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  2. Exiled

    Only 2 condoms in a box of Durex now

    Thanks for the warning nevertheless two is more than enough the box I got 3 months ago is still unopen?
  3. Atlas

    Big money spenders ..

    Well said.
  4. Again mate as I understood the 60 mins report, they tried in vain, it would work ok for 5 secs and go back into a dive for 10 secs.... They ran out of altitude.... Either way you can bet those poor buggers on board had a horrific time before it all came to an end. RIP
  5. As we age some of us do start to look at things in a different way.See things from different angles.
  6. forcebwithu

    pattaya beach "improvement" works

    Not drains, they're working on burying the overhead cables (Work To Begin Burying Electrical Cables All Over Pattaya From February 19). Didn't take any pics of the work today, but here's one from earlier this month. Looks like they're putting the underground conduits in next to the existing storm water sewers.
  7. Taa_Saparot

    The Base - Foreign Quota

    Been like that since Day 1 .. no?
  8. Encora

    Nam's Taxi Service

    Thanks for the positive feedback, guys. I know she had some bad report recently, but nice to see that the positive side is still appreciated... Nam uses an Mpass, and recently really tried hard to get me to subscribe and start using it, too, she recognises it as a time saver. But she has not made it mandatory for her drivers, she spends enough time checking more important rules she set. or, as she put it to me, “ I already have to yek yek my drivers often, only want to do it when important..”

    The Base - Foreign Quota

    Hence the expression - ‘Never invest in Thailand that which you are not prepared to walk away from’.
  10. Scuba+

    pattaya beach "improvement" works

    They've been putting in some seriously big drains on Second road and Klang, almost finished now, see if that makes any difference
  11. Scuba+

    The Base - Foreign Quota

    Yes should be a crime, people will lose money
  12. Today

    Big money spenders ..

    A very well thought out argument, and one which is well presented.
  14. KhalidAfifi

    Pool Table For Sale

    Pool Table for sale, slates are in a good condition. Accessories available are: Cues, triangle, chalk, 2 wrists Contact Name: Pankaj Contact Number: 0922494427

    Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2019 24 & 25may

    If your looking for a birds eye view of the fireworks, my recommendation is Serenotel. The entrance is on a small soi - 10, before Mike Mall. Great views, buy a beer and enjoy one of the best views in the city.
  16. jayjo

    Big money spenders ..

    Dont worry, they are Starfishy with me too and i'm young. The top 2 % Lookswise get away with such behaviour, the next stupid japanese throwing 5k at her is just around the Corner. Thats why i dont go for Stunners or Agogogirls anymore. Enough Beautiful girls around, whoever likes to get ripped off, up to them, but i avoid Walkingstreet for years already, and i'm in no Short supply of young sexy Girls. (exept Discos)
  17. fostraswift

    In Transit Extra's

    BM tonytoyboxsoi6
  18. https://www.inspirepattaya.com/pattaya/pattaya-international-fireworks-festival-2019-24th-25th-may/ never seen it but i heard should be pretty fantastic show from big countries. sorry if there is anouther post about this just tought i share of to shower and check whats happening there
  19. CamelToe


    I started with Dr Oliver 3 months ago, my test level was 400.he had me on Test Phenate for 3 months with 2 injections per month. Just had a blood test and my test levels are 3400. Scared the hell out me.im now off it but will start again in 3 months at a lower dose.
  20. George1234

    Big money spenders ..

    They are paying the premium that comes with something in short supply - good looks. People will be ignored if they are not willing to pay that premium - they are a waste of a seat. No, it is what brings the best looking girls from village to stage. Tales of fat, ugly, old farangs waving their 1000 bhat, does not. With your spending habits they will avoid you, win - win. Nobody is assured of anything with an unknown. My experience is that top tier GoGo girls are as friendly and amenable as anybody else. Lots of other factors come into play: how old you are, how repulsive / attractive you are, your own behaviour etc My experience is the complete opposite. The best looking girls generally leave the bar very nicely dressed and respond to you taking control. If somebody is getting ripped for drinks, I would suggest it is because they are weak and indecisive.
  21. keepitfun

    pattaya beach "improvement" works

    Maybe that’s the trouble. The potholes used to act as a retarding basin slowing the water flow....with no potholes...water just went straight out....and eroded the beach.
  22. NavidNavid...welcome back!
  23. cyfruil

    Big money spenders ..

    Was he a navy seal? To me it screams low selfestem/selfworth as soon as someone starts bragging/lying about anything.
  24. MaiMeSatang

    The Base - Foreign Quota

    How the hell can something like that happen? "The registration of the ownership transfer is at sole discretion of the land department officer." I see. Makes perfect sense. Why bother with proper legal process when it comes to silly little things like home ownership or immigration. Just leave it up to somchai on minimum wage, I'm sure he'll never fuck it up.
  25. Scuba+

    The Base - Foreign Quota

    I wondered if anyone had any updates on the foreign quota being exceeded?
  26. Marvin424


    I have had one go go lady who was not a starfish per se. She did her job while clearly showing she was more interested in the TV than me :-0 I have experienced several non professional Thai mature women who have been starfish despite liking and wanting to be with me. It seems that some Thai women have not learned that sex can and should be fun for them as well
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