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Wanted Wanted: Central Pattaya Rental Jan-March 2019 -2 months stay

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Hello all

I am back in Thailand in December for New Year 2018 amd firstly staying in Bangkok over New Year period.

I am in Thailand for 3 months, as part of my next living phase which will be 6 months Thailand in UK winter then back to UK for 'Summer'  (well it was good this year,,,)

As a change to hotels I am seeking to rent private accomodation in Pattaya for approx 2 months, 60 days approx, arrival Jan 9th and depart (for Phuket) on March 8th 2019 for single occupant plus of course the usual glamorous guests... !!

Ideally I am looking for:

Central Pattaya location - ( I have shared a condo  in CenterCondotel in the past with an old friend) so somewhere between there and Soi 7/8 or near the Avenue would be ideal and normally i am staying in the LK Metro area (China Garden/|Areca/HunnyPot/Irish Rovers etc)  I am very fit and a good walker but don't really want to be in Jomtien as that to me isn't really my area and I don't know it at all.

MUST have very good wifi and strong internet connection ( need dailly contact with my online businesses and virtual worlds 3-4 evenings a week to hit UK daytime)

Fan/aircon a must, Full COOKING FACILITIES  a must, not just microwave as I am a Masterchef (will bring my own wok, ha) and can cook and entertain. A normal safe, and ideal  is a pool/gym in the building  as I train daily. Sea view and balcony etc is lovely but not essential

One  bed is fine, prefer smart interior decor to basic 'stick' furniture but main thing is location, and a fair price deal. I will be making a lot of side trips in the 2 months to other places so want a good base to leave stuff and strike out for 3-4 days elswhere now and then without hotel check in and out.

If you have connections or know any good places for a 2 month initial stay (I will be on recce for future buying properties while I am there) or have a place you want to rent out yourself contact me.

I am a legacy ( ie: 'old' ) member, known to many, UK professional director and super organised and ultra tidy, responsible etc and speak decent Thai and I rent out property myself in UK so respect is high for wherever I stay.

Any info or offers welcome, thank you !




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