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  2. Hope the guy is ok. Off topic, at least we now know what AJ is up to
  3. Giddyup69

    Bringing your Guitar to Thailand

    The problem is the quality of used guitars is total rubbish.... and anything worth strumming is waaaaay over priced, like B5000 for a shitty steel string with a warped neck almost unplayable Most are cheap Spanish style/or classical guitars, I don't think the humidity is kind to guitars in the LOS There is a whole wall of them at that HUGE funky thrift shop on 3rd rd
  4. Inevitable really, difficult to cross second road especially on the zebra crossing
  5. bangna

    spending revision.

    An insurance policy that allows cancellation due to falling exchange rates, please tell me more.
  6. Giddyup69

    Bringing your Guitar to Thailand

    What an awesome idea..... PLEEEEEASE
  7. Daveo

    Canterbury Tales Bookshop

    Viet Nam: A Long History by Nguyễn Khắc Viện.. Traded in @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop *-* Book exchange... This book Asia books 650 baht - from us 180 baht - plus you receive 50% in credit off your next book when you have finished with it? Written by Nguyễn Khắc Viện in French, first published in Việt Nam in 1976, and later translated into English (also Russian, German, and Spanish), this book tells a history of Vietnam from the time of Stone Age, its long march to independence, its loss of independence to the establishment of colonial regime, the founding of socialism, the fight against neo-colonial regime, to the time that marks the end of the neo-colonial regime (1975).
  8. Giddyup69

    spending revision.

    Thailand/Pattaya is getting stupidly expensive nowdays ... Seriously ready to explore Angeles again after a 30 year absence Especially when the next trip is 4+ weeks..... One 7-day cycle might be for me: 4000 Gogo 1500 Soi 6/Den/BJ Bar 2500 Soapy 4000 Gogo 1500 Soi 6/Den/BJ Bar 2500 Soapy 4000 Gogo ____________ 20K Total (without booze) Pinching pennies on hotels and food just fux up the trip for me, I'll pay a little extra (B1000) to have a nice pool for the day hang and keep the food yummy and fairly priced... looking for specials and faves like those around LK (B99 Retox Breaky, Thai street fair, etc...) My 15th trip in 4 years.... arrive 2nd July ;-) GU69
  9. Officially there is a charge for poolside use for outsiders. However, to answer your questions, ‘yes’, there is absolutely no problem with your guests joining you....this is particularly true if you are buying drinks and lunch poolside.
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  11. Taa_Saparot

    when soi 6 was "born"

    My first visit to Soi Yodsak was 1988, as there was a bar/guesthouse there ran by a German Guy who I think was called Horst. And he seemed to be the only one we knew that did Sea Fishing Trips. The bar was called .... Fishermans Club? No photos of the bar or the street from then, only some of the Fishing Trip, where we caught feck all.
  12. fforest

    Strong Thai baht

    I just noticed this 10,000 Baht with the Pound at 75 will cost 133 Pounds for that 10,000 baht.... 10,000 Baht with the Pound at 55 will cost 181 Pounds for that 10,000 baht... 10,000 Baht with the Pound at 35 will cost 285 Pounds for that 10,000 baht... So going up from 55 to 75 your saving 48 Pounds for that 10,000 baht... And going down from 55 to 35 its costing you 104 Pounds more for that 10,000 baht.. I never noticed before that when a currency rises your gains are only 50% of the losses when a currency falls.......Am I figuring this right??
  13. Thailand’s CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) is requiring all of its airports in the country to more strictly enforce security regulations that would prohibit many items being taken onto airplanes on your carry on. The upgraded ban covers foods, liquids, and cosmetics that are now limited to containers that have a capacity of no more than […] The post Thailands Civil Aviation Authority releases strict new rules on what can be brought on planes appeared first on The Pattaya News. Click To View The Pattaya News Website
  14. Macawber

    world cup 2019 predictions ( 5 that i know of)

    5555 hilarious comment ... since when is the English crowd representative of the cricket community. Does he expect that his permission needs to be sought..??? 5555 Silly Morgs the Muppet cracking under the pressure.
  15. Whether it’s worth buying or not is very much an individual decision. I won’t go into all the pros & cons again. Jomtien Beach Condos are a pretty well maintained older development. 5 blocks altogether with hundreds of condos. 2 blocks joined together on the beach side of second road and 3 blocks parallel to each other the land side of second road. Always lots for sale and you’ll just about find something for your budget. Condos there are generally 30 sq m. At that price you might find something in VT1. Also pretty well maintained older development. 2 blocks. Generally 32 sq m. You can manage in both those without having to rely on your own transport. Don’t know if you’d drive down or fly? If you don’t mind being away from the baht bus route, there are a few of the more recent developments, further inland from second road or further down off Chayiuprek, that are starting to be resold pretty cheap now. They’ll likely be under 30 sq m though. eg Laguna Beach, Park Lane etc. An older place, again off Chayiuphrek, is Baan Suan Lalana. Some good value there if you can find a smaller studio. Avoid Majestic.
  16. thumper64

    Please delete

    And you not need to visit the “South Pole” to know there might be a pole you were not expecting.....................

    Please delete

    Great line mate....funny as fuck You are of course correct...you don’t have to visit the North Pole to know it’s cold there.
  18. Imlooking4fun

    Pattaya not same same

    I have been known to visit the Cadbury boulevard lol
  19. One man's ceiling is another man's floor and all that. My advice would be to rent for a while and then decide what if anything you want to buy. My personal feeling is that 1.2 will not get you much.
  20. if you want more privacy use search engine DuckDuckGo https://duckduckgo.com/?t=hp
  21. hammerman

    when soi 6 was "born"

    I stayed in the old Montien hotel mid to late 80s. When you came out of the hotel in beach road there was nothing too the right, And I mean nothing. Few dirt tracks and no lights. Entertainment was from soi 13 on to walking street. Through Pattayalands boyztown and to walking street. I was with older seasoned mongers and if there it would have set been on our agenda...
  22. Useful I use Incognito mode on Google chrome when going onto this site.
  23. LongJohnSilver

    Please delete

    Pretty sure I wouldn’t like getting boofed in the ass by a hairy biker without trying it mate.
  24. Evilfriar

    What is going on in pattaya. Bars are empty

    That would be the beginning of returning the 6 to what it was and should be, a ST street 55555 I believe Lisa Bar is now 3,000 BF for LT early in the night. As AJ so eloquently told me once "Soi 6 bars aren't a fucking dating service, they're ST bars." Cheers
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