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  3. parrothead82


    Well that is not good. Guess I am pretty stuck with it now. Not refundable, great price. I suppose I will be ST in the area. Hope you enjoyed your stay!
  4. Hello guys, It appears that there is a temporary Eexemption on VoA fee for the period of 15th Nov to 13th Jan. Below is a article with details about the program: http://newdelhi.thaiembassy.org/en/2018/11/announcement-temporary-visa-arrival-fee-exemtion/ Though it may not be a big deal in monetary terms, its a great motivation to book your trip ;) Cheers!!!!
  5. Billyboy294

    Having Problems with the site

    For over a month now when I open with my Desktop PA shortcut I get pages of text.as shown. i scroll down about 3/4 pages and under 'See new content' I click 'View New Content' and the site opens. No doubt other options would open but i tried that one first so just stick with it. Forum working Ok after that but often very slow. I have cleared cache a few times and have 52Mbps from 3BB.
  6. Evil Penevil

    Christmas Dinner 2018

    A few more options, but they seem expensive and not very Christmas-like. Every restaurant owner who serves turkey roll at a Christmas dinner should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with a sprig of holly through his heart.  The Inspire Web site was the source of the ads below.
  7. Is it a balcony or a ledge if you can't set foot on it? You could climb through a window to it if you're slim.
  8. Thanks for the advice. Any recommendations for late night eats (usually after 3am) in Pattaya?
  9. Best of luck to the pensioners.... they deserved the full pensions after paying tax after the years of working .
  10. Helping people who are out of sight, out of mind. Unlikely.
  11. Especially when Brexit will not be good for the economy. at least in the short term.
  12. They have been fighting that for decades. No reason to see why they will suddenly succeed.
  13. It’s that time of year again for one of Pattaya’s most exciting events. The Jet ski World cup, featuring racers from dozens of countries, hits Jomtien Beach on December 6th to December 9th. The event will feature multiple races, the popular freestyle stunt competition, a bikini contest, a Jomtien Beach street market and much more. […] The post Jet Ski World Cup hits Pattaya area December 6th to December 9th appeared first on The Pattaya News. Click To View The Pattaya News Website
  14. Fury of the expats whose pensions frozen in time: Some are paid THOUSANDS less – because of where they live Campaigners are fighting to end a 70-year reign of injustice that has resulted in more than half a million retired expats receiving a poor pension deal – simply because of where they live. Those affected, backed by MPs, plan to fight the inequality by challenging a law that is waved through the backdoor each year and which repeatedly allows for overseas pensioners to be given a lower pension. Full article This is Money: Fury of the expats whose pensions frozen in time. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/pensions/article-6401093/Fury-expats-pensions-frozen-time.html
  15. Anyone notice your balcony of no man's land. Maybe u can plant a tree?
  16. thank you, the place looks very nice. I will try to contact. cheers
  17. Hah, The Danimal! .. you make a good point, for the real world .. here, however, I view the distinction between the two, lucky and smart, is not so great .. for pre-sale investors in Pattaya condos developed by local developers who haven't even the credit to qualify for proper project debt financing, you are absolutely correct about the lucky part .. less so, I believe, about the smart part. You might forgive Blueydog for his cynicism .. he and legions of others are victims of this deceptively risky Thai condo pre-sale 'investment scheme' (I use that term loosely). Speculators, who are perceived as smart investors, are often just lucky .. or, they accept the high risks as speculators .. in this asset class and market (Pattaya pre-sale condominiums), there are some investors (mostly speculators) who do make out .. but, at some risk .. I am aware of few who consistently make high returns, except for those who are willing to accept the high risks of buying-in early at discount when the condo is launched, and hope to sell-down to follow-on buyers before they have to pay the final deposits and accept title transfer .. they rely upon the theory that developer risk is reduced as the project moves closer to completion, thus increasing the price .. timing their exit is critical, so that they do not end up holding the bag. These are speculators, as distinguished from longterm investors .. they take on both developer risk market risk, and exit risk .. all equally significant, and quite risky to underwrite, which might explain why disciplined investors are absent from Pattaya .. the risk-adjusted return for this is I believe quite a bit higher than what an investor can get in this asset class from far more reliable developers in far more predictable markets. Longterm investors seeking annual yields on a recurring income property here might be surprised to learn that the overall market in recurring income properties is set by the investment expectations of Thai investors, for whom a 5% annual yield in a recurring income property is acceptable .. Thai longterm investors are a significant portion of the market and drive much of the pricing calculus, which sets property values corresponding to a 5% annual yield. Compared to a market as unreliable as Pattaya, Thailand, there are I believe better markets into which to invest longterm in recurring income properties whose risk-adjusted returns are far better than a mere 5%. End users, who buy at discounted pre-sale prices a home in which they live, investment returns might be less than they imagine .. the uplift during the period between pre-sale purchase and project completion is measurable .. 'whuh-hoo! .. great!', the sales agents declare! .. but viewed over time, the annual appreciation in Pattaya condos is notoriously disappointing. The higher price of the new condo being built right next door to the older condo is more a consequence of the skyrocketing land costs than market dynamics .. that new condo is not generally considered a market comparable to the older building .. it is a curious Thai weirdism, that Thais value older buildings significantly less than new buildings (it is viewed as .. mmmm .. used) .. consequently, the annual appreciation of old buildings is notable low .. a Thai property appraiser will not include the new building next door as a market comparable to the older buillding when performing a comparative market analysis. So .. for anyone interested to read my views of Thailand's pre-sale condo investment schemes, that's all I got .. I am sure the local developers and agents have different views .. I gotta' go. __________________________________________________ For the sake of clarity, my 'investor' references are defined as: Speculators, who buy at discounted pre-sale prices when the project is announced .. pay deposits incrementally during development .. and sell their contract to follow-on buyers before they have to pay the full amount .. the increase in value during development is their profit; Investors, who buy at anytime in the development process, or afterward .. seek recurring annual yields by renting the property longterm, and then capturing the property's appreciation up until they sell; and, End users, who are buying a home in which to live .. though, they might reasonably view it as a breakeven investment if comparing it to the hotel expenses they pay as a high frequency visitor.
  18. Exactly. The amount they serve in North America is the problem, not the other way around.
  19. striderman

    Adelphi hotel anyone!

    saw a post elsewhere saying construction noise minimal the real noisy bit of these builds is when they are thumping in the foundations
  20. Thanks. I checked out that place (Kinaree 24-hour Restaurant) on Tripadvisor. The reviews and pictures are favorable. This might be exactly what I am looking for on Soi 11 since I will be staying there at the Hyde S11. Cool! Thanks!
  21. Mr_wimpy

    red dead redemption 2

    I’m not allowed to use any weapons at the minute, they get disabled when I enter the town. Been told to be on my best behaviour. Thanks I’ll try later when I can.
  22. Yeah, jasper651967, they do happen .. if you live here, you will probably notice that in the early aughts, we read of none being reported .. in recent years, moreso. In addition to the two current nominee companies cited earlier in the thread (the Phuket law firm and the Chinese trading company): In Phuket .. 3-4 years ago .. a wealthy European (Brit, I think) lost his luxury villa to his Thai nominee .. he was fighting being exiled from Thailand and separated from his greatest treasure, his Thai children .. he had zero legal recourse; and, Again, in Phuket within the last 2-3 years, a farang cited by the British media that a Land Department official presented himself at his luxury villa demanding evidence demonstrating that the company shareholders were not mere nominees, but true equity investors (a reasonable legal demand .. except that it was made in his living room, rather than in the Land Department's office) .. I do not recall the outcome .. I believe his complaint is that he was extorted .. the unanswered question for me was, did his Thai nominee collude with the Land Department official? The common denominator in the two above seems to me to be the: Local Land Department officials' perhaps unscrupulous recognition of an opportunity; and, Wealth of the farang whose luxury villas they targeted ("I rob banks because that is where the money is." -- Willie Sutton, Infamous Bank Robber). Confronted with an indefensible illegal nominee company, I would be unsurprised that there are many unreported farang "owners" who are forced to capitulate to the illegal nominees when winding down a relationship turned acrimonious (a personal, or a business relationship) .. the negotiating advantage is unquestionably on the side of the Thai nominee. [ Anecdotally, a friend here in Bangkok is right now entering the infamous Thai Vortex, negotiating a settlement with his Thai wife of 9 years, from whom he is divorcing .. a great portion of his fortune is invested in their (legally though, actually, hers) very luxurious BKK condominium .. all his money and zero hers, but 51% her shares .. his Thai attorney advises him to keep it as a negotiation, and not elevate it to a legal claim, where she has him red-handed. ] A person who does not live here fulltime can be forgiven for not seeing these incidents.
  23. You have no weapons? Really? In order to free the sailor guy you have to rob the owner (a weapon is needed) then ask him to open the basement and once there you gotta shot the shackle.
  24. Mr_wimpy

    red dead redemption 2

    In chapter 3, how do you save the stranger from the cellar of the gunsmiths? The one the peado has dressed up as a sailer boy (sounds weird, if you haven’t played the game) I’ve no weapons and I get shot if I try and step behind the counter. Can’t punch him either?
  25. Yesterday
  26. I stayed at the Kee resort in July. Very nice place to stay and close to Bangla Road Girl Friendly, however they do charge 1000BHT per night for the girl
  27. Arriving in 2 weeks and interested. Will make myself known.
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