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What i used to get a visa for the TGF to come to the UK

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I was just about to reply to a thread asking what was needed to get a visa to the UK. I decided to start a new thread instead so as this reply is simply not lost as a reply in another thread. My first visa failed for various reasons and i fully understand why, the second was successful.


Your average thai girl 'friend' will not get a visa to visit the uk. Deal with it. Filling in the application form and handing it in is not enough. You have to do allot of thinking and planning. I'm guessing it also depends allot upon the relationship and what you can prove and seriously, the commitment you have shown. A half hearted approach is not gonna work (like my first attempt). This is my own personal account and is not taken as 'bible'. I consider our application to be very lucky, but i appreciate some of the angles i could sell above your average application would have swayed the entry clearance officer.


I failed my first visa in April 2010. I wanted to use a well known agent in Pattaya and well recognised on this board, but they were closed for Songkran, and after Songkran i was in Malaysia (for a reason, a stamp in her passport). In October 2010 we re-applied, i was not in Pattaya (chiangmai/bangkok/buriram)so yet again i didn't have the services of the agent i wanted to use. I had too research everything online, i talked to a few people who have had experience and hoped for the best. I never expected to be succesfull. I'm sure he knows who he is, his reputation is excellent and maybe one day we'll meet as he is my first point of call.


Before i state everything that i provided to get the visa to the uk, i think people should appreciate that this is information for genuine people who want a loved one to come and visit them in the UK. These details have not been provided so that people can flame certain financial parts of obtaining the visa or importantly my relationship with an ex-barlady. The facts and figures worked for me against an employment situation of my girlfriend that does not read to good (in application merits).


This thread is not here to analyse my relationship either. We are very happy with our lives. She has proved beyond doubt her trust earned, even though i have expected to be dissapointed at every turn and proven wrong. These last two years she has religously tried to prove the 'sponsored girl stil bad' syndrome is not her and she simply hoped to meet someone not far of her age range with the ability to take the pressure of her support to her family.





We included the application form. Written in English and in her own hand writing. At the end is a big box for the applicant to write anything they may feel they want to add. She wrote "i want to take care of my boyfriend and see snow number 1. I love my boyfriend but he sometime mow but good heart never make me cry take good care of mee love me tooo mut he do". I still laugh 555555.


I provided a letter of invitation. This was 10 pages long and was an epic to write. I explained everything from our relationship to why she will never get the magic letter of 'her job being held for her' which would most likely be detrimental to a successful visa (thai people don't have holidays), this letter also covered my very first visit was to see my dads new life and that Pattaya didn't do it for me, to my second visit where i met a friend of my dads wife (a lie, she was a barlady and i met her on the 3rd holiday)that i grew to like and my 3rd 4th 5th holidays where our relationship developed. I explained that it was on our 3rd holiday we had a romance of sorts but it was not until my 4th holiday that i took the relationship seriously. Further more i stated the reason i send 7000TBH (paid every 3 months as 21000) was because every time i visited her, she has to 'officially quit her job' (true) and hope to be re-employed or seek a new job, i also stated and proved that the 7000TBH/month covers her lifestyle (2000room 500water electricity 3500food) but when i depart, i also hand her some cash that i couldn't prove. It was the money that i send which was stated as her main source of income and working was generally considered the 'extra'. She generally worked in a Big C for 4-5months at a time imbetween my visits(payslips prove this). It was also this letter that explained our communications, teelak is very demanding and usually wants an hour or more on the phone daily plus a sms (or five), and it's because of these phonecalls we rarely email, quote: "why write an email everyday asking how are you and how was your day when i have just spoken to her for an hour", and hence we have little proof of emails. We do post to each other rarely (usually jiffy packets), this was rare at best (birthday, christmas and valentines day or after holiday photos). It was this letter that 'glued everything together' for the entry clearance officer and before i forget, i think i wrote " I am hoping -------- can visit on the earliest date, Saturday 6th November 2011 as this is the day I leave Thailand and we state that her departure date to be Saturday 6th February 2012. Though this may conclude that -------- will be in the UK for 13weeks, the reality would be actually 6 weeks within this window of dates." I also stated that as they read this we would be holidaying in Chiang Mai and visiting her family in Buriram.


Apparantly, visiting her family ticks a box. Don't quote this on me, i read it on the internet somewhere and in 'Thailand Fever' it's considered a big thing. So i did it.


I provided a council tax bill, a gas bill, an electricity bill. This is common.


I provided phonebills. These prove without a doubt that we talk for an hour everyday for over one year, god knows what we talk about but this is still the same 20 months on. Sometimes its 30 minutes, some days it's 2 hours. These phonebills also include at least one sms everyday or more and several picture messages. Seriously, we talk this much and for the record it costs me about £60/month.


Teelak provided her emails. I didn't bother. I got her to do this to prove that our communications were not one way.


I provided photo's of my house. I didn't know why this was important until i luckily saw a documentary about philipino girls. Apparantly some girls realy do believe that we live in houses from the movies or the inviting man is not exactly truthfull about his living arrangements. I think it's important that the girl knows exactly in what conditions she will be living.


I provided photo's off our travels and fun times, Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Malaysia, Pattaya's tourist stuff, Bang San (i think), and various temples, also icluded are allot of family photo's of us as a large family unit including stepmum dad brother stepsisters, when the entry clearance officer saw this i guess that he knew i wasn't your average monger. I didn't put any of the spicy stuff in, just tourist stuff.


A reference from my employer saying that i was a good bloke, worked 20 years in the same job and was trustworthy. He also stated that as i worked many extra days i had aquired allot of extra holidays in the event that my girlfriend would travel to the uk and that he would allow me any unpaid days off at my discretion.


A printout of my holiday allocation. This showed as well as my two 3 week holidays to thailand that i also had 18 days extra holiday. In my letter i stated that even though in the six weeks of her visit i will be working at christmas, for 3 weeks we will holiday together and she will not be sitting at home alone everyday waiting for me to finish work.


6 weeks payslips and an end of year P*something, you know, the form that states what you earned in one year.


My house deeds, i'm lucky, i own my own house outright.


6 months of bank statements proving i have no debts what-so-ever. I also include over £25k worth of isa's. Just for the record, i believe you have to have around £2,000 pounds for a 6week visit for a thai girl, though i exceed this, treat it as a reference. I don't know where i heard this.


6 weeks of payslips. I don't earn a fantastic wage, but the 60 hour weeks add up.


Various letters (post) between the two of us. As i post jiffy bags, i provided a photo of all the post, cuddly toys etc as it would be to cumbersome to add to the package.


Her passport obviously. Luckily we had a holiday in Malaysia previously as now they couldn't refuse her visa on the grounds of never having being away from thailand before. I don't know if this is a fact but better safe than sorry.


Photocopies of the pages from my passport including the biometric page.


Several passport photo's for her. This was so difficult to get in Pattaya. We went everywhere and i found something wrong with every photo and felt like i had too settle for second best. When she handed in the package in Bangkok she was told to go next door to the dodgy peeps that scare the girls in begging the falang to part with 25,000TBH to get visa, one million percent guarantee just to get the photos. Teelak said she needed money for photo's so i passed over 500TBH, she kept the change from the 500TBH and bought some clothes later.


Proof of sponsorship for 1 year. That is 4 reciepts of international transfers at 21,000-22,5000 TBH. Because of bank transfer costs, it makes sense to send 3 months money in one hit.


We provided a bank book and which showed a joint bank account of 100,000TBH. An englishman told me this 'magic' number, it shows that she can meet her own costs on returning home if you decide to 'kop a blobby'. You should also be aware the lady does have to have the adequate funds to find her own way home without banging on the embassy in an emergancy. Thats allot of money and as explained in my long letter, i don't send her money now, she draws her 7000TBH every month from this account.


And now whilst i prepare the paper work for her next visa, she assures me that she hasn't been cheeky and run off with it all. Actually she tells me that she is saving for her sinsot because she knows i ain't paying it.


That wraps up my successful visa. Looking back, if there's one thing that will sell the application to the entry clearance officer a successfull aplication it would be the long letter of invitation and a certain amount of financial security. Don't scribble your letter on a balcony on Pattaya thinking everything will be ok, thats a fail. If you have known 'your girl' a long time and have built a relationship and you are truely commited i believe anyone can do what i did.


As an afterthought i look back to the first time i met ------. I had BF'd her 5 days in a row as she was easy going, attentive, and hadn't done a bad job getting along with the family, "why go shopping when this was on the menu?" i thought. She didn't want to go to Walking Street that night so i left her in the room watching cartoons. 4 hours later i was talking to my dad in Beach Club when the word "shit" spilled from my mouth. Dad said "whats up" and i replied " £500 quid and 20,000TBH, in the top draw". I thought 'o fuk it, if she's done a grab and run it's too late now anyway'. I returned that night, opened the door, the TV was still on and the brown skin was sleeping soundly.


That wraps up an hour of my time typing. This was posted as an informative post to show what is needed for a successful visa. Some people may think they can just invite 'thai girl friend' to come and visit, seriously in my oppinion, don't bother unless your commited and can state she's your girlfriend, and not just a girlfriend from one holiday experience.

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