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  2. ginseng

    Wtf? Kev-In-Thailand diagnosed with cancer?

    I don't judge Kev for living an unhealthy lifestyle that included smoking and not having health insurance but it is a cautionary tale and I don't want to end up like him. No one thinks they'll get sick but better to be prepared and tough it out in Farangland if you aren't truly ready to anchor up and live a sustainable life in Thailand. There's probably thousands of guys like Kev in Thailand he's just the poster child of someone who lived for today until tomorrow came. I hope the chemo works and his cancer goes into total remission but as others have said Gofundme is not going to save him if it doesn't.
  3. forcebwithu

    Rain, rain, go away....

    Looks like they're finally getting around to backfilling the open sewer. Assuming this is an access shaft to the below ground storm water line, why is it full of water. We haven't had rain for over a week, so I would expect the storm water line to have a minimum amount of water in it. Certainly not this much.
  4. talung66

    Quick visit

    The company i use from swamy charges 1400 for DMK and 1100 from swampy. All i know is most guest houses (won't /shouldn't) take booking for less than a month
  5. renovator

    Quick visit

    Guessing 1200 taxi be fare
  6. Any updates on bar closures on 5th or 6th of May I stay in Pattaya but am planning a night in Bangkok. Might just stay in Pattaya if they are closed.
  7. Yes it's unlikely they will target you based on your stays, but if they do, generally they return you where you came from, Canada in your case I never enter Thailand from Canada so hopefully I would be returned to Indonesia or Korea where I'm usually coming from.
  8. franmar

    Quick visit

    Arriving on Sunday for a 10 day stay Haven’t been over for quite awhile just curious what’s a taxi from DMK airport to Pattaya Cost these days. Also staying at the English Rose hotel and guesthouse anybody got any feedback on this establishment thanks in advance and see you on Sunday Pattaya
  9. Marty888

    Dog Bite today

    I really dislike dogs, ever since I was a kid I never wanted anything to do with dogs, I hate it if a dog comes near me. If one runs towards me I shit myself, I just don't trust any dog. They can probably sense the fear in me. Normally in central Pattaya the soi dogs were not too bad, and I didn't feel too bad about them, I'd still be very wary, cross the road to avoid them etc. Then one day about 1 year ago I was walking up to Pirates club on soi bongot when out of nowhere/ from somewhere near those building of flats you pass along the way, this dog appeared running towards me barking like crazy. Luckily it stopped a few yards from me but aggressively continued to bark at me I thought it was going to attack me. Cacking my pants aside it luckily didn't attack me, but ever since then I'm even more wary and careful. I just hate it if one is near me. I never walk up to pirates anymore, I feel safer on motorbike taxi up to there.
  10. Yes worth trying going to a destination of choice but it's the airlines responsibility to send you back so seems most likely based on reports you will be sent back. I was also concerned hence for my recent arrival I had a TM11 appeal form ready to hand in
  11. Oukiva

    Promo girl: sex with them?

    There is no real standard for that: 1- some agogo have ladies whose job is Hello Girl and they have the corresponding uniform. By example Happy, Baccara... 2- some agogo have many Hostesses and use them as Hello Girls. They also have a uniform. Tantra, Palace, PinUp, ... 3- some agogo use their coyotes dancers as Hello Girls : Skyfall, Sapphire, ... 4- some agogo make a mix of all that, like Peppermint and Shark who have Hello Girl + dancers They will usually accept a drink with (most) costumers. If they will go or not (for sex) depends of her and you... Also keep in mind that their BF can be high (2'000?) in some places who don't really want them to go. BTW the case 3 (Coyotes as Hello Girl) is the worst solution for an agogo IMHO. Mainly because the dancers don't like to do that! Their main slogan is "No photo! No photos!!" rather than the "Welcome inside" Hello Girl should says. Every times I walk through Soi 15 I notice how the dancers outside Sapphire are bored; absolutely not an incentive to enter this agogo. Also girls welcoming customers outside should be pretty and smiling, to attract us, but some dancers are "monsters" that will make you avoid their agogo! What's the point of such Hello Girls then?
  12. johnc57

    Bay Breeze

    I'm thinking of staying at BB during my upcoming trip. One thing that concerns me is as mentioned a prior post: the air conditioning blows in your face while laying in bed. For reference: I don't like the air flow caused by ceiling fans blowing on me while I sleep. How bad is it? Can the air flow be redirected? Will this be a deal breaker for me?
  13. That was my concern when they guy took so long checking my passport, be a real pain in the arse if I ended up being sent back to Oz. Been a few recent cases where it appears it has to be on same airline but people have been able to choose destination.
  14. Captain Dave

    Blush ( was Rioja)

    A bit late to start lunch. We do an excellent sunday carvery at Retox@Outback from 1200.
  15. Yes it's unlikely they will target you based on your stays, but if they do, generally they return you where you came from, Canada in your case
  16. Although the ignorant prick ... I mean nice IO ... didn't say a word to me (not even a grunt when handing my passport back) a couple of trips back, he examined my passport and looked up stuff on the computer for about 15 minutes. Given I'd been in and out quite a few times that year I assumed I'd been flagged but on looking he could see I was just a frequent short stay visitor. Must admit was starting to think what Plan B was going to be 555
  17. Today
  18. Captain Dave

    Waterfront days numbered???

    If you go to Khon Kaen you will see a similar sight.
  19. Makes sense what you are saying and in my case with frequent short trips, I don't anticipate any problems.
  20. Captain Dave

    Promo girl: sex with them?

    I think some would discourage them leaving before the end of the shift. What they do in their spare time is of course their own business.
  21. For me, the visa exemption stamp is the simplest way to go. I come often but seldom stay more than 2 weeks anymore. I'm not too concerned because I don't believe I'm the sort of traveler targeted by Immigration but should I ever be denied entry, I have no issue booking a cheap flight out to a neighbouring country.
  22. There definitely is no law stating a limit on visa exempt (by air), nor is there a law stating X amount of days in a given period. But, there's definitely an uptick in the amount of people IOs are refusing entry to (even with a visa) but in all cases I've read about it's people working the system to actually live in Thailand (regardless of what spin they put on it). In fact, one of your countrymen found himself denied entry and is now in detention awaiting a flight out as I type. He was denied entry a couple of hours ago and now wondering about the best way to get back in as "I do live in Bangkok, have possessions and an ongoing lease here." Bottom line, "normal" tourists have very little to worry about. Those working the system may be better looking at legit options.
  23. dean2926

    Promo girl: sex with them?

    Have taken several promo girls to my hotel for a short time over the years. I never considered them any different to other working girls in Pattaya. Some girls say yes while some say no. You never know until you pop the question.
  24. speedtoy

    Tinder Hotties

  25. Other web sites say no limit when entering by air. .
  26. Explorer8939

    When Everything Goes to Hell at Windmill

    You will have to check in the Advanced section. Generally speaking, I don't whip out my camera when I am at Windmill, however.
  27. dean2926

    Do you remember Beech Road cow girl

    Yes, Na is still around and I spoke to her on Beach Road during Sonkran. She is still overweight and looks a bit grubby and I think her days of freelancing and porn videos are long gone. She says she now has her own room and a new motor bike but unfortunately Na is prone to exaggeration these days so I don't believe too much of what she says. She's still happy and friendly and seems to rely more on handouts than actually servicing punters.
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