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Scooter For Sale

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For Sale 
2008 Honda ICON 110cc
Tax and test until 19 Feb 2019
Insurance until 19 Feb 2020 !
New Oil 
New Rear Tyre 
New Starter

Good little Bike .. great little run around 
All legal , ready to use today

Reads 18,999km... this is incorrect.. odometer is stuck at 18,999km . The speedometer works , so you can see your current speed , but the kilometres counter does not change or move 

I have the green book and Paperwork for transfer ownership to new name 
( transfer or ownership not included in Price )

No offers - price is 12,000 baht 

I have spent money to get this bike good for new  owner .. so no discount or best price 

12,000 baht is my best price 

Bike is located at Mabprachan Lake   Pattaya is where you can view the bike 
To get a better idea of our location , please google “East Shore Hotel “... we are very close to this hotel

12,000 baht 
Fully legal to use today 
All serviced and ready to go




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