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Pa-kow-ma Sarongs

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Traditionally Pa-kow-ma Sarongs are worn by the Farmers that work in the Rice Paddy fields of Thailand and Asia, although they are not strictly men's Sarongs, if you travel anywhere in Thailand and you will see everyday men and women wearing them because they are comfortable convenient and stylish.

Today men and women all over the world are using them for the same reasons. These Sarongs are ideal for Saunas, spa's, wearing around the house or pool, or when your working in your very own paddy field, if you one them of course.

What is a Pa-kow Ma

A pa-kow-ma is a rectangular piece of hand woven cotton fabric that is worn simply wrapped around the waist, they have a checked pattern in various colours and usually the tying end pattern is stretched. They are un-hemmed so left cut along the sides and ends which means they do fray, so expect the odd loose thread.






Anyone visiting my house would know that I am probably going to be dressed in a Sarong. They are extemely comfortable, cool and easy to wear. So far I have not found any large sizes in Sarongs I find in Thailand and would like to get some extra.


I have found some Thai Fishermens pants but they were also on the small size.



I also fancy myself in a Kurta style Tshirt if I can get my size.



The above website obviously caters to English patrons and is priced accordingly . Do any of the Pattaya regulars know of shops selling this type of gear in Pattaya (and no the soi bukhaou markets don’t have)



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There are a lot of ways to tie a sarong for women, but very few for men. Maybe men don't need sarong wrap too much? By the way, how about this style? 

how to tie a sarong

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