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Notre Dame burns

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12 minutes ago, Steeve69 said:

Yes, agree, but were there any smoke alarms and  fire extinguishers in the cathedral ? If so, did they work properly ? I have some doubts. When the firemen started fighting the fire, it was already too late. 

You can't expect such an old monument to use same fire norms as a recent building!

No doubt that there were many smoke alarms in the cathedral, but we still don't know what happened exactly. On photos we saw fire extinguishers downstairs, in the part opened to public. Very probably some of them in the frame/structures above, but we don't even know if people (workers?) were present near the fire when it started.

Don't forget that the fire started under The Roof, at maybe 40m from the ground, in a building without lift and even without decent stair access to The Roof but a tortuous way using scaffoldings.

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Very sad but I'm sure with all the 100's of millions that rich folk are queuing up to Donate the church will rise again from the ashes. No people were killed which is more important than a building in most respects. 

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I saw it over 30 years ago. I'm more than glad I did now.

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