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Pattaya Addicts From a Business Owners Point Of View (and the forum owner)

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Great replies everyone, high quality replies! Thank you

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Every business in the world get reviewed. Some good some bad. A bad review is not that damaging. Owners should just focus on running there business as well as they can. A troll could never damage a well run business. Its an unwritten rule not to believe everything thats on the internet. I like the forum and its the only one that I have ever tried. I only have one request. Let the girls interact with us on the forum. 

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I only found this forum by chance after living here 3 years and I have found it really entertaining and informative. I don't know anyone else from this forum and have no affiliation with any bar but would say congratulations to the owner on a job well done in setting this up.

concerning trolls I'm not sure who constitutes being one but the prolific ones should be named and shamed.

I do love the Motorbike thread that's my favorite one of all.


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Captain Courageous
On 11/21/2016 at 11:47 PM, LaaMok said:

I have thought long and hard about this post, I started this forum 10 years ago to help promote mongering, Pattaya and anything related. I love Pattaya until the day I die. At the time there was other larger rival forums with some real nasty individuals on it, when I started PA I posted my picture and asked other people to do it, we were the first forum to do this and it makes people behave, just like people on facebook behave more because their picture/name is attached to their posts. I am not here to talk about the forums state because it stays the same, but people change and they think the forum has changed, that’s another story anyway. (I hear lots of guys tell me, I don’t use the forums anymore it has nothing to offer – well its because they live here and know what they need to) But at the same time I wish more guys would remember where the forums got them. Lots of guys chat on facebook and give nothing back to PA, which is OK, but they forgot how they met each other in the first place. I will get back on topic.

Over the years I’ve had business owners dislike me personally or our community because of a few damaging threads, quite often unfounded, quite often no evidence, unbalanced, unfair. So we have rules, because I don’t want every business owner to be mad at me. Some business owners understand the benefits outweigh the negatives and they understand the forum, some business owners just take it out on me. We've had a bad bit of rep from negative posts. But I don't mind truthful, balanced threads talking about businesses good or bad. I will stand by a deserved thread. The problem we have on the forum, is we have the real life guys, then we have the trolls, its these trolls that ruin our reputation as a community, we should stick together and stamp out these parasites.

Most business owners do not fight back at certain threads because it looks unprofessional, but as its my forum and I see it from both sides I decided to make a thread pointing out we have two different types of posters in the business related threads. Any customer good, difficult or bad should be listened to and respected providing they can conduct themselves reasonably. I would never dream of being rude to them online at all, because it looks unprofessional, but the troll guys that have no intention of revealing themselves and are hellbent at criticizing businesses or jumping on the bandwagon, should be ashamed of themselves. You cant attack these guys either cuz the readership will think you are unprofessional because they are unaware of the difference.

I really appreciate all of our customers/friends we get from the forum, I really do, I love this community and lots of people on here, the forum has made us successful, but there have been times I am scared to open the forum, no matter how well we are doing on Soi 6, we get these random trolls attacking anything they can, I know exactly why some business owners turn there back on the forums, I wont because I know there are tons of great guys on here, and the best guys often keep quiet, but when they defend a business, all the trolls shout loudly that the business has sent the cavalry, well a lot of business owners have real life satisfied customers and friends, so there will be resistance sometimes.

Sometimes we have had outrageous threads naming businesses and drugs, when you have owners phoning you up and asking wtf is going on, it makes me mad! If guys really have a problem, they should talk to the business owner privately or manager or contact them online. You see business owners have staff problems to and even though there staff represent the business, its not fair because turnover is high and a lot of rubbish staff out there.

We have rules to stop all the above happening, but we still cant stop the trolls getting a boot in. “I will never set foot in that bar again” “Vote with your feet” “That business has no integrity” often guys are judging from one persons view on the internet, and have never been to the bar, yes there are guys that read between the lines but they are wise and keep out of it. Generally these guys getting the boot in, either have no intention of going to that business anyway, never been to it or haven’t even been to Pattaya yet. Its these armchair opinions that affect all of us.

We have almost no complaints in our bars, no problems, the best line ups on Soi 6, reasonable prices, we adapt, create jobs, listen to people, do offers and we are active on the forum. But still we get slammed often, sales talk and bullshit walks. But like I said if a customer wants to attack us, we have to swallow it and that’s not a problem. But these trolls that attack our bars for no particular reason, have no idea about anything and I think they should be ashamed. If you read the forum about our bars, sometimes it seems we are rubbish or badly run, but we are so busy we never have a low season, so we are doing something right!

Anyway, a few guys have contacted me about this subject, I would love to see more business owners posting on the forum, but until these trolls have gone, then lots of guys will stay away. On the flip side of the coin, we’ve had a few threads attacking us and we have noticed more guys coming in buying drinks and talking to our managers.

I know running businesses you are making yourself a target and I expect jealousy and attacks, but I am only bitching about PA because we should be a proud community and we should sort shit out privately and stick together as a group, look after each other. I dont expect brownnosing but a bit of balanced replies would be nice, yes lots of guys reply well, its the select few troll posts that business owners take to heart.

BTW, just in case guys don’t know me, we have 12 bars on Soi 6 and 2 on soi Bongkot. Here is a recent thread, please enjoy http://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum/topic/303530-the-night-wish-group-story-4-years-old/

Thanks to all the real customers we do care about all of you. (even the ones that have complained)


I have posted some pictures of some of our girls,  the photos were done a week or so ago.





4E5A4940 (Custom).jpg

4E5A4953 (Custom).jpg

4E5A5372 (Custom).jpg

4E5A5386 (Custom).jpg

4E5A5402 (Custom).jpg

4E5A5714 (Custom).jpg

4E5A5727 (Custom).jpg

4E5A5770 (Custom).jpg

4E5A5786 (Custom).jpg

4E5A5989 (Custom).jpg

4E5A6012 (Custom).jpg

4E5A6040 (Custom).jpg

4E5A6046 (Custom).jpg

4E5A6311 (Custom).jpg

4E5A6347 (Custom).jpg

4E5A7211 (Custom).jpg

4E5A7242-Edit (Custom).jpg

4E5A7260-Edit (Custom).jpg

4E5A7268 (Custom).jpg

4E5A7272 (Custom).jpg

4E5A7278 (Custom).jpg

4E5A7299 (Custom).jpg

4E5A7335 (Custom).jpg

4E5A7352 (Custom).jpg

4E5A8049 (Custom).jpg

4E5A8372 (Custom).jpg

4E5A8384 (Custom).jpg

4E5A8420 (Custom).jpg

Good creditable post LM,  my question is though with all the gorgeous Thai lovelies on the 6 when will the Nightwish group open up a decent Dance venue ????? 

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Captain Courageous
On 11/22/2016 at 0:52 AM, socrates said:

People who know me off the Forum will know that I don't drink alcohol and for a business built around selling alcohol (as well as other wares) you would imagine that I am not really a popular customer - however I am treated with the utmost respect and courtesy by all the Managers from the NW Group - and I have become friends with a couple of the investors and Managers


In all my years on the Forum - I have come to meet some terrific guys from all over the world - I can now say I have more friends in Pattaya and people that holiday arrangements are made around than back home in the UK - this is totally due to this forum and I appreciate that fact


The forums are an invaluable source of information on almost any subject and there are people you can rely on to give me sensible no nonsense advice - its a free service - most other sites would charge for membership to weed out the trolls


Moving onto the trolls - there are the obvious trolls who have some kind of an agenda - but there are also some Board Members who are intent on thread fucking and petty arguments - and I for one had a period of time where I hesitated to post because I knew what I was saying was going to be controversial and it would be dissected by the usual suspects - I can handle it but I am sure there are some new posters who would find it very off putting - however this is the job of the Mods (who have a thankless task)


For those who say I am friends with the owners etc. Therefore I am biased - one of my main protestations is that drinks quotas and girls drinking loads of alcohol is a conflict of interests - I have never had a topic deleted on this and in fact I have been allowed to voice my opinion on a number of occasions


Last of all - besides a couple of well run Thai bars on Soi 6 - it is the farangs who have kept Soi 6 alive particularly Bryan and his Group


Keep up the good work gentlemen and I will continue to contribute to the Isaan Development Program - 1000 baht at a time

Well articulated sir.

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