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As from the 1st December 2014 we are now including Forum Section Sponsors banners from businesses or websites that have not advertised with us before.

These are small 180x25 pixel static, or animated, banners on the home landing page of the main forum.

These are (probably) the best advertising positions on the forum as there is no rotation.

It is possible to sponsor more than one forum and discounts apply for multi-section sponsorship.

To make a reservation, or just an enquiry, please email us on  


If you are NOT logged in to the site you will only see the public sections there. If you do log-in you will see all the sections available.

The banners also appear at the top of the relevant forum sections.


Obviously some forum sections will be more popular than others. The slots will be made available on a first come first served basis.


Site Stats - as at 4th November 2014

Home Page Impressions per day -  8,000+ average.

Sponsors Section Banner Impressions - 8,000 per day per advertiser approx (last 30 days).

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