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Girly Bars in Vientiane , Laos

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I regularly read about the lack of action in Vientiane.

I have found a strip of about 5 girly bars.. way out of town ... I didn't stop and see how I got on , I wasn't really in the mood for it at the time !!
I was just riding around on my rented scooter

The best can offer right now is the co-ordinates

Lat 17.94331'  Long 102.64414'

Its definitely on the dark side , but in a street round the corner is a really good ex-pats bar , an Irish Bar... very good 



For girls in town.. there is a famous 4th floor bar on the riverside in front of the Night Market ... Lots of girls there , that don't interact so they seem untouchable... but when that bar closes at midnight everyone moves on to @home nightclub .. those very same girls are now looking for customers !!!!

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Posted (edited)

Just spent 5 days in Vientiane.

Landed at night, taxi couldn't find my hotel for a while?

Checked in, toured the Night Market, and got to talking to a tuktuk driver...  tried explaining to him a bar with ladies and pool tables... 40k kip and 3 minutes later he drops me off at Samlo/Sanlo?

Had a beer, no action there.... find another tuktuk guy.... took a while to explain to him "Bor Pen Nyang" bar as I couldn' remember the name.... 50k kip later he drops me off in front of the bar.

Walking  up the stairs this Czech guy named David starts talking to me.... OK, a little local intel might help.... order a beer and a little chit chat, he's lived there 16 years.

Next table over there's a decent looking late 20's lady and a ladyboy... he invites them over... now at this point he's getting fidgety and keeps moving his hands a lot when he's talking.... obviously the lady is not into him as she keeps leaning away.

Few more big bottles of Lao and I order a few Sambuca shots.... everybody having a good time.... Well, except the lady lol.

The ladyboy was funny as fuck and we just chatted, I made it quite clear I liked boom boom with ladies only.

So my bill comes and I pay...  at this time unbeknownst to me this cocksucker leaves and 5 minutes later I get another bill.... fuck my life!

So the ladyboy insists she's giving me a ride home on her motorcycle.... why not?

After driving around for 45 minutes, as I keep telling her " hotel near river" we finally manage to get me home safe and sound.... only twice I thought we were going to crash...  good times!

So the next day I go for my daily walk.... turns out the bar is about 5 minutes from my hotel. 

On my way to Bor Pen Nyang the next night I stop and have grilled squid on a stick with hot sauce.... delicious!

Met a Thai lady from Ubon Rathachani, hit it off and back to the hotel. 100k kip joiner fee. She said her hotel was next street over so guessing she may have been with someone? Anyways, a delightful ST and off she goes.

Now about 4 am I wake up with one of those WTF is wrong with my guts?

36 hours later my asshole feels like it went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and lost.

After a 20 minute anxiety filled trip to the pharmacy and back i finally get some Imodium in me.... whew!

Feeling a bit better went for a massage and just relaxed.

Last night there went to BPN again, a few decent looking ladies and for some reason just before closing yet another ladyboy starts chatting me up.... pouting when I tell her I have to go home alone because leaving tomorrow.

Start walking home, turn the corner and I hear the famous call "Massa!".... well yes I'd like a massage young lady.

I believe the shop called Analy 

Hop into those weird huge pajamas and get a horrible massage lol.... flip over and the negotiations begin... 300k kip for blowjob with CIM.

Cool part was she had the Princess Leia buns in her hair...  halfway through she grabs my hands and puts my hands on them.... woohoo.... almost like handlebars on a bike!.

For any fellow Canadians here there's a restaurant across the street from the Best Western owned by a Canadian/Lao guy..... Tully's Kitchen..... he knew I was a Canuck as I ordered a Caesar drink.... " only Caesar in Asia" he claims.... interesting guy to talk to.

Doubtful I'll ever go back, mongering scene pretty dismal but if you're into French coffee shops it'sthe place to go.

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On 4/13/2018 at 20:48, SirRox said:

Cool part was she had the Princess Leia buns in her hair...  halfway through she grabs my hands and puts my hands on them.... woohoo.... almost like handlebars on a bike!


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