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Supporting Letter Template - UK Visit Visa

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As some of you may know I managed to secure a Visit Visa and a Settlement Visa for my wife to come to the UK recently. I thought I would share the format of the letter I used to help others who are helping their wives/girlfriends apply for a visit visa to the UK. Every application is unique so you will need to change this letter to suit your needs but IMO it's a good starting point.

Disclaimer: This letter represents what worked for me, I am not responsible if you use this letter and you get refused!


So when you apply it's not you who will be applying, it is your wife/girlfriend. There is an application form to fill out and IMO it's a really good idea to submit a letter along with the application from yourself. This will give the ECO - Entry Clearance Officer (the person who looks and decides on your application) a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding your relationship and the reasons why you are applying in the first place.

So here is an example of the letter I submitted with my wife's application (some fictitious details added for privacy):


Insert your UK address here

Insert your UK address here

Insert your UK address here

Insert your UK address here

British Embassy Bangkok
14 Wireless Road

Insert date here

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Application for a visitor's visa by Nattapong Wattanapanit (Lek)

I write in support of Lek’s application to visit the United Kingdom.

Brief background

I am a British National. I am 100 years old and a pilot for Virgin Atlantic Airways. Lek is a Thai National and is 99 years old. Lek lives at home with her family helping her mother run the family farm. Neither of us have been married previously, neither of us have children. I found her on a popular internet dating site in December 1981. Although I had been to Thailand before, we were both in our respective countries when we were first introduced and after talking almost every day on the phone I flew to Thailand to meet her for the first time in July 1982.

During this holiday we both enjoyed each others company, nevertheless our relationship at that time was a simple friendship. Following my return to the United Kingdom we continued to correspond by phone, SMS and Internet Chat. Myself and Lek found that having met and enjoyed each others company and having lots in common and similar plans for the future that maybe we had the basis of a relationship. I have since made a total of 74 trips to Thailand to visit Lek, during one of these trips we both flew to Chang Mai so I could meet Lek’s family and see where she lives.

Our current plans are for Lek to come back and visit me in the UK for a period of three months. I would like her to experience life here in the UK before we decide which direction our relationship will go. We have spoken about marriage before but we would not make this decision until Lek has visited the UK and returned back to Thailand as we want to make sure we are not rushing in to anything.

Our circumstances

I am currently employed by Virgin Atlantic on a full-time, permanent basis. My salary is £9,000 per month gross (Approx. £7,000 net). I own a 6 bedroom property in Woking, Surrey. I live fairly well in the UK spending my salary on myself. I can finance Lek’s visit out of income. Lek will not be working in the UK and will not need to. Since I have known Lek she has worked as a chef until the company that she worked for closed down. Since then it has been difficult to obtain full-time work due to her having to help her mother run the family farm and because of my frequent trips to see her. Lek will work in the future and hopes one day to be able to work in the UK.

Reasons why Lek will return to Thailand at the end of her holiday

Lek is a professional and educated Thai lady with Thai values. Given her background and the length of our relationship I would suggest that it is highly unlikely that she would do anything to jeopardize our relationship or future applications for entry clearance. Lek will be staying with me and will make regular visits to meet my family who all live close by and I would say that her character is such that is is highly unlikely that there are any circumstances where she would wish or indeed could remain in the UK illegally at the end of her planned holiday.

I enclose with this application some documents which I hope will be of assistance in considering Lek's application.

Yours faithfully


Once this application was submitted, it was approved first time and we had it back in 4 working days!

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