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  2. dirt n dust gather fast on buakaow
  3. Biennial

    Where to Next

    Hua Hin is a nice seaside town, and much quieter than Pattaya. You might like Soi 80.
  4. Parked in a tight row of scooters. I was leaving, started the scooter. I thought the headlight was burnt out. Stood up, got off the bike to check the lights, still holding on to the throttle, bent over, when I bent over, I gunned the throttle. Knocked over about thirty scooters like Dominoes, looked like a movie. Got on the scooter a disappeared as fast as I could.
  5. Playing with a BF’s pussy. Fell asleep on my hands. Woke up the next morning with pink eye and my eye swollen shut. Looked like a monster. No stunners for me that week. Had to go to the hospital twice. Scared the shit out of me. Thought I was going blind from pussy.
  6. Thanks for the post. I am going May 7th, but will be flying into Vientiane with Thai wife. Hopefully it will be as painless. Note: All you prices are quoted in THB. Did you pay with THB, or did you convert from Lao kip?
  7. striderman

    Pattaya Bay Resort ?

    no signs up yet.................... but oakwood is open it did occur to me that the lack of flashy oakwood signs may be because of hotel license hold up/lack of etc. i believe it is mainly indian clients at least at the moment
  8. striderman

    Dog Bite today

    woof woof
  9. hatguy

    Game of Thrones Update

    I keep thinking about the parallels between GOT and the beginning of WW2 in Europe... It's kinda like the night king is Hitler and the turned dragon is the Luftwaffe. They are about to attack what could be called the UK and all allies are now grouped together in a protective formation. If anyone is like Churchill it would be Peter Dinklage character. Especially with his "I think we will survive" comments. There are so many similarities...
  10. gardener req. apply within...................... then, feb 26th now...................... then feb 26th now.....................
  11. nzwolfgang

    Dog Bite today

    Someone needs to set up a soi dog go go and all these riled up wild soi dogs can go chill out and watch the soi dog bitch dancers, have a short time and some beers, that will get all their aggression out and they’ll stop biting people.
  12. wdogg

    Freq Flyer points etc.

    The value in Priority Pass is basically in the non-US lounges. I use the free one you get with Chase Sapphire Reserve. The worst lounges are in the US where you can't even get into some during busy hours and there's barely any food. It allows access to all of the lounges in BKK including the "first class" lounges. You get lounge access in basically all of the connecting flights to BKK like Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei and all over China. I've used it in Central American too.
  13. Barhop

    Quick visit

    This is post I made in English Rose Apartments & Bar thread on July 6, 2018. This year, I have two 30 day trips booked over June/July/August at the ER. Have fun
  14. speedtoy

    Empty bars

    Hard to hit BR from your suite in Shinjuku. All things being relative..I've done that there, and I'd do it again. Unless it's out of your pocket..then..you can whinge over what someone else in another part of the world does.
  15. Getting a Kidney Stone attack in Bangkok. Not knowing what it was, i remember being in so much pain in my airbnb condo that i was thinking "I am going to die like a rat in this country like so many farangs have before me"
  16. Today
  17. Big Red

    Promo girl: sex with them?

    Ahhh sabang the memorys are fond of prowling coco lips and Big Apple
  18. I fell on a wet floor in a bathroom in my house a year or so ago... Scared the shit outa me as I hit the floor so hard, I figured I had broken bones.... Turns out I was pretty badly bruised, but apparently no broken bones... Now I am very careful coming out of the shower...
  19. I slipped on a wet tiled floor in the dark and broke my back , recovered now. Cautionary story
  20. Bonkabit

    Quick visit

    http://namstaxipattaya.com will be able to give you accurate cost.
  21. webfoot

    Empty bars

    I noticed the same thing when I was there in November but the trend started about 15 years ago in the Gogos at least. I suspect the reason is just the incredibly high prices in those establishments and the demise of the LT GFE that once existed .n Pattaya and even BKK. I have no doubt that the increasingly strong baht also has a lot to do with it too. I can remember when you had to get to the bars early because most of the girls would be BF’d and gone by 10:00. I did notice there were a few bars that were jam packed though but I didn’t go in to see what was so special because they were just too crowded for me. I also noticed that Soi 6 was still pretty busy though and there were more freelancers on beach road than I can remember in the past although they all stood across the street from the beach side because of the crack down that was going on. This reinforces my theory of the impact of supply and demand on the Gogos.
  22. What sort of question is that for a 73 year old? Do it once and I'm done until next week!
  23. Bonkabit

    luggage and airlines

    My recent flights on Thai from/to Melbourne have been on Airbus A350, very similar to Dreamliner. I've also flown to BKK on Qantas via Singapore; it was my first time in an A380. Once you are seated in the plane it looks and feels much the same as a B787 or A380. All three are a step forward on B747 Jumbos, most of which are now, I believe, retired. (Qantas flew A380 MEL-SIN where we had a layover before continuing SIN-BKK in a smaller A320. And vice versa. The A380 was flying to/from London).
  24. Okam191

    Game of Thrones Update

    The Shirley Temple reference was a bit before my time, but i think most people were cheering her on because it was one of the few occasions where a female lead in GoT had sex on her own terms. If you remember, most of the other females in the show were raped at one point or another (Dany, Cersei, and Sansa specifically come to mind). Plus, Arya is an all around badass, so there's that lol.
  25. Zeb

    Rain, rain, go away....

    Yep - water was continually running west for days towards Buakhow when they had the big hole open - and it hadn't been raining very much - if at all - then either. So domestic water from apartments, shops etc ?
  26. Ru4Real

    Quick visit

    i'd say that's pretty low from DMK, 1400-1600 from what I've seen on various sites.
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