he said.

Advertising alcohol for commercial purposes is banned under this section of the act.

The DDC visited the stores after receiving a petition urging it do so.

Some critics are upset with the idea of having youngsters queueing to pay for their goods while watching alcoholic beverages poured practically under their noses.

The department said it is watching the stores in Bangkok but has found no transgressions at the branches it inspected.

Around 10 were found to have been equipped with beer dispensers, it said.

The draught beer retails at 49 baht a glass.

Songkran Parkchokdee, director of ThaiHealth's Stop Drink Network, said alcohol beverage sales need to be curbed as these drinks impair decision-making and driving capacity while leading to a host of health complaints.

He predicted a domino effect with other stores and industries forced to follow in 7-Eleven's shoes for the sake of keeping up with the competition, making alcohol sales ubiquitous.

Bundit Sornpaisarn, deputy manager of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), said convenience stores can legally sell alcohol beverages if they are in sealed packages.

But he worried customers may be tempted to order a glass from the cashier before stepping behind the wheel of their vehicle, especially given Thailand's high road fatalities.


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