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Korean Delivery Health in Tokyo - a guide

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The world of the Korean Delivery Health


Seeing as I’m not in Pattaya regularly but in Japan instead I thought I’d give a little insight into the strange and fascinating world of the Korean Delivery Health. I’ve been using these services on and off for many years, being with numerous girls and definitely recommend it. If you’re interested in banging Korean girls in Tokyo, this can give some pointers. A long post this one!


First as a preamble, you will need some Japanese skill to navigate a booking and to read the websites. Whilst you can maybe call in English and get lucky, Japanese ensures a smooth experience. Secondly, not all agencies nor girls are ok with foreign guys, a little more on that later. This website will give you some pictures on the kinds of girls you can meet:




So in the Tokyo area, the mongering business can be fraught with problems. Full service is technically illegal and most Japanese Delivery Healths offer only blowjobs or simulated sex. Other services might be available but are never guaranteed. Korean services on the other hand are always full and then some. Numerous agencies exist, primarily around the Uguisudani area near Ueno on the east side. It’s very discreet and the police have no interest in shutting down this business.


Generally speaking, you can call ahead to reserve a girl or just call and ask who’s available then. You book a girl and get a love hotel room near Uguisudani station. After you report your room number to the agency mamasan, the girl will come to your room. Prices are set with around 20,000 yen for 80 mins play and one shot or 25,000/30,000 for 100-120 mins (200-300 USD) and multiple shots. It’s not cheap but can be a good experience.


As for the types of girls, they are normal Korean girls usually on short term holiday or study visas, working illegally on the side. Some I’ve met have their own businesses or jobs back home, others are university students on their break, some are more seasoned professional hookers doing the rounds between Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong. They’re usually between 20-30s. Their photos on the website are heavily photoshopped so take them with a large spoonful of salt. Korean girls look different to Japanese girls and whilst not generally prettier often have amazing bodies , with some gym sculpting, fake breasts or interesting tattoos if you like that. Some have fluent English, more than their usually basic Japanese skills.


When you hand over the cash in the room, you say how long you want and if all is fine the girl will call the agency to say how long she’s gonna be with you for. You usually take a shower with the girl, where she will wash you and herself. Kissing, oral and full service is always there and if you paid for longer you can have a little naked break time then back for round two before a shower and finish. The girls will usually call their agency to send a car to pick them up and you can leave together.


Always your mileage may vary. On aggregate, 90% of the time I’ve been happy with my experience. Some girls I’ve met have been plain and kind of chubby. Others have been stunners. Some are robotic and unenthusiastic. Others are amazingly sweet or even porn star quality with multiple positions banging around the hotel room, costumes etc. Something to note is that most girls go bareback and cream pie with their customers, which is the appeal for Japanese guys using this service. So definitely consider that risk, I usually strap up but have unfortunately gone there with a couple of the really hot chicks in the past. I wouldn’t do that anymore lol.


If you can read Japanese, many popular girls are reviewed on this website by punters which can give you an indication of who would be a safer bet:




Finally a note on discrimination. Ironically for Korean girls working illegally in Japan, they often don’t service foreign men. Sometimes the agencies don’t want to deal with foreigners but the girls don’t mind or vice versa. The usual reasons given are that there’s been trouble with foreigners in the past, they can’t communicate in Japanese, they don’t understand the system, they’re too well-endowed ;-) etc. It sucks but be prepared for rejection, even in the mongering world.


You can either tell the agency on the phone you’re a foreigner or if your Japanese is amazing just book and say nothing, hoping they won’t notice. I’ve tried both and the former strategy is definitely better and they will usually help choose a girl for you. Honesty prevents any misunderstandings and that more agencies will be open to dealing with foreigners going forward. Once I had an amazingly hot girl arrive, get freaked out that I was a white guy and call her office. However the mamasan told her to stay with me as I spoke politely on the phone. She enjoyed our session so much we swapped numbers and met a few months later in Hong Kong for some private fun when I visited the city.


So anyway, if you have any questions please let me know. The scene is constantly changing so I can’t give any recommendations of particular agencies/girls at the moment but other than that, happy travels guys.










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