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Short trip to Vientiane, Laos - November 2017

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5 day trip to Vientiane, Laos
Dates 16th Nov - 21st Nov 2017

A quick report on my travels to get a Thai Education Visa from Laos.

Day 1

Jumped into a Nam taxi at 9 am and headed to DMK airport, the Nok Air flight was at 1:20 pm.
Unfortunately there had been a pile up on the Bangkok motorway 7, so I was fretting about missing the flight.
Was touch and go whether I got dropped off at BKK airport and get the train to DMK but in the end I decided to risk it.
The gods were smiling on me and the traffic lessened as we approached the jam and we were only delayed by 20 mins.

Got through security in a jiffy using my mobile phone as a boarding card (thanks Nok Air for allowing mobile check in and use)
So ended up with plenty of time to spare so got myself a Starbucks and one of the most yummy cakes/pies around (Cheese Tarts, accept no copies - they are are addictive!)


Flight was like 40 mins, spent more time faffing around taxing around on the ground than in the air.
Got through Udon Thani airport easily, it is tiny and out into the arrivals hall.

Looking around you see the normal horde of taxi/van drivers all pestering you to take their vehicle, but Nok had provided everything so I just looked for the Nok sign and walked up and said Hi.
The driver had a list with just my name on it which was amusing, so I hopped in and away we went.
The journey to Nong Khai was uneventful and fast, soon we were arriving at the Friendship bridge which is pretty impressive.

Got off there and walked through the Thai immigration easily enough, then on a battered old coach for 20 baht which takes you over the bridge to the Laos immigration.
Felt like going back in time 30-40 years as I passed over the bridge with old trucks, cars and bits of old vehicles rusting on the side of the road.

Getting the Laos visa on arrival was easy enough, grab a form from the window, fill in, put photo on it, then give to another window with the required dollars (I don't know why Laos was so pissed with the UK as they charge us $35 but the US only $20 and they bombed the shit of of them only 40 years ago!)
Then you wait 10 mins and another window to the immigration building opens and your passport appears with a receipt...grabbed that and headed out into Laos.

Once outside you are again mobbed by taxi/van drivers but again the Nok sign was prominent so I wandered over ignoring everyone smugly and the driver responded by laughing at his fellow drivers and looking gleeful which brought a laugh.
Soon we were off as again I was the only passenger, so I cheekily asked him to take me to my hotel (Golden Sun) which he was fine about.

The roads and general standard of living was noticeably worse than in Nong Khai and stark against Udon Thani. Roads had huge potholes in or changed to a dusty track in a moments notice.
After around 40 mins we arrived in Vientiane which felt more like a large town in Thailand than the capital of a country. Lots of traffic but nothing compared to Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh for example.


Got to the hotel and slipped the driver a $5 tip to say thanks. Hmmm for a 4* hotel it didn't look so impressive, the bottom pool was drained with mold on it, the tiles at the front of the hotel were broken and the hotel looked tired.
Staff were good though, I got a twin room for $30 a night and they pushed the beds together which was ok.

Room itself was pretty sparse with lights not working and fittings damaged or badly fitted. Linen was stained and tatty so not the best.
That standard pretty much carried on throughout the hotel and I was shocked when I chatted to a local lady who did my laundry that the place was only built a few years ago.

So what to do, I thought! Get onto WeChat - I replied :) Had a look around and there were some interesting characters on there, a lot of Ladyboys too.
Found a few I liked and pinged them a Hi. Got replies from most, and they were *very* forward which suprised me in Laos.
All wanted to come over immediately and give me a 'massage', the prices started from $200 for one girl which I laughed so hard I nearly choked to death.
In the end they all would take $40-50 which was still a lot for them but small enough to be worth a try.

Unfortunately by this time, I had gone for some food and a nice pitcher of Beer Laos at Khop Chai Deu restaurant, then walked back and it was gone 12 after travelling since 9 am - I was knackered so decided to put off seeing anyone.
Oh the howls of anger and betrayal I got with one girl blocked me immediately saying I was a bad man and liar lol. Needless to say she had unblocked me and was as nice as pie the following evening!

Day 2

Next day, I needed to go to the Thai Consulate (not the Embassy, different place) and decided to walk there, looked not so far on Google maps.
So big tip, unless you are fit...walking in near 40 deg heat at 8 am for 30 mins is hard work, and you certainly don't want to turn up at the Consulate looking like a wet rag!
I was a little worried that it would be busy even on a Friday but there was like 2 people my form rejected and they gave me another which was identical other than the top heading was in red instead of black...go figure.
Filled it in again and gave all the supported docs and 2 passport photos plus 2 passport photocopies and that was that...had an iced coffee in a well known place called Nomads which is on the corner by the Consulate and walked back.

Had a swim in the rubbish pool on level 3 which had enough chemicals in it to strip the enamel off your teeth after only 30 mins. Showered and decided to head into town.
The tuk tuk drivers are everywhere in town and they always ask you if you want a ride or if it is after 8 pm, then it is weed, mushrooms or girls which made me chuckle. Some kind of watershed / curfew in place maybe?


So later on the next evening I got one of the girls to come over, it is technically illegal so I was a bit worried. The security escorted her into the lift, asked me if it was ok, then rode up in the lift to my floor which was kind of creepy.
But it worked out ok, no photos allowed in the room and she was a bit of a starfish once in the room and totally professional - so I was happy to kick her out with no tip after 1 go. Bedtime for me...

Day 3

Decided to not bother with any more from WeChat so the following evening I went scoping the Tuk Tuk drivers for someone who looked slightly trustworthy and wouldn't rob me when I asked him to take me to a brothel :)
One guy on a corner was out of his vehicle and staring up at a low roof when I was walking me intrigued so I walked was some very odd bird either stuck or really unhappy and it was making the oddest sounds.
We both tried to see it in the dark but were unsuccessful so shrugging we started to move apart then I asked the question..."you take me to girls?"...he looked at me blankly...oops I found the only straight legal Tuk tuk in Vientiane, I thought.

"You take me to see girls, boom boom?" I tentatively asked again? AHHH! BOOM BOOM! He shouted back...
Ok getting somewhere I thought...yes, I replied - how much...20k kip, hmmm wow thats much to wait and take me back to my hotel...he thinks, the cogs whirring in his head...50k kip he ventures.
I agree - not wanting this conversation to continue and haggling over such small amount of money is such a waste of time for me.
So off we go...down the end of the road, onto the main road, 2 mins, he turns left then first right into a large bank building...where at the back is a car park and tucked right in the corner is a massage spa shop looking very dingy.,102.6132468,18.36z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3124687d93c167f9:0x5577837f17076440!8m2!3d17.9647278!4d102.6149359

Hmmmm I wonder how this will go I think, but wandered in...I see 2 Korean guys come out laughing and looking very chilled so I think it must be ok and walk into the cashier's office where they give me a faded menu.
120k kip for 1 hour massage/jacuzzi or 80k kip for 40 mins...not being sure I select the 80k kip and this *very* pretty Laos girl comes out from the main building in a pink low cut top showing off her fantastic cleavage and takes me by the hand and leads me into the building.
Well this is looking better, get into the rooms and they are pretty crap - like a soapy place with jacuzzi bath but with a massage table as well.

Just get washed in the bath, so no jacuzzi and lie down for a reasonable massage, then turn over...she points to my little fellow and asks if I want 'massage' or full sex? How much I ask...300k kip for full sex (around 1,200 baht)
I heartily agree given how much I wanted to see her naked, and she duly strips off to reveal this fantastic curvy body with C or D cup long breasts which manage to be firm and soft at the same time...a cute little bush of black pubic hair juts out from between her legs and I feel my blood race to another part of my body.
She went straight for a BBBJ which was excellent then puts a condom on (she actually had a decent sized Durex which was cool) and hops on top. The massage bed really isn't made for this kind of punishment lol but it hangs in there.
We swap to lots of different positions before I cry defeat and ask her to give me a BBBJ and finish off part in her mouth and rest over her.

Staggered outside feeling very light on my feet and jumped into the Tuk tuk to head back to the hotel to sleep like a log.

Day 4/5

That was the end to my mongering, but I did go to a few of the better known places in the 5 days I was there:

  • Le Trio Coffee - best coffee in town, hands down...they roast their own coffee. The manager/owner is lovely too, got on really well with her.
  • Scandinavian Bakery - not so good coffee but good pastries and bread based food...also great wifi so I could stream football early on Sunday morning.
  • Pimenton Restaurant Vientiane - good cocktails, food is supposed to be good but was always pretty empty.
  • Chokdee Café Belgian Beer Bar - great beers from all over and the owner is very friendly.
  • Bor Pen Nyang Bar and Restaurant - great vibe especially on Fri/Sat and lovely views of the river. Got chatted up by a gay waiter so didn't go back :) A fair few FL girls in there later on.
  • POMODORO PIZZERIA - great Calzone, chilled vibe and reasonably priced.
  • Namaste India Restaurant - bit of a trek but really great Indian dishes, not the best furniture and very simple foods but heaps of flavour. Again very reasonably priced.
  • Samba Xayoh Brazilian Steakhouse - expensive looking modern place, food was pretty good but fairly pricey at 145k kip but that was for like 10 different types of meat and fish and unlimited salad/soup refills.
  • Samlo - had one of the cutest girls I have ever seen working behind the bar, and had a blast flirting with her, bought her a drink and wanted to see if I could see her outside but it wasn't to be. You get FLers in there but only after 12.

On the main Khun Bu Lom road near Vangthong Market there is a big Heineken sign and a night time bar and restaurants which is a cool place to go and perv at the very lovely girls dressed in very short dresses advertising various beers.
I drank mainly Beer Laos, a few Dark ones and one called Special which was pretty strong along with a couple of Belgium beers. All were very good.

In summary, the place lacks proper infrastructure in places, but there is a *lot* of investment so expect things to change fast. Lots of modern hotels and restaurants being built.
The people are generally super friendly and can understand Thai just fine as that's all they watch on tv.
Don't be shy about asking a Tuk tuk for what you want, he will probably be able to sort you out...just make sure you agree on a price *before* you head off.
WeChat was ok, but too many misses to be worthwhile using it all the time.
The place is dead after 11 pm on the streets, and feels very empty though still not scary other than the roving packs of Lady boys...nothing as bad as Pattaya though.

Hope the read wasn't too onerous and it helps someone.


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Read your report with great interest as I was very interested in prices. i think that the amount is Kip you mentioned are in '000. Otherwise things would be unwise cheap.

Maybe Ia m wrong, but can you confirm ?


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On 11/22/2017 at 23:13, Halfaboy said:

Read your report with great interest as I was very interested in prices. i think that the amount is Kip you mentioned are in '000. Otherwise things would be unwise cheap.

Maybe Ia m wrong, but can you confirm ?


I put a "k" at the end of the prices which mean 145,000 for a meal.

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Thank you for explaining. I think I read the 'k' as kip. 

Have fun....

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Great report ! Good that you didn't try weed there, because it's really crap !



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Borpenyang (mai bpen rai in thai) pub is a great spot for FLs. Great views of the sun setting on the Mekong too if you get there before dusk.

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Good TR dood thanks for posting

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A great informative report,  thanks.

Laos is on my list of places to visit, probably in the next 2 to 3 years if all goes according to plan.

I've heard that the massage parlor at the Vientiane Plaza hotel  is worth a visit. More of a straight up brothel than a massage parlor I believe, with all Vietnamese girls. After reading your report I think I'll have to familiarize myself with We chat. The girl you psted a pic of is a real stunner, too bad her performance didn't equal her looks!





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Thanks for the info and something different but same/same in many ways. I like how you had to hunt for what you wanted and it seems that way in every city. It's what we do I guess. Cheers!!

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Small update Aug 18, was just back in VTE

Place is very quiet in the rainy season, not many P2P girls around.

The massage place is still open but I got the location wrong, it is here:

Massage Vientiane Plaza
Plaza Vientiane, Vientiane, Laos

Still the same price but not that many girls around.

Didn’t try any bars this time, WeChat had mainly normal girls looking for a bf and LBs.Tinder was busier than last time but again not many P2P.

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