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Marriott Courtyard - Bangkok

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Hey guys for those of you looking for a very nice 4-5 star room for a very good price I would highly recommend the Courtyard in Bangkok. The rooms are VERY nice and are clean and modern. Bathroom is a bit small but nice. It is very close to the Grand Hyatt near Central World. Easy access to BTS to visit Nana or Cowboy. No problems with the girls.


Rates from are 2720 baht for most nights. If you are lucky and know how to work with priceline, this hotel can be had for $55.00 per night. This is the price that I got on winning bids and worked out just fine.


Again, nice hotel if you are looking for something in this range. Room much better than JW Marriott and alot cheaper in my opinion.

Also a great room for the price.


Great buffet for Breakfast!


Here is a link on google to show actual pictures of the hotel and room.


Let me know if you have any questions!


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Good experience, within for shopping & business. Close to 2 Skytrain stations: Rajadamri (5-10 mins walk or free tuk-tuk) or Chitlom (10-15 mins walk). Not much of interest within immediate walking distance, unlike Sukhumvit. You can walk to Sukhumvit in about 30mins if the weather is good.

Very good hotel services including in the room, gym, pool average, service discreetly excellent. Ordered condoms through room service at 3am and they arrived within 5mins. Food good are reasonably priced. Only 1 restaurant. No executive room for Marriott Gold/Platinum members. Internet is chargeable.


No nightlife in hotel. Spassos in Hyatt Erawan is the only nearby option, although Patpong, CM2 and Sukhumvit are walkable when it's not humid. Otherwise it's the Skytrain; Patpong only 1 stop away. Absolutely no problem bringing guests back.

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I do like the look of this hotel. But I cant seem to decide between this and the Marriott "Renaissance, Ratchaprasong". Has anyone stayed at the "Renaissance"? Is it guest friendly?



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