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So you Wanna be an Ex-Pat?

So you want to Live in Thailand??

Or maybe just generate some extra cash for your holiday!

One of the commonest ways to generate money to live abroad is to develope an income from the internet i.e Online Marketing.

Here are some very basic tools I use, they work for ME but I am not suggesting its easy or that they will work for everyone. It took me three years to get to the stage where my income was both large enough, and more importantly stable enough, to make the move. I now have around 25 websites and combined they provide a good income.

1. Website Builder

These are ten a penny. From free services such as Wordpress and Joomla, to complicated software with steep learning curves such as Dreamweaver.

Perhaps the best tool to build LOTS of niche websites at low cost is XsitePro. My experiences with XsitePro are detailed here.

2. Hosting Service - you will need a decent host for your websites. I use but that is not available outside the UK. There are many hosting services, Google around for the best options.

3. Search Engine Optimisation software.

Once you have built your websites you need to ensure that they are found. That means getting high listings on search engines, particularly Google. I use the SEO software from Axandra that has a money back guarantee.

Making Money from Websites

There are many ways to make money from websites, here are the main ones and again the ones that work for me.

1. Google Adsense - place Google adverts on your site to earn money when visitors click. Read Googles Terms and Conditions VERY carefully or you risk your account being removed by them.

2. Sell a Product - this is the only way to make it BIG.

3. Sell other peoples products via Affiliate Schemes - this is a lot easier than selling your own product but the downside is you get only a percentage of the sale. There are literally thousands of Affiliate schemes ranging from the excellent to the truly awful.

4. Why people FAIL with Affiliate Marketing - two main reasons

  • They start and give up - you must keep plugging away until you find profitable ones.

  • No marketing - adding an affiliate banner then sitting back will NOT work! My most successful affiliate scheme brings in over $4000 a month...............BUT it costs me $2000 a month to promote it. If you are not prepared to invest - forget it.

Cost Breakdown for Essentials

XsitePro - $197 (soon to increase to $297). One licence, 2 computers allowed.

Hosting - bank on around $200 a year to host 25-30 small sites.

SEO Software - Axandras iBusinessPromoter costs $249.95 for the Standard version which should suffice.

Purchase all 3 and you have all the "tools" necessary to make money from the internet! The rest is up to you!

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