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  2. Daveo

    Canterbury Tales Bookshop

    The Ripper Secret by James Becker.... Traded in @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop *-* Book exchange... This book UK 8.99 - from us 160 baht - plus you receive 50% in credit off your next book when you have finished with it... A priceless relic… and a monster that will do anything to get hold of it. Perfect for fans of Ripper Street or From Hell.. In the summer of 1888, a killer is about to rampage through East London. But what are the real motives behind the murders? Police Commissioner Charles Warren has in his possession an ancient artefact of incredible value, and unknowable danger. Discovered on a mission to Jerusalem, he smuggled the relic back to England, never imagining the peril he would place himself in, and more devastatingly, the women of Whitechapel. As the Ripper strikes, again, and again, the truth may finally be uncovered…
  3. novatemp03

    Toothache - dentist recommendation

    Dentist @ the beach . Located on 4th floor of central festival mall. Dr cherry fluent in english. Good luck with tooth. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. Oukiva

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    It's an incident or accident; not something that happen often or that even is supposed to happen! And for sure, Na Jomtien beach a bit South of this point is far nicer and water cleaner. BTW here is the exact position of this evacuation, on GoogleMaps. In the bottom of above pic.
  5. RRosenberg

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    People willingly bareback hookers, so why would dirty water stop them from swimming?
  6. Harry Brown

    Be careful gents!

    Just give it a sniff test mate. Hard to say no when it's winking back at ya?
  7. As I have already mentioned somewhere else on here, I got 3 girls for free on my maiden trip and could have easily gotten more. Two of them even bought drinks for me. This did not make me happy, and I ended up paying for those encounters psychologically. All of them. In the trip which is coming up, I have resolved not to repeat it. I fully agree with the posters above that it is extremely stupid to go to Pattaya in order to get girls in the normal way. It defies the purpose and negates all of the advantages of this place. And, unless you are a mental rock (in which case what the hell are you doing in Pattaya?), it is dangerous on more than one level. When you pay, you retain control. You can arrange it exactly the way you want. And, crucially, at the back of your mind, you know that you are simply consuming a service. The beauty of Pattaya is the quality of that service which, as far as I am aware, is still unmatched anywhere else in the world.
  8. Ranovertheborder

    Be careful gents!

    Can't imagine sticking my tongue up someone's shitter that's asking for some evil parasite to infect your body, hard enough to ensure that the women clean Their pussies properly without giving them an anal inspection too 555
  9. Explorer8939

    Cheapest Airline Hub in Asia for Trans-Pacific Flights

    So far, I have found Hong Kong to be the cheapest hub between the West Coast of the USA and Asia. But, my next trip requires me to stop in Shanghai. After that, it’s Shanghai - BKK, not so cheap. I shopped around, and found a nonstop on Expedia for $422 on Thai. Then, I bought the same flight on the Thai Airlines site for $100 cheaper.
  10. I fly Valencia to Bangkok via Frankfurt with Lufthansa and would love it if there wasn't time to connect. Compensation or upgrade to business the next day, well worth it. Unfortunately, it never happens.
  11. None (o)...it's Pattaya. And always happy to pay..this way you don't get surprises at the end. I.e demands of a lot of money.
  12. I fucked hundreds for free!! Interesting question! Well you see back in the old days we paid them to leave us alone the following day, we never paid them for sex. So technically i got hundreds for free.
  13. Mate, a jumbo is a Boeing 747, you are on an Airbus A380. Lufthansa are flying you from Manchester to Frankfurt, do you really think that they would book you Frankfurt to Bangkok if there wasn't time to connect. That is why you should always fly the complete journey with the same carrier, it is their responsibility to ensure your connection. Now if you were flying another carrier into Frankfurt then it would be your responsibility.
  14. That's about 4 now, made sure they all knew about my pattaya lifestyle too see who would sink or swim. Still 2 that are in touch with me and there if I want them. The bar girls forget easy so it's nice to have that smidge of reality each trip.
  15. Today
  16. Going with 5 girls a day is doable, but cumming 5 times day is lots harder.
  17. None, never, not even once. I wouldn't dream of not paying them.
  18. Hispano

    Be careful gents!

    Hygiene first!
  19. Explorer8939

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    The story says the sewage is getting into the water at Soi Na Jomtien 8, not far from Jomtien beach where people think the water is cleaner than Pattaya Beach.
  20. WalterA

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    When I walk on beach road at night, I always see rats .... I’m glad the rats approve of the water ....
  21. WalterA

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    The only place ie ever swam was somewhere close to Phuket and even then I wasn’t 100% convinced it was clean .... Pattaya or anywhere close by .... no way ....
  22. chilli

    Current Agogo status

    Been coming to Pattaya for 18 years and usually go to Happy at least once per trip, most recently March. In all those years, never been hassled by the ladies. Been approached a couple times if I want company which I decline. No Problem. But maybe you are better looking than me. Cheers
  23. simon46

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    Hmmm, bit cynical here. Now I note Pattaya bay is revolting (do not think of paddling except to relieve yourself), the current washes west to East so Pratanak (cosy beach) next enjoys Pattaya's filth, next jomtien (do not swim), next na jomtien ( sometimes you can go in, keep your head high). This debacle is near where the kite surfers kite surf, next the ambassador and the russkies, then Ban Ssray and the naval beach (swimming is pleasant). Compared with Pattaya's filth I guess this should be more localised, for those who imagine that it is from Bangkok, head a bit west from Pattaya naklua and the water is clear. I call fake news on the "Billions", just about believe Millions. Failure to pay for maintenance is typical around here, Arab, Indian, Chinese billionaire buy Rolls Royces etc and never maintain them, par for the course.
  24. Oukiva

    Swimming in the Sea Temporarily Suspended

    Already did, and never got problems.The only 2 areas where I swim in the sea near Pattaya are Koh Larn beaches (on the nearby island) and Na Jomtien beach near the Marina & the Ambassador hotel.
  25. WalterA

    Be careful gents!

    Another shity thread!
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