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Educating our Young.

I'm a 62 year old father of a 30 year old Son, and Grandfather of a 12 year old boy, and it's always seemed to me that most males somehow learn about sex in a rather clumsy haphazard fashion.

I was fortunate enough to have my first experience with an older and skilled woman, and I've always felt damned lucky for it all.

My 30 year old Son is an intelligent and sociable person but like so many of us here totally disallusioned with the complexities of western women; my 12 year old grandson want's to join ol grandad on his next visit to Thailand (and no I haven't given him "the details") and I think he's worked most of why out by now.

My thoughts here are that one of the glaringly fundamental deficiencies in the education our young males isn't in the field of Algebra, lets be totally honest you can only really appreciate the inherent value of number 69 "out of school" !

It occurs to me that our own experiences in Thailand are just a little wasted, in that all of us now and again will experience the ultimate joys of a real performer; but have any of us pondered for a moment that the benevolent Angel who lavished us with wonderment had the potential for being "an educator" ?

I welcome your thoughts on the concept of establishing a "knowledge bank" here, for our own young and upcoming competitors, a discreet list of well practised and willing "educators" who could take them in hand (pardon the pun) and teach our youth the skills they need to pleasure a woman.

I'm sure the Thai ladies would love the role, albeit a paid one; I for one would like to introduce my Son, and Grandson (at around 16 years) to the pleasures of Thailand.

Captain Courageous

Captain Courageous


Pattaya May 2015

Anyone want to meet up for a beer or 3 and hit the town in May. There are 2 of us coming over from U.k, been there many times before but would be good to meet new people.




Back on the mend

I was meant to be in Thailand and Philly for Jan and Feb, but unfortunately my doctor said "no". Now I've been given the nod and I'm back looking at flights. :-)




nudist beach in pattaya..

Hi guys,,,
i will like to ask if someone know any nudist beach in pattaya area....
i heard that in Koh Larn have a small beach near samae beach that shoul be a nudist beach...'m been today there but i not see any nudist people...anyone know about it..??
ok...have fun ..




Pattaya Nightlife Tour - 1st Timer


I am interested in locating tour companies or people who manage tours for Pattaya nightlife, as a introduction. As a first time visitor and I hear so many stories I would like to be shown the ins and outs of walking street, bars, gogo etc. Don't want to be miss lead on the 1st night and broke for the remaining of my holiday.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.





View Tally 6

Does anyone have any information regarding the empty land south of View Tally 6. Rumour has it
that they are about to build two hotels on the land. If so when will this start. Going to destroy the
views from the south side. not to mention the noise and dust during the building?!




Thailand Trip

I am thinking of visiting Thailand for the first time at some point in the future and I would like some information about the bar girls. I am looking at going to either Pattaya or Phuket, but then again, I may go to both places.

1. Which bars are the best to pick the girls up in?

2.How kind and friendly are the bar girls?

3. What are the chances of being drugged/robbed by any of them?

4. What is their English like?

5. How many times do they allow sex/cumming during a short or long time date?

6. Do I have to have unprotected sex with the bar girls?

7. How many hotels are bar girl friendly?




Grab Taxi

3 times I tried to register with Grab Taxi,
but failed. Got one acknowledged from them by email, that they would look in to the problem.
Nothing from them since 4 weeks ago, despite three more emails to them.!!!!
I'm buying a camel.

S.T. Coleridge

S T Coleridge

S T Coleridge


Joke Bar Job for you ! montly more then 20.000 Bath


We are looking for new Bar girls.
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please go to our website and contact us.

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Joke Bar. Thai - German , Musik, Sport and Girls Bar in Pattaya-Jomtien
Bundesliga, Live,

[b]Bundesliga Live in Pattaya[/b]




Pattaya May 2015

I am going to Pattaya next May and meeting up with pals there.

Is anyone else going out in May? I could do with a drinking pal, wingman etc.

Let me know if your up for a beer or 3.




Your favorite bars and hotels in HCM City & Vung Tau

In January I am visiting Vung Tau for a week or so. Any advice on girls, bars and hotels would be greatly appreciated. I live full time now in Pattaya so I know will not be nearly as exciting, but I promised to meet a buddy there. Will be 44 years since my government paid trip. I suspect it has changed somewhat..... Thanks. [/font][/color]
PS: Also, spending first 2 nights in country (Saigon) at Rex Hotel so also need same advice about girls and bars for HCM City. Maybe somewhere I can find a honey to take to Vung Tau? Thanks. [/font][/color]





Hi Guys moved to Jomtien a few weeks ago to live,can any one recommend a good gym please don't say Tony's in Jomtien as half the machines were going rusty some did not work and the staff well the least said the better.
Would appreciate some feedback.




#15 Classroom Dynamics

When you teach at a typical Thai school, you usually teach one grade level. Right now I teach eight M4 classes (kids aged 15-16) and three M2 classes (13-14). I teach each class twice a week for about 50 minutes each day, though the kids are always late, so there's probably only about 35-40 minutes of actual teaching.

Each class is numbered based on their ability. My 4/1 class is filled with very bright, respectful, well-behaved kids, and they are a joy to teach. My 4/13 class, on the other hand, is the most apathetic group of "alleged" students I've ever taught. Usually even the lower ability classes have at least 2-3 students who are above average students and want to learn, but not this 4/13 class. There's a group of girls who are respectful, but they're uninterested in English, usually spending more time on their make-up than studying. There are the quiet students - boys and girls who do the minimum but almost never participate in class. There are the talkers - 5-6 students who, while not troublemakers, can't seem to STFU. Then there are the belligerents: a group of 7-8 boys who only come to class to cause trouble. They sleep, talk, play on their phones, hit each other, make as much noise as possible with chairs and pens and whatever they have. When I call on them they usually give a smart-assed answer in Thai ("Alai wah?" is their favorite response, which roughly translates to "What the fuck?"), much to the amusement of the rest of the class. It's just an unpleasant experience every time I attempt to teach them.

My best class is my 4/7 class. They're not as bright as my 4/1s or my 4/3s, but they are more fun and better at in-class participation than those other classes. The group as a whole just seems to have a great personality, and most of them are genuinely interested in learning. It's a big class - about 50 students - but it's about 80% girls, and as most teachers will tell you the girls are much easier to deal with than the boys.

The M2 classes are sometimes an exception to the "girls are better" stereotype. M2 is probably the most difficult level to teach because most of the kids are going through puberty, and emotionally they're all over the place. This is the level where you start to have little packs of "bad girls" - the ones who have discovered the power they have over the opposite sex. I had an M2 class at a previous school with a group of "bad girls". They would alternately flirt with me and be disrespectful to me, looking for the attention they weren't getting at home. Sometimes it's sad because you see them making poor choices that you know they'll regret later. One girl was a good student the first half of the term, then she started missing a lot of classes in the second half. Even though she didn't come to my class, she could be seen everyday hanging out with her "bad boy" boyfriend. He was a drop-out, probably 17-18 years old, always hanging around the school on his motobike, and she'd be there with him. I heard from other teachers that he was allegedly selling drugs to students. Of course the school administration did nothing to keep him out. She'll likely drop out, get pregnant, after which he'll abandon her . . . well, any guy who has been to Pattaya has heard the story before. She'll probably be working at a Soi 7 beer bar in a couple of years.

I teach two lower-ability M2 classes: 45-50 kids in each class, mostly boys, and they are always a handful. I literally spend half the class time on discipline, constantly yelling at the boys to sit down, stop talking, stop hitting, etc., etc. As I entered one such class the other day, one of my trouble makers was wrestling with another boy, screaming at the top of his lungs. Moments later I took roll and noticed he was not present. I gave them a listening test that day, and about 20 minutes into the test the trouble maker shows up just outside the classroom door, making noise, playing around with another boy, just being disruptive. I chased him off, threatening to take him to the office, but he just ran off laughing. Now, not only do I have to get him to make up the test he missed, but I'll also have to give him some sort of punishment during our next class. It's a constant battle with these classes.

There are good moments, watching the good students learn and grow, but there's an awful lot of BS to put up with as well.

Sofa King

Sofa King


100mw lampe de poche laser vert puissant

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3.Avec une forcalisation extérieure,il est pratique de régler la grosseur du faisceau et la dimension du spot lumineux(Très pratique);
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7.On a installé à l'intérieur un module laser pour améliorer le radiateur, le design de collection et de protection de la planche de circuit(on a fait toutes ces améliorations tout en tenant compte des défauts actuels de la planche de circuit laser.
Suggestion amicale: On prend ce vidéo quand il fait du brume au soir, le faiseau est plus claire que celui au beau soir.




#14 Customer Service 101

"Pay attention to your customers"

That is my definition of service.

I worked in the customer service business for over 20 years, so it's something I think I'm qualified to discuss.

Do you see that guy who just walked into your bar? That's a "customer". He wants to give you money in exchange for product and service - he wants a drink AND he wants someone to "serve" the drink to him.

That customer is the most important part of any business. Without him, your business doesn't make any money. You need to pay attention to that customer.

Now, here's the Thai definition of service: Say hello, take his order, bring his order, then forget about him until it's time to pay.

Sadly, many Falang-run bars in Pattaya seem to have adopted this service standard. No emphasis on giving the customer any attention, and no emphasis on making him happy.

So, how do you make that customer happy? There are a lot of ways: Having a good product, a nice atmosphere, good service. For a Pattaya bar you need nice-looking, friendly girls. Some places have air conditioning. Some have music. Some have a pool table. There are a lot of variables.

Here's one many new bar owners seem to forget - consistency.

How often do you hear this kind of complaint:

"The first time I went there the food was great, but 2 months later it was terrible."

"The first time I went there it was open at 10 PM, but yesterday they were closed by 8 PM."

Why do you think McDonalds is so successful? Part of it is that you can walk into a McDonalds in Bangkok and it will deliver pretty much the same product, atmosphere, and level of service as a McDonalds in Iowa or a McDonalds in London.

Many people don't like McDonalds, but when you've been traveling for 10 hours and are tired and hungry and just want to get something quick to eat, most people are relieved to see those golden arches. They know what they're going to get at McDonalds.

Customers love consistency. If you make unexpected changes in your hours, or how you cook your food, or the music you play, you can expect a drop in patronage, and that means loss of money, and that's bad business.

Good customer service is about doing a certain amount of ass-kissing. Contrary to popular belief, the customer is NOT always right. Most of the time the business owner knows a lot more about his business than the customer, but a smart business owner also knows it's a good idea to at least listen to what unhappy customers have to say. Just letting an angry customer vent a little often goes a long way toward pacifying them. People like to be listened to. It makes them feel important.

Good customer service is about paying attention to detail. If you pay attention to your customers you'll notice little things that will make their experience at your establishment better. Good bartenders notice when a customer is hot, and turn on a fan without being asked, and bring him a cool towel.

You can get a beer almost anywhere in Pattaya, but the level of service is an intangible that often decides where a customer will spend his money.

Last night I went to a bar I frequent. I like it because the boss is a very sexy 40ish lady who always sits down and chats with me for a few minutes. Well, last night she wasn't there. I was disappointed, but another lady was there and she's pleasant enough, so I ordered a beer and hoped that the boss lady would turn up. "No, she no work tonight." Okay, everyone needs a night off every now and then. I drank my beer and sat there . . . and was totally ignored by the three other staff members. After bringing out my beer, they didn't even bother walking by my table and smiling or saying hello. The entire time I was there I was the only customer in the place. Their attention was completely focused on their telephones and the TV. Needless to say, I drank my beer quickly and called for my check bin. I did not leave a tip.

I would have spent more money, probably sat there for 2-3 more beers and maybe even ordered some food, if they had only given me a little attention.

It's a simple concept, but so many bars don't seem to get it.

"Pay attention to your customers."

Sofa King

Sofa King


Red Point Bar Soi Six

Anyone who has not visited the Red Point Bar located in Soi Six for quite a while is in for a pleasant surprise. What a fantastic job they have made of the refurbishment. The finish quality of the rooms is reflective of a quite high class hotel and is in a somewhat stark contrast to those of other bars on the Soi. Of course the main attraction of Soi Six is arguably not the finish quality of the upper floors of the bars, but wow, that of the Red Point is really something. Hope that the owner manages to recoup at least some of the investment.




Gap in the retail market, substance called cheese

The Thai people are excellent at identifying needs in the market and satisfying those needs, most especially when it comes to food. That it seems is the case except for cheese. You ever wandered around a supermarket and looked at the prices of some imported cheeses? What is one of the most alluring aspects to a trip to Soi Six for those who have been in Pattaya for a long time. Answer, the complimentary free sandwiches in the Soi Six corner bar, that have that substance that seems like a long forgotton fond memory; Cheese. Just imagine if a local Thai business was to set up manufacturing cheese and it was to be sold for 40Bhat a chunk from a street food vendor. Could you just imagine the farangs leaving their bar seats in droves when the horn gets pamped. Why has it not happened. Yes, I know it is not a traditional part of the Thai diet, but neither is sausage rolls, and there are cattle that produce that white liquid stuff in reasonable abundance. Why on earth has no one cornered the market??




The " Only here to dance" scam

Many may have noticed a growing trend in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, of AGoGo with very many attractive girls who you ask down from the stage and buy a drink, only to then be told upon asking that they don't want to be bar fined by any customer. This trend which has been growing very much over the last few years is now also evident in a couple of the GoGo bars located in the LK Metro area. It,s an effective scam, as in each of the two places where it happens, there is a very attractive girl who would be many people,s natural choice for company. The owners/managers don,t seem to care, as far as I can fathom at least, about any perception of customers effectively feeling scammed by this, given that thet will be a focus of attention and do get bought many lady drinks, presumably under a possible hope that their " extended company" may be possible. Only if people complain and show their displeasure, will the trend be likely to be reversed. A lot of Soi Cowboy has essentially become a con due to this. Considering that many of the people who come to Pattaya either stay here long term, or return often, I cannot understand how the owners/managers can think that continuing this is a good long term business plan.




#13 The Thai Edumacation Sistem

"You are robbing Thai students of an education!"

So said one key board warrior on a popular Thailand-based message board.

How was I robbing them of an education? In his opinion, I and most other Westerners teaching English at Thai schools were not real teachers because we were not qualified to teach in our home countries - at least that's how I interpreted his statement.

That's true. I could not teach English in the USA with my current credentials.

But for Thailand, I am more than qualified.

Thai education standards are not the best. Like so many other things, appearance is very important, but substance isn't. My last school proudly calls itself a "World Class Standard" school. What that means is they meet certain requirements (modern equipment, completion of education-based projects and activities, graduation numbers, test scores, etc.) which are checked by a team of educators 2-3 times a year.

They clean up the campus and put on a big show when the inspectors come, but the test scores and grades are pretty much bogus. I say this with first-hand knowledge. It's the same at many schools which claim to be "World Class Standard" schools. I feel safe in saying that most of the Thai schools I've taught for are far below the standards of the average schools in countries like Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, etc., let alone the best in those countries.

Why? Because Thai students routinely cheat and copy and Thai teachers routinely pass students who do not deserve to pass.

Why do they do this? Because they think it makes the school look bad when kids fail. It's also bad business (and education in Thailand is, first and foremost, about making money) to fail customers (students) whose parents have paid money for their child's education.

So when I give a test I have to make sure it's not too difficult. If students fail, I have to "re-test" them. That's a euphemism for "give them the answers and then give them the test again".

Here's what happens at the Thai schools where I have worked: At the end of term, all the kids who have come to class most of the time, they pass. It doesn't matter if they have not done the minimum requirement of work or gotten a passing score. They've put in some effort, so they pass. Even kids who cause trouble in class and still can't write their own names in English - they pass. Everybody sees their names at the bottom of the score list, and that's considered enough loss of face to make them feel bad about fucking off all term.

Then there are the kids who never come to class. Their names are on the roster sheet. They might have attended class once or twice, but they have done zero of the work, so I fail them . . . but then they show up after the exams are finished and expect you to teach them something so they can pass. The first time I encountered this I had no idea who the kids were. I mean, they were always absent, so I didn't recognize them as being my students. The senior English teacher told me, "You must teach them and give them a grade so they can pass." As politely as I could, I refused, so she did it. She gave them some speaking exercise, which she coached them through, then made them clean up a storage room and pick up trash around the school. Viola! That was their education!

That's the Thai education system . . . but it's ME who is robbing students of an education???

I now work for an agency which places teachers in schools. They have a little different grading policy, which I'm trying to get used to. I recently submitted my midterm grades. The next day I got an email saying I needed to lower some of them. Huh?

"Yeah, that level 7 class should be at about 83%, but you've got them at 91%."

"Yeah, they're a bright class."

"I'm sure they are, but we have to match the placement levels, and while 91% is perfect for a level 2 class, it's a little high for a level 7 class."

"So, you want me to change their grades?"

"Yeah, just adjust some of the 8's down to 7's and some of the 7's down to 6's. That should make the school happy."

At first I was outraged and indignant, but that only lasted about a day. If I quit as a matter of principle the agency will just have to find another teacher who will "play ball". And really, did changing the scores a bit really affect the end result? The good students still had the highest scores, and the ones who fell down a grade were still above the class average.

Shocking? By Western standards, yes it is - but this isn't the West.

I am an employee, so I do what my employer wants. They're not asking me to cut off a finger, or break the law, or worship their God - they just want to make the numbers fit into their scheme.

And, without sounding too full of myself, I think it's better for the students to have me here teaching them, as opposed to some of the other teachers I've seen employed by schools.

The real value of having native English speakers in Thai schools is to expose the good students to what real English sounds like - something they cannot get from 95% of the Thai English teachers.

So yeah, that's my rationalization - the good students need me here. I'm doing it for the kids!

Life is full of compromises. Sometimes you have to bend with the breeze to make a difference.

Sofa King

Sofa King



Hi Guys - Been a member for a couple of years but my first post as a business owner. My G.F. and I have a 12 room guesthouse in Soi 11.Which is about as central as you can get. All nightlife is less than 10 minutes walk. For our entertainment we dont have a huge number of girls but they are very obliging so spend a lot of time upstairs.You can check out photos and details on the website www.chilloutguesthouse2-pattaya.com. I personally have no experience running such a business but have been successful in business a long time with the main criteria is give the customer what they want ( if humanly possible). My G.F Porn is a lovely girl (spent a lot of time telling mates Ive become addicted to Porn and they tell me they are too:-)) Porn is happy to please everyone (with bookings,drinks and getting the right lady) so she is the front person. I'm personally a grumpy old bastard so try to keep in the background. We have made a lot of improvements to the bar and rooms since taking over about 6 months ago.The new 65 inch TV in the bar together with the three others as well as airconditioning lends the bar to very comfortable sports TV. We have a different sport on each TV all day . If a customer wants to watch any sport that we dont have currently showing we will get the program on for them. Will be adding more TV's in the future. Our beer is very competitive and icy cold. Have a new fridge coming soon that hopefully will get the beer slushy. Wonder how beer iceblocks would go. Next project is the 1 man and 6 lady spa and bar area on the roof. Have been told that although we have a small pool table a full sized would be better. Would love opinions from addicts if this is really important or not. I see lots of unused pool tables around but our little one gets a fair usage.Will be adding some new photos to the website over the next few days. You might also like to give your opinion on the photo of Porns neice who works with us. Most of my time has been taken trying to learn the business and deal with Thai staff. Everything settled down now and have great hardworking people that although good for Thai standards I am trying to bring up to western standards.I am an Australian from Queensland but dont call myself an Aussie Bar. I welcome any nationality that likes a cold drink in one hand and a hot lady in the other or just a quite drink. We call ourselves CHILLOUT GUESTHOUSE as we want you to relax with no pressures. If however you want pressures we can do.Would love your advice.




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