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Beware of "Somnuek Ngotgnam" & her son, "Note."

Be very wary of this woman. She used to work at ,"Angel Witch." I paid for her release over 3 years ago and she returned to Buriram/Ban Dan. I married her via a "Buddhist Wedding" and then helped her, her sons and her family. I also built her house from a cinder -block ghetto hole to a decent dwelling. She then got snakey and I found -out she had been returning to Pattaya with her eldest son and selling her body, and he was supposedly selling 'food' ( Yaba, I think. )He's a womanizer, alcoholic and a thief, too.

She'll be 44 years old this November 22, 2013, but she hides it well with make-up. I brought her to Korea ( where I was working. ) and she tried to kill herself there one night. She's mentally-ill and her son is a con man.

Be aware that she'll charm you , until she runs you dry of all your possible resources.


[b]To the Owners/Managers of Angel Witch/Pattaya/Bangkok,[/b]

[b]I, Michael (N/A), agree to pay 15,000 Baht for the financial release of Somnuek Ngotnam and of any other duties,obligations and/or extracurricular activities by her, related to the business of the " Angel Witch " franchise located in Pattaya and/or Bangkok and of any other businesses owned/operated by the Owners/ Managers of the " Angel Witch " franchise.[/b]

[b]I will pay 15,000 Baht (in person) to either the Manager/Owner[/b]
[b]on Tuesday, August 24,[email protected] 6:00 pm in Pattaya. [/b]

[b]I will also have copies of this e-mail written in English and Thai( Microsoft Word Documents ), to be signed at that time by the proper representative(s) of the "Angel Witch "franchise. The document will not be given to any government official/organization. Copies will be for myself, Som Ngotnam and the Owner/Manager of the "Angel Witch" franchise solely for personal proof of payment and Som Ngotnam's unofficial release from any further responsibilities to the " Angel Witch " franchise. [/b]


[b][i]Michael (N/A)[/i][/b]

I'm not doing this for revenge. I care about her youngest son and her parents. I hope by posting this, other men won't have to endure the pain and suffering I've experienced with her and her eldest son.

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How to talk to a female and not seem like an obsessed person

If you've just surfaced from your parents' basement and want to dive to the love life, cool your jets. Learning how you can speak with a female means you need to be casual and real. Here are some pointers for numerous life scenarios. Source for this article:

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[b]Walking down the road to see a female[/b]

It all begins with paying attention to whether or not she wants to engage in conversation with you in the first place. If she is walking fast, focused on her phone and avoiding eye contact, don't force your way into her bubble. Also, don't bet [url="https://personalmoneynetwork.com/cash-advance"]all your chips[/url] on one-on-one road conversation after dark. Nobody owes you conversation. However, if you make eye contact and she gives you a small smile, that's an invitation to say hello. Start with small talk and see where it goes. Try to work in a compliment that isn't about something physical or sexual. Perhaps you can complement a colorful necklace? Could possibly be a history there, which in turn could spark additional conversation!

[b]Walk by a woman at a café[/b]

If you see a female at a café and she is smiling at you, you can walk up and ask to sit with her. You may have stuff to talk about already if you have seen each other before. Do not get upset if she says no, and walk away to your own table. Never speak with a girl who is studying or on the phone because it is rude.

[b]Female on public transportation[/b]

Women who ride public transportation are always worried about what will take place if they talk to someone. Creepy people ride the bus occasionally, so you may not be able to talk to her in the circumstance anyway. If you do, make sure you only give her non-sexual compliments, and be very careful about it. You should try to make eye contact and smile, obviously. If she is busy texting or reading, do not speak with her. She most likely does not want to be disturbed.

[b]Flirting with a waitress[/b]

Servers work for recommendations, so do not immediately mistake hospitality and a smile for an invitation into her dating life. Occasionally, there may be a few flirting signs that make it through - a whole tough wink, discreet lip-licking, et al - and if such is the case, extend yourself just a little. Do not make her feel like her tip is dependent upon accepting a date with you. In fact, settle the bill early and linger for that last cup of coffee or water. Then, if things aren't too busy in the restaurant and you can catch her eye, tell her you'd like to meet her for a non-threatening cup of coffee, and ask if she'd be interested. Assuming nothing, risk a little and if things do not take off, do not take it personally. Of course, if she writes her number on your receipt, the path is open. But that almost never happens.

[b]Flight passengers[/b]

Many people will speak with those sitting next to them when on a flight. It is a good way to pass the time. Make sure you are a really careful though not to bother a passenger who is reading a book or has headphones on. You might be going to different cities. Get social media data or a phone number if you like each other. You can tell she is interested if she is laughing and flirting a bit.

[b]The Wing Girls - How to tell if she likes you[/b]

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Food lover required

We are looking for a food lover to join our new tv series here in pattaya. All you need to do is cruise around town eating food and talking about it. It will air here in pattaya on sophon cable. If you or anyone you know may fit the role please feel free to contact me to discuss this opportunity in more detail




In our last Crazy Weekend of May of Inexpensive

In our last Crazy Weekend of May of Inexpensive RS Silver, apes are working wild all through RuneScape. Hunt them reducing for the exclusive monkey cape! There will be also an intrusion of zombie apes, so indication up for the system group in beating them for extra spoils!The last Crazy Weekend will run from Weekend the 26th as an remarkable offer as and such as Thursday the Twenty eighth (GMT) within their whole.Chase the Monkey!

The apes of Ardougne Zoo knowledgeable been surprisingly monitoring the penguins and their neighbor's manoeuvres. From Weekend to Thursday inclusively in RS Silver, if you actually cope with to search reducing 10 monkey escapees who are working wild all through RuneScape, you will have capability to condition an exclusive monkey cape!If you have found out all 10 apes, thoughts much more than to Diango in Draynor industry to condition your prize!

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Sports and Karaoke Bar

The current owner has been here for 7 1/2 years and the bar is still doing well. This is a great investment opportunity for the right person. The double wide shop house offers 5 Bedroom all with own Bathrooms. The large bar offers an air conditioning a full size American size pool a dart board and more. [/background][/size][/font][/color][color=rgb(11,98,167)][font=Arial][size=3][background=rgb(241,245,248)]
Fully furnished, comes with equipment and inventory.[/background][/size][/font][/color]
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Want a party in Pattaya?

If you would like to celebrate your birthday or simply want to have a night to remember.... we can arrange and host your party.

Please send me a PM with your requirements if you want it in a gogo or bar.

Its a brilliant opportunity to connect with other forum members and give something back to the community!

Prices range from zero up to 10,000 baht. This is cost price for food, depending on what food you want.

Please let us know you date, what music you like, what food you like etc.

[b]Why choose us for a party?[/b]

We are well practised at running parties, and we have huge networks to promote the party to guarantee a good time. Your parties will always be well attended.

[b]Excuses for having a party?[/b][list]
[*]Celebration of being a Pattaya Addict
[*]Celebration of meeting up with other members
[*]Stag Party
[*]Wife's away
[*]Stray soi dog down the road has given birth




Need to be educated about PI.

I've been to Pattaya 14 times in the past few years and figured I would try PI but I can't seem to get on any Board. I was a member of the Pi Board but now for some reason I can't get on or any site in Pi. I guess they've blocked the US from internet. Any how my object is to get any information I can as I plan on visiting Pi about Sept or Oct and I'd like to get all the info I can on places to go to and sites to see.
So if anyone could be so kind as to pass along info for me such a fairly cheap hotels that are decent and clean and good areas to Monger in.




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need to go new place

hey, I need to find a new place to go beside Koh chang,we go there all the time because I have motorbike thewire and nice place to stay.need place I can get motorbike.been to Koh phayam.I go with same TGF.I go for 12 days 6 times each year,I'm in patts 7 months a year.and not take her golf.haha..nice place with a beach.





As some of the PAddicts might know, I run a small publishing business, Aardwolfe Books, that has (amongst others) several titles related to Pattaya and/or Thailand in general. In addition to Pattaya Beach, we publish both of Matt Carrell's books (Thai Lottery and Thai Kiss) and another entitled Lost and Found In Thailand by Sal Chong. One of my favorites – other than the four previously mentioned – has nothing to do with Thailand. It’s “Gods of the Cataclysm”, a speculative narrative non-fiction about the migrations of the ancients from S. Asia to the New World in the distant past. It’s as good as the best “who done it” and as interesting as Soi 6!

I published my first novel, a historical fiction entitled Khalifah, almost 12 years ago, just prior to 9/11. It’s the story of how the son of Muhammad’s archenemy took control of the Muslim empire in the 7[sup]th[/sup] century. What timing, eh?

You can check out the Aardwolfe Books web site at [url="http://www.aardwolfe.com/"]http://www.aardwolfe.com[/url]

[size=5][font='times new roman']And we’re always looking for promising new authors.[/font][/size]

john elray

john elray


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