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  2. silverfox53

    In Transit Extra's

    Absolutely true - drivers are the problem, not a girl - they charge extra for a seat clean 555 Slight deviation - I once took the hooker express from KL to Hatyai cos I'd never done it before. nattered with the girls in the bus stop - one from a group of 3 said "no ploblem, but you pay long time cos bus take seben hour to Hatyai" 555 I said no way, short time only ok - she agreed, and did a fine job as my seat was at the back and plenty of room. After said bj and her having a sleep using me as a pillow she wakes up and says "I go sit with my flend now ok ka, if you want again ask she ok, no ploblem" - I pissed myself laughing. Did that run a good few times after that 555
  3. deano4598

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    Do they?
  4. silverfox53

    Be careful gents!

    That halitosis just won't clear up will it ? . 555
  5. Jumpin Jack Flash

    Ridiculously short connection times (between flights)

    So, did you get on the new flight 2 hours later ? Did it leave on time? And was your baggage checked onto it correctly?
  6. Macawber

    In Transit Extra's

    @thumper64So which one is you / she?
  7. I pay in the Soi 6 for ST (normal) blanked 1.500 thb without talk about the price. if her rate is 1.000 she gets 500 tip, if she takes 1.500 she hasn't a tip. My last Soi 6 LT rates was 3.000, but both girls were "korea excluive" girls. Additional tip, i haven't paid with this rate. 3k + 1k bf are enough cost ... so my opinion. Ibar girl get's 2k + maximum 500 tip. Update: for a very bad service or trouble etc, i don't have a problem to reduce the STrate to just 1.000thb. But it's not happend many times.
  8. Taa_Saparot

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    And post counts rule.
  9. BlooBell

    In Transit Extra's

    Got a HJ / intermittent BJ from my Ex but she was driving. I doubt you’d find a driver who’d be happy with you getting a BJ on the back seat Maybe a long shot but your best bet is to find a girl with a car. Have a look on TF, plenty of girls with pics of them driving. .
  10. silverfox53

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    In which case were doomed I tell ya, doomed. The same City Admin welcome the future new tourists from Typhoid and Cholera States, with their families.
  11. Rarely at gogos....those prices are quite high enough. The exception is interesting service girls in gogos. Some can be quite entertaining. of course the windmill style gogo gets payment for service...call it a tip if you want. A good proper massage with the appropriate ending gets a bonus.
  12. Any chance that it means “Total Sum”....as in “The Total sum of your costs as a deposit is due at this point to reserve this unit?? Down Payment?? Just guessing.
  13. A hint: the Teddy Bear isn’t usually there - or he’d get wet.
  14. I tip for good service 200-300 ST and usually 500 for LT. Sometimes during low season when a beer bar girl only asks for 1500 for LT and does a great job I have given 1k. That's for gfe, staying off her phone and energetic in bed.
  15. deano4598

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    You are right there
  16. Today
  17. Taa_Saparot

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    I suppose it all depends on what type of forum you want.
  18. Ah yeah, i used to tips as well the BKK Lolita's / Kalasong girls for removing their shirts + Titties play as it is not really part of the standard service.
  19. Roadglide

    Dog Bite today

    just a couple of puncture wounds One of my friends who is married to a Thai woman was on vacation this past April when a cat scratched his wife, she got the shots and has to do a follow up here in the states. Like others have said, rabies is nothing to mess around with. If anything this thread should be a positive reminder to ALL the board members that if you do get bitten or scratched by an animal in Thailand, go see a local hospital for treatment, and then follow up with your own doctor when you return home.
  20. Sam Beckett

    Pattaya Blue Sky Review

    I tried to book direct but they said they only take bookings via agoda and other booking sites. Is this what others have experienced? I'm thinking this or page ten due to the renovations.
  21. deano4598

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    Agreeing with a post "Who the fuck cares for the beach and swimming, we're here for the hoes." is not an indication of no interest. People are allowed to have negative opinions on a subject and others are free to agree with them. It actually shows that they are interested.
  22. Macawber

    Dead Farang vids

    So would you prefer that he speaks Thainglish .. or maybe Gaelic??? 5555
  23. Taa_Saparot

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    No interest in a thread, so why open it?

    Rain, rain, go away....

    I’m up in Udon Thani currently. Yesterday was unbelievably hot...42 degrees, until at 3 pm a huge thunder lightning and rainstorm rolled in. Today, I’ve just got back in from golf - overcast a little, very pleasant.
  25. thairak

    In Transit Extra's

    a bump, and Airbags deployed 55
  26. Bernie Num Nums

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    Never a truer word spoken.
  27. Taa_Saparot

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    Meanwhile .... https://www.posttoday.com/social/local/589736
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