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  2. ChuckFinley

    Devils Den VIP Bus - Has anyone tried?

    Even if I'm flying in Economy I'll usually use a plaza premium lounge during a stopover for a decent feed, ensure my gadgets are charged and a decent shower. However after getting in the points game, flying in Business is becoming a more frequent reality rather than an expensive pipe dream. After a 10 hr flight from Oz when you have access to beds, lounges and showers, I'm good to go and usually hornier than a Doberman on Heat
  3. WalterA

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    It sounds to me like the WTF wasn’t built to treat water but for someone to make money off the contract building it and the rest is history .... that money would have been better spent at the Windmill .....
  4. Thailand- Change.org reported on its website on Saturday that its campaign to introduce LGBT education in health and physical activity curricula, starting at Grade 1, has proved successful and will be implemented from the first semester of this year’s educational calendar. In a statement from Danny Kittinan Daramadhaj, President of the Rainbow Sky Association of […] The post Thailand to formally introduce LGBT Education in Thai School System, starting at First Grade, next semester appeared first on The Pattaya News. Click To View The Pattaya News Website
  5. holonia

    Page 10 refurb

    i choosed adelphi hotel after reading and reading ... its like a new hotel... like new.. great hotel for 35 usd. .. A nihht
  6. The wonders of negative gearing. Owner gets a tax benefit against their loss if they borrow to own the apartment and while the capital gain on the building goes nuts as it has for the last 20 odd years...everyone is happy.
  7. The rainy season in Thailand officially starts tomorrow. The Thai Meteorological Department deputy director-general Kornravee Sitthichivaphak says Thailand will see continued rains in most parts of the country from Monday. “The wind over Thailand from 100-3,500 meters will be replaced by a southwest monsoon that would carry humidity from the Andaman Sea to cover most […] The post Are you ready? Rainy Season in Thailand officially begins tomorrow, May 21st appeared first on The Pattaya News. Click To View The Pattaya News Website
  8. Thanks all for the heads up. I'll remain with Baywalk this time then.
  9. In a society governed by the rule of law the onus of providing evidence of a crime lies with those making allegations.
  10. Today
  11. Not the case at all. As I said I don't believe everything written or rumoured about someone because amazingly some of it may be bullshit and rather than bury my head in the sand I prefer some proof, big difference. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  12. taylor1975

    what is your job

    Oops lol Just not for me. I hate being told what to do, when to do it and where to do it. As for daily commuting ....just shoot me now 555 Todays office is on 27th floor
  13. They should just have Drogon burn Jon to a crisp because they sure neutered him in the end. That would have been a good shocker. It was like everybody forgot Jon was Aegon Targaryen.
  14. FarangKiNok

    what is your job

  15. True - it works the other way as well. Up thread a 'rumour' hasn't been substantiated even in the slightest. He who accuses must prove ? Apparently not ? Even worse when the accused cannot now defend themselves. Mmmmm.
  16. I don’t see how the person that owns the house would make any money Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. A rough guide for Sydney is currently a AUD $1 Million apartment in a reasonable area, rent minimum $600 per week - rents have come back a bit, but property prices still high.
  18. In Australia I believe this to be the rough formula (0.1%). A house worth $400,000 should return a weekly rent of $400.
  19. Ranovertheborder


    Run lads it's a trap..................
  20. Baxidar ba


    Could be either the ex Aussie bf or a customer posting on behalf of V. Maybe she’s trying to drum up a bit of business?
  21. Ending was ok, Dany was always going to die after Episode 5....but the way she died was underwhelming to say the least.
  22. forcebwithu

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    If there were a treatment plant I would expect it would be easy to spot using Google Earth. Even a small plant would have some sort of equipment visible via GE such as this. Instead I see nothing like that in the area. Could it be the plant malfunctioned b/c it was never built. This being Thailand, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.
  23. Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t mean it wasn’t true. You can stick your head in the sand and claim innocence, that again, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
  24. Buttviking


    Word is she is back and so is Noi, rejoice
  25. Dr No


    So here’s a BM that joined us yesterday and the very first post he’s (supposedly) asking about Valentina. I smell a rat, either a previously banned member or Valentina herself. If the new BM is serious about finding info then try using the search function.
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